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Jürgen Von der Mark
– Fewer Than 500 People Have Passed the Master of Wine Exam
– One of the Top Wine Tasting Palates on Earth
– He Intentionally Under Prices His Wines to Make Sales Easy
– To Create A Thing It Is Necessary to Know the Thing
– The Absolute Top Tier of German Pinots
Ziereisen-like Midas Touch – Everything He Makes Is Amazing
– Some of the Most Brilliantly Subtle, Complex Pinot Noirs I’ve Had
– His Pinot Was the WOTN Hands Down at a Top Tier German Wine Dinner

“The winemaking is very gentle. JvM doesn’t really extract Pinot Noir, he rather prefers an infusion.” 
Stephan Reinhardt

2022 Von der Mark Pinot Noir Engertstein
– A Value at $75+ in Burgundy
I Gave This a 9.6 Which Is My Highest Score Ever for Under $35 German Pinot Noir
– His 1er Cru Wine

– Nose: Grand Cru All the Way
– Deep, Penetrating Red and Black Cherries
– Stunning Spice and Clarity
– Smells like Elite Vosne-Romanee
– Amazing Fruit Skin Complexity, Awesome Purity
– Vosne-Romanee Dead Ringer
– Orange Zest, Cardamon, Clove
– Palate: So Juicy and Delicious
– Top Notch Elegance
– The Most Perfect Fresh Cherry
– Cherry Lipstick
– Compact, Fresh, Energetic and Well Made
– A Benchmark at this Price Point
– Impeccable Balance
– Case Pricing for a Reason/ $29.99 Is an Absurd Value!

Displaying Momentous Intent
“Keep your nose clean”

His intent was momentous.
An ant like phrase,
with mountainous exorcism.

“Keep your nose clean”,
His voice like Zeus,
thunderously subtle.
Jason Drury

Thunderously Subtle
No, you didn’t miss that afternoon in your History of Poetry class. Jason Drury is a modern day poet and multimedia designer who lives in the Boston area. That’s pretty much all I know about him – he’s not yet famous. But “thunderously subtle” captures the wines of Jürgen von der Mark so well that I decided to quote him. It’s an unusual turn of phrase for sure and a good example of an oxymoron. Bravo Jason!

Jürgen von der Mark – Wines That You Just Buy, No Questions Asked
The man has the touch, similar to Hanspeter Ziereisen in that all of the wines he makes are drop dead gorgeous. The styles could not be more different as well. Jürgen’s wines have a subtlety to them that is what makes them so profound. He is an MW and understands what makes great wine and it’s the sum of all the parts and not one aspect like huge fruit, ageabilty or austerity. They are stunningly harmonious. The purity as well stands out. The man is an utter genius and his wines are gaining a following. Every bottle is a vinous treasure and he is always reinventing himself. As of 2020 there is a new streamlining of the wines. 

There will only be the following wines 

  1. Weisser Satz “Diebskinzig” 
  2. Savagnin Allewinden
  3. New Village level Spätburgunder (Merdinger )
  4. 1er cru Spätburgunder (coming this year)
  5. Song wines that are so limited I will dole them out to extremely limited lists 

No more song white wines which is a bummer as the Grauburgunder and the Weissburgunder we sold in late 2022 were stunning wines and a quick shout out to the people who bought them. You now own unicorn wines. 

Why are his wines so good? 
They are stunningly Burgundian. Kind of like Prieur-Roche at 1/50th of the price. I’m not kidding. They are aromatic superstars and the aromas are more than fruit. Spices, earth, minerals, pine needles, underbrush all seem like a scene in nature. The palates are so silky, subtle and ephemeral. They are made by a master.

These wines are the Pinot Noirs that you would make if you were a Master of Wine. To wit, just silky, sexy, elegant Burgundy style wines. It’s hard to define this in writing but Burgundy drinkers know what I mean.
– The nose just has that classic Burgundy elegant, classy, precise earthiness. And then you smell some mulberry. And then maybe some cherry. Gorgeous aromas flit in and out.
– The fruit on the palate is great but it’s all about that silky Burgundian texture that caresses the palate in a meaningful way but doesn’t obtrusively adhere. The juice leaves its imprint in a deep and meaningful way that makes you want more but isn’t too showy.

The Wine
The 2022 Jürgen Von Der Mark Pinot Noir “Engertstein” can be had for $31.99 on a 4-pack and $29.99 on a case and the 2020 was our red wine of the year. I gave this a 9.6 on Delectable. The highest score I have given to a German Pinot at this price point ever. This wine is so hedonistic because the sheer force and clarity of the fruit. 

My oh my how incredible Engertstein is in 2022. This is the third vintage that all the changes took place and it’s one of the greatest German pinot at this price point ever. Maybe one of the best Pinot Noirs at any price point anywhere I have ever had. As soon as I sniffed the 2022 Engerstein in and sipped it I knew it was maybe the red wine of the year. It is a staggering accomplishment and even more staggering when you consider his grapes are inexpensive and his vineyards are nothing special. The wines are as good as they are through the sheer force of his winemaking genius. 

Wow what a nose. The nose is Grand cru all the way. Just insane. Deep, penetrating red and black cherries. Stunning spice and clarity. Insane earth, also bright and damson. Wet earth and limestone. There is forest floor, raspberry, candied cherries, stunning levels of spice and wild flowers. So complete and wonderful effusive aromas. Really high toned nose and penetrates deep in the nostrils. The spice and florals get nuts after some air and it becomes enveloping This is aromatic like nothing else. A rock star of a nose. 9.7 nose. I am blown away. I swear this smells like elite Vosne-Romanee. Just incredible. Gorgeous color as well. Brambly red cherries. Raspberry, complex tree bark. Insane minerality. 

OMG that palate! Fresh, crunchy fruit and top notch, 1% finesse. This is so fresh, so juicy and so pure I’m in awe. This guy is a superstar. Amazing fruit skin complexity and just awesome purity. The nose keeps opening and getting deeper and deeper. It’s enchanting in a Tolkien type of way. Fleshy and ripe but also balanced by just wicked awesome acidity. This is a stunning wine. I’ll be back as it opens up. Wow has it opened up. The nose is more red fruited after air. So much spice. Vosne-Romanee dead ringer. Orange zest. Cardamon. Clove. It’s so juicy and clean with explosive mid season cherries and terrific tiny berry fruit intensity and a smack down of a finish that saturates the palate with just amazing and detailed cherry fruit. What a wine. So clear, vivid and balanced. Love the sweet cherry fruit, cut and energy of this. Just stunning. With air the mid palate fills in and wow is this just a stunner. Sick inner mouth aromas and such amazing clarity of fruit. Raspberry, cherry and even a hint of blueberry. So sweet and energetic. Long finish with minerals. 

As it opens even more it is so supple and sweet with top notch elegance and there but not there tannins. The most perfect fresh cherryCherry lipstick. So compact, fresh, energetic and well made. A benchmark at this price point. Impeccable balance. So fine and refined. Tons of acidity. So much energy and complexity. Incredibly juicy. Sappy and pure. Long. Such a cool climate wine. So long and awesome structure. Stunning. 

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2022 Jurgen Von der Mark Pinot Noir “Engertstein” – $33.99 ($127.96 4-pack, $359.88 12 bottle case {$29.99!) (VERY LIMITED)

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