2022 Laurent Boussey Meursault Vieilles Vignes
– $49.99 – Compare Negociant Village Meursault at $75+
– Nose: Classic Meursault Aromas
– Candied Rocks and Mineral
– On the Clean Side
– Less Butter/Nuts
– Amazingly Deep Minerality
– Lime Blossom
– Toasted Apples
– Iodine, Floral, Wet Earth
– Palate – So Elegant
– Superb Finesse and Freshness
– Long and Persistent Finish
– Incredible Quality for Village Meursault

On $100 Bills and Sidewalks

There is a famous saying among economists that “there are no $100 bills lying on the sidewalk.” It means that in a free and competitive market, there are no inefficiencies.

Well – the economists are wrong about the wine business.
The wine I am selling today will go for 50%-100% more money down the street. For the life of me, I don’t know why people are spending that much more money on the same wine. It’s just pissing away money to an inefficient (3 tier) distribution system.

And there is no Meursault of this quality anywhere near this is in price.

The 2022 White Vintage at Boussey

This is such a strong vintage for Boussey and is like a cross between 2021 and 2019. There is incredible depth of fruit and really profound acidity. Like classic white Burg acidity. There is an unusual amount of spice and florals as well across the whole range and it’s so inviting. Do not miss these wines. Maybe his best vintage ever. The acid is maybe the best I’ve ever had with Boussey.

The Wine

Today I’ve got the Fass Selections sweet spot Burgundy price point wine. I love selling village wines like Chassagne, Meursault and Puligny for around $50 a bottle. These are great villages that make exceptional wines and through my buying direct I get to offer these awesome wines for $50 or under. Those things converge again today with the 2022 Laurent Boussey Meursault Vieilles Vignes for $49.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. First thing in my notes is that I say it tastes like a ’14. I don’t know how Laurent gets the freshness that he does but he is a master of this. This is a stunning wine. Elegant and dense, almost thick and treacly. Long, rounder than the Meurgers. Super long and insane acids like all the 22s here.

Just a gorgeous nose of classic Meursault aromas but more on the candied rocks and mineral side with less butter and nuts. I love this style of Meursault. What a nose. Meursault symphony. Amazingly deep minerality. So much limestone. So airy and deep. Buttery and classic and so nutty with just the most classic Meursault profile ever. Lime blossom. Butter, toasted apples, iodine, floral, wet earth, super complex and inviting aromas. Reeks of terroir. I couldn’t stop smelling this wine. It will be bottled in September but I could have drank it that night. After some air there is Meyer lemon, baked apple, pear and huge minerals. Incredible 9.6 nose. Wet earth eventually peeks through to make this even more classic.

Palate is ripe and rich but incredibly elegant and wow this has superb finesse and freshness. Lovely almost weightless mouthfeel. Elegant to the max. Easily 1er Cru quality. Unreal inner mouth aromas. The freshness on the palate is just amazing and there is such impressive purity. The acids in this will wake up Rip Van Winkle. Palate is just teeming with energy and it’s so pure. Great acids and freshness. Terrific finesse and elegance as that seems to be his style with the whites along with a serious structure that portends a nice 10-15 year future ahead of it. Again, there is perfectly integrated oak.

Long and persistent finish. Nice sap and grip on the finish. Awesome lingering minerality. Beautiful. Love the marriage of opulence and cut. Superb. This is opening up so well. Wow. Ridiculous finish pumps out minerals and leaves your mouth wanting more. No rush at all on this but hard to resist. These wines have all the energy and minerality one expects out of great white Burgundy.

There is not another Meursault on the market, dollar for dollar that can go toe to toe with this wine.


As you know, we believe that strict recitations of tasting notes is only part of the story of a wine. We’ve always tried to include metaphors to try to give our readers a better understanding of how wines impact us. These metaphors have included architecture, painting, music and poetry.

We’re trying something new to help create visual metaphors using Midjourney, a generative artificial intelligence program that is by far the best image gneratour out there. I’ve messed around with a bunch and this is by far the best. We look forward to hearing your feedback.