Terms and Conditions 

By ordering wine from this email list you agree to our terms for payment and shipping. We operate at the whim of governmental authorities and as such, our shipping conditions may change at any time. 

    1. Payment
      a) When you first order from us, we will ask for a shipping address, a billing address and a credit card (we accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and DIscover). We will charge you for each order when placed. We will charge for shipping at the time of shipping.
      b) All orders are final when placed.  When you order your wine, we order it from the wineries and pay the wineries for the wine.  We cannot return wine to the wineries once you have ordered it.
    2. We require that you be over 21 years of age to order wine. 
    3. Shipping
      a) Shipping costs are at our cost which include packaging and shipping.  We give a discount for shipping full cases of 12 bottles (outside of California).
      b) A valid ID is required (and may be requested) for wine to be received.  An adult must be present when the wine arrives. Wine may not be delivered to a location without an adult present to sign. There are no exceptions.
      c) We will not ship to PO boxes. We do ship to UPS stores and wine storage facilities. 
      d)We do ship to business addresses.
      We pack up all orders in bulk, and use common carriers, and therefore cannot guarantee that your wine will be delivered on a particular date or time.  We can delay from our regular shipping period and ship your order up to one month later, if you will be unavailable during our regular shipping time, but we are unable to more specifically guarantee your delivery dates.
      e) Wine is shipped from our temperature controlled, “pick and pack” warehouse in Northern California. It is not a storage facility.
      f) We ship in insulated boxes, using temp controlled ground transport (outside of California).
      g) We ship in the spring and the fall because temperatures are optimal then.  Wines sold in regular (non sale) offers from November 5 to May 4 (roughly) are picked up from the wineries in summer and are available to ship in our Fall Shipping season.  Wines sold in regular (non sale) offers from May 5 to Nov 4 (approx) are picked up from the wineries in winter and are available to ship in our Spring Shipping season. Our twice annual sales offer wines available to ship in the immediately upcoming/concurrent shipping season, and allow for case fill-ins for shipping.
      h) We will reach out to you just prior to shipping season to confirm your shipping details.
      i) You may pick up your order at our Napa warehouse (at no charge) during the pick up window of each shipping season.  Note – you must let us know to set up your order as a will call, and then you must schedule your pick up directly with the warehouse.  (The warehouse is only open Monday – Friday, 9-5)
      j) We will not hold any wines longer than 6 months and if you do not get back to us to arrange for shipping, you give us permission to ship your wines at our convenience.  This includes orders set up as Will Call pick ups.
      k) Please be aware of the shipping laws in your state regarding shipping and receiving wine. It is your sole responsibility to comply with local regulations regarding shipping. Title on all wine passes to the buyer (you) at the time of purchase in the state of California. We make no claims as to your legal right to receive wine in your state. If you require that your wine be shipped, you authorize Fass Selections, Inc. to engage a common carrier (e.g. Federal Express or UPS) to deliver the wine on your behalf. 
    4. If you believe the wine to be flawed please e-mail or call us us as soon as possible and we will discuss the matter with you. We do not guarantee older bottles of wine (over 5 years).
    5. We will not sell, rent or otherwise send our mailing list to any third parties.