Only 60 Bottles

Gunther Steinmetz Zeltinger Sonnenuhr GZ
– 97 Points, Stuart Pigott
– The Most Elegant Mosel Wine I Have Ever Had
– A Wine of Pure Emotion
– Nose: a 10
– Expansive and Mineral
– The Most Delicate Herbs
– Palate: So Fine and So Elegant and So Expansive
– Fresh Rainwater as it Aerates
– Super Mineral
– Gorgeous Slate
– The Best Ocean Breeze Ever
– Green Apple Pokes Through
– Spice
Endless Nuance
– Superb Structure
Endless Texture and Length
– So Grippy
Next Level Elegance with Air

Zeltinger Sonnenuhr
Somehow Stefan Steinmetz got some grapes from Zeltinger Sonnenuhr. 

This is one of the great vineyards in Germany. These are consistently one of Markus Molitor’s top scoring wines. You just can’t get these grapes. It’s like courtside seats if the Knicks ever make it to the NBA finals.

But somehow Stefan got some grapes. Whatever deal he made with the devil… I hope he’s going to be ok.

BUT… I only have 60 bottles. So you CANNOT tell anyone that you got this offer or share it on social media or I will have a literal riot. Thanks.

Stefan’s 2022s
By now you’ve all heard of the amazing 2022’s in Germany. Among Fass Selections producers, it is off the charts. All our producers killed it and while the allocations are short the wines are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The 21s were a unique vintage with generally more obvious acidity. The 22s still have that acidity and freshness but I would say that the wines are more about balance. Some of you will prefer the 21s and some the 22s.

Stefan Steinmetz
Stefan Steinmetz is now easily one of the top 5 producers in the Mosel and he has skyrocketed to fame and he is for me, the Keller of the Mosel. Why? He makes 10-11 GGs that I scored all between 9.6 and 10.0 in 21 and 22 He made two perfect GG wines in 2021 and 2022 and today I will be offering one of them. Stefan made 7 Kabinetts in 2022 and one was perfect and two were near perfect. My scores ranged between 9.6-10.0 for them.

The only other German producer who scores as consistently high for these two styles of wines is Keller.

But here’s the difference. Stefan’s wines are much, much less expensive across the board. It’s not close. They are the best values in the Mosel now as Stefan’s prices are still too low. They are mind blowing wines. This set of 2022’s I will always remember. Three 10.0 wines and many 9.8 and 9.9 wines.

This is the best wine Stefan has ever made.

The 2022 is the second vintage of the Gunther Steinmetz Zeltinger Sonnenuhr GZ for $37.99 on a 4-pack.

This is one of the most elegant Mosel wine I have ever had.

A wine of pure emotion. A stunning, stunning wine that dances across your palate This is a no brainer.

Nose is so elite. Such a 10. Expansive and mineral. So elite. Mineral and the most delicate herbs.  The nose gains breadth and depth as it airs. It’s like the best ocean breeze ever. Rainwater now on the nose. Really such a unique and distinctive nose.

Palate is so fine and so elegant and so expansive. So elegant. Elegance on a level I have never experienced in a Mosel wine. So pure and juicy. So elegant. A wine of emotion. Super mineral. Like a cloud of minerals. Seems like it’s only scratching the surface of the aromas. Gorgeous slate. Some green apple pokes through. Some of that vulcanized rubber. So much harmony and depth. Spice now. Just endless nuance. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Unreal depth and balance. Super refined but delicate minerals and superb structure, depth, acids and concentration. What texture and length. This is grippy, electric and structured. Really chewy and dense. After many hours open this is next level elegant and still has that mineral force on the palate but the stuff is so nimble and elegant yet so dense it’s something that defies expectations. Simply one of the finest Rieslings I’ve ever had. This is very limited and allocated. 

Below is Pigott’s 97 Point score.
“Concentrated apricot, mango and ripe citrus aromas are married to a sleek, but highly structured palate. Incredibly precise finish with intense slatey minerality. You already feel all the depth, but this still needs a bit of time for all the aromatic nuances to emerge. Very limited production. Drinkable now, but best from 2024.” – 97 Points, Stuart Pigott

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2022 Gunther Steinmetz Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Trocken “GZ” – $39.99 ($151.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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