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Laurent & Karen Boussey
– Style Is the Perfect Marriage of Density and Elegance
– Some Richness – But An Element Balanced by Minerality
– A Very, Very Good Producer
– On the Very Early Part of the Recognition Curve
– Direct from the Winery
– Below the Bottom of the Market Prices
– This Is an Unreal Deal for Elite Terroir Burgundy

2022 Laurent Boussey Meursault “Les Meurgers”
– $49.99 for a Meursault Lieu-Dit (Important, Named Vineyard)
– Affordable Enough to Drink Every Day But A Terrific Burgundy
– Nose: More Mineral and Very Floral with Lovely Hint of Spice
– Candied Rocks
– Grilled Nuts, So Saline
– Palate: “I Can’t Believe How Concentrated It Is” Levels of Concentration
– Stunning Complexity and Balance
– Amazing Balanced Richness
– Terrific 2022 Vintage – Similar to 17 crossed with 21
– Ridiculous Finish Pumps out Minerals and Mega Chardonnay Sap
– Case Purchase Consideration
The White Burg Value Play Of The Vintage!

2022 Laurent Boussey Bourgogne Côte d’Or
– From 3 Parcels in Meursault
– A “Baby Meursault” for Under $28 On A Case
– Nose: Terrific Complexity
– Mineral and Hazelnut
– Apple, Apple Skins
– Meyer Lemon
– Huge White Flowers
– Mineral
– Hazelnuts
– Palate: Super Mineral with Intense Brightness
– Terrific Lemony Intensity
– Luscious
– Vital, Elegant, Complex

People of the Philippines: I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again on Philippine soil-soil consecrated in the blood of our two peoples. We have come dedicated and committed to the task of destroying every vestige of enemy control over your daily lives, and of restoring upon a foundation of indestructible strength, the liberties of your people.”
General Douglas MacArthur

The Return of Under $50 Meursault
This quote is of course from General Douglas MacArthur’s press release when he returned to the Philippines during World War 2 to defeat the Japanese who had defeated US forces under his control in 1942. It was one of the worst defeats in US military history and resulted in a huge amount of human suffering. MacArthur returned in 1944 and liberated the Philippines from Japanese control. MacArthur certainly had a strong command of the English language and a strong sense of the theatrical. The photo of him walking on the beach during the landing at Leyte is iconic. 

OK, perhaps selling Meursault under $50 is not quite comparable to the liberation of a people from tyranny. But I am very, very excited about this offer.

As we all know, Burgundy prices have been steadily rising and I have always been incredibly proud of my ability to sell Meursault from very good rising producers for under $50.

Some days you just want a bottle of top flight Burgundy with your chicken or Thai food on a Tuesday. And you don’t want to open a $100 bottle of wine. Well, once again, that power is yours.

1) This is elite tier White Burgundy Terroir.
2) This is a winery that has not yet made it big in the US or even in France.
3) The wines are spectacularly well made. They are as Fassy as can be.
4) They display that Meursault richness that you want but it is tempered by the stunning minerality and acidic balance.

At my direct from the winery prices, these wines are among the best value white Burgundies available in the US market, particularly for 1er Crus from the top 3 villages (Puligny, Chassagne, Meursault).  

The 2022 White Vintage at Boussey
This is such a strong vintage for Boussey and is like a cross between 2021 and 2019. There is incredible depth of fruit and really profound acidity. Like classic white Burg acidity. There is an unusual amount of spice and florals as well across the whole range and it’s so inviting. Do not miss these wines. Maybe his best vintage ever. The acid is maybe the best I’ve ever had with Boussey. 

The Wines
The 2022 Laurent Boussey Meursault “Les Meurgers” can be had for $49.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. This is across the road from the great Lieu dit, Meux Chaveaux. Great wine. Just a great rocking bottle of Meursault. This is only from 25 year old vines and has rollicking and grandiose depth. 

Just a gorgeous nose of classic Meursault aromas but more on the candied rocks and mineral side with less butter and nuts. After some air, very floral with lovely hints of spice and so pure. Like a stream of Meursault. Stunning. More mineral and discreet than the VV. Still has a touch of that classic Boussey buttery richness. Grilled nuts and wonderful salinity. Bright. Citrus as well. Very provocative nose. Tree bark. Lovely nuance to this nose

Stunning richness and purity on the palate allied with bracing acidity and freshness. Just explosive with amazing freshness and tension. So long. This had similar energy to the ’14 but seemed more complex, much deeper and more complete as Laurent has improved so much as a winemaker in those years. Really really pure. Saying it over and over but the purity of Laurent’s 22 whites are jaw dropping. I love this style of Meursault. Juicy and so energetic with stunning delineation of flavors. Palate is super mineral with a stunning, cleaning mineral wash on the finish. Enormously complex and so pure. Really clings on the finish. So concentrated and intense. The freshness on the palate is just amazing and there is such impressive purity. Terrific finesse and elegance as that is his style with the whites along with a serious structure that portends a nice 10-15 year future ahead of it. Insanely complex and rocking intense “I can’t believe how concentrated it is” concentration. So deep. There is an epic Icelandic Viking-like quality to this wine. Again, perfectly integrated oak that adds so much. 

Ridiculous finish pumps out minerals and mega Chardonnay sap and leaves your mouth wanting more. No rush at all on this but hard to resist. This is as classic a White Burg vintage as I’ve ever encountered. These wines have all the energy and minerality one expects out of great white Burgundy.

Up next I have the brilliant 2022 Laurent Boussey Bourgogne Côte d’Or for $29.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $27.99 on a 12 bottle case. In an elite vintage like 2022 I want to sell all the categories from the lowest to the highest and Boussey made a banger of a Bourgogne Côte d’Or in 2022 This is the category above Bourgogne Blanc and below things like Haute Cotes de Nuits and they are insanely underpriced. This is from 3 parcels in Meursault. 

Nose is so so mineral and hazelnut with a kiss of wood which should integrate by shipment time. Nose of apple, huge white flowers, mineral, apple skins, hazelnuts and meyer lemon. Yet there is also intense nervy aromatic sap There’s some lovely floral aromas as well as such intense mineral depth and some pear as well. It’s such a unique nose. Really hard to place but so, so appealing, aromatic and ever changing. As it changes it goes into a higher gear. Complex nose, spicy oak, green apple, gorgeous minerality, terrific spice, amazing deep minerality and a stunning expansiveness.

On the palate, this is a super mineral wine with intense brightness. It’s insanely fresh and mineral with just amazing inner mouth aromas and sick minerality. Deep and super concentrated with just insane energy and electricity. It is so so intense. The purity is just off the chain. Sappy and so structured and has the purest texture and fruit (apple, pear, maybe even plantain) with just insane freshness and acidity. There is terrific lemony intensity to go along with all that sap and brightness. Elegant with great snap and freshness. So clean, so mineral, so long and salty. Nice stoney perfume after some serious air. Complex and mineral with lovely buttery, rich intensity but steely mineral finish. Terrific balance and freshness. Wow. Juicy, energetic, luscious, fresh, vital, elegant, complex. Wow. What a wine. Just gorgeous.

The finish just echoes with juicy fruit, sick limestone minerality and uncommon depth. 

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2022 Laurent Boussey Meursault “Meurgers” – $51.99($199.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

2022 Laurent Boussey Bourgogne Blanc Cote D’Or – $31.99 ($119.96 4-pack, $3335.58 On a 12 Bottle Case {$27.99!)) (VERY LIMITED)

Mix and Match on 4 Bottles Or More For Deepest Deal

This Offer is Not Available to Retailers, Wholesalers or Restaurants

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These will be shipped in the Fall of 2024


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