Monthelie Is Having its Day (Quality-Wise)
– We Fell in Love with Florent Garaudet’s Whites
– And Then Florent’s Reds
– Right Next to Volnay and Meursault
– The Region Has Produced Some Brilliant Wines…
– At Ridiculously Low Prices
– Maybe It’s Too Small a Region for People to Notice?
2022 Vintage
– Amazing from Top to Bottom
– The Lower End Wines Are Drinking Out of Their Minds
– Once in a Decade Vintage for Lower End Burgundy
The Boussey Style
– Classic Old school Burgundies
– But with Borderline Elite Fruit Precision
– Terrific Juiciness
– Amazing Palate Soak
– Persistent But Elegant Texture
– 19’s and 20’s are the Best Vintages Yet
– Ridiculous Values for the Price
2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie Les Haut Brins
– I Gave The 19 a 9.3 on Delectable – Amazing QPR
– A Stunningly Delicious Wine
– Gorgeous and Subtle Nose 
– Deep Red Cherries 
– A Lipstick-like Intensity
– Lovely Deep Minerals
– Palate: Elegant and Refined 
– Lovely Sweet Fruit
– Terrific Inner Mouth Aromas
– Mid Season Red Cherries, Sour Cherries
– A lovely Velvety Quality after Extended Air
– Drinking Now, Will Improve for 2-3 Years
2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie Les Toisieres
 – I Gave The 19 a 9.3 on Delectable – Amazing QPR
– Like a Baby Volnay
– Right Across the D973 from 1er Cru Meursault les Cras
– A More Serious Wine
– Nose: Spicy and Sweet Red Cherries
– Cherries Covered in Spices 
– Superb Depth 
– Such a Wide Aromatic Spectrum
– Really Floral 
– Palate is So Elegant 
– Superb Mid Season Red Cherry Fruit and Spice
– Wonderful Sapidity
– Lovely Now, But Much Better in 2-4 Years

Sanyu and Monthelie
The story of the Chinese/French artist Sanyu is a sad one. Sanyu (born Chang Yu) was born in China in 1901. He moved to Paris in 1921 to study art and lived in Paris for 4 decades. Alas, he was never particularly commercially successful during his lifetime. At times, he didn’t even have the funds to buy supplies. He died in 1966 apparently after forgetting to turn off the stove one night. His work has become quite popular after his death – his Quatre Nus sold for $33 million in 2020. His work blends a modernist French approach with Chinese sensibilities – he’s most famous for his female nudes.

Some days, I feel that Monthelie is like Sanyu during his lifetime. There are some brilliant wines being made in Monthlie. Yet they don’t seem to get much attention. And it’s not like it’s off in the hinterlands of Burgundy. It’s right next to Volnay on one side and Meursault on the other. Florent Garaudet has made some terrific wines there and is quite well regarded by the top winemakers in Burgundy.

These are wines that are really the kind of wines that I really want to get into people’s hands.

For the prices, they will make everyone who buys them very, very happy.

2022 Reds at Boussey – A Truly Stunning Vintage
This is a breakout vintage for Boussey that reminds me of his thrilling 2019s. Bouseey already gets terrific fruit clarity but it has stepped up a notch in 2022 with fruit that is crackling and sumptuous at the same time. There are mid to late season black and red cherries and stunning, rapturous textures. There are silky tannins and a hidden structure that ensures early drinkability and ensures a long life. 

2022 at the lower to mid tier levels is really something else. The value of these wines, which are maybe my favorite under $30 Burgundies ever in that they offer elite fruit, complexity and depth. Via 3 tier for under $30 you get garbage. I won’t spin it. It’s not good. There is no good under $30 Burgundy via 3 tiers. 

The fruit quality and character of 2022 is literally perfect. The fruit straddles red and black perfectly and there is a sleek, ripe, succulent quality that is to die for. Just to die for. I will have so much 2022 in my cellar as I know how rare fruit qualify like this is. Maybe in 2010 and definitely in 1999 in my not so humble opinion. I’ve been tasting Burgundy since the 1996 vintage and three times I’ve tasted fruit this pure, this vivid and this great.

Todays offer is one to load up on. These are old school, classic and traditional Burgs with chiseled incredible fruit (especially in 2022). Both of these wines are absurd values and are drinking wonderfully now. 

Oh and I buy direct so these are incredible values when you compare to 3 tier.

The Wines
First up is the 2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie “Les Haut Brins” for $33.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $31.99 on a 12 bottle case.

Gorgeous and subtle nose of deep red cherries and a lipstick like intensity. Deep red other fruits as well and cooling crisp blue fruits Lovely deep minerals waft from the glass. Very classy. Pure and vivid. minerals (limestone) with some cherry flower and some hints of red licorice. Very bright nose yet also compact and cooling. and very lifted. Just lovely. 22 is so good.

Palate is elegant and refined with lovely sweet fruit and terrific inner mouth aromas. Wonderful elegant mouthfeel. Really tremendous freshness and vitality. Redder fruits than Toiseres and awesome freshness and density. Awesome fruit quality here. Really a lovey wine. So drinkable and has so much finesse. And that 22 fruit! Wonderful! After air this gets so fragrant and pretty. Mid season red cherries, sour cherries, cranberry bog and just so aromatic. Sapid and juicy palate now after 45 minutes with the structure arriving. 

So complete after 4 hours. Wonderfully elegant. What a wine. Picks up a lovely velvety quality after extended air. This is an outrageous value. Can be drunk young but also will really improve from short term aging of 2-3 years. Just a remarkable bottle of wine. 

Up next is the 2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie “Toisieres” for $33.99 a bottle on 4-pack and $31.99 on a 12 bottle case. This is wonderful and I think is the longer ager of the two Monthelies.

Nose has spicy and sweet red cherries. Cherries covered in spices. Superb depth but also a lot of hidden depth as air will and always does reveal more. Very nice initially but has more to reveal. Smells tighter and more serious than the previous Hauts Brins. Starting to get really fragrant after an hour. Wow such a wide aromatic spectrum. Really floral now. Spectacular.

Palate is so elegant almost like a Volnay. Serious structure as well and so pure. This needs air and will only improve. Superb mid season red cherry fruit and spice. So sapid. So juicy, silky and sapid after 4 hours.

Long finish with terrific clarity of deep dark and light cherry fruit. Lovely delineation and so fresh. This is deep and structured and has a very persistent finish. Wonderful. Like a baby Volnay. Terrific structure for short term aging. I’d recommend maybe waiting 2-4 years on this whilst one drinks the Haut Brins. 

As you know, we believe that strict recitations of tasting notes is only part of the story of a wine. We’ve always tried to include metaphors to try to give our readers a better understanding of how wines impact us. These metaphors have included architecture, painting, music and poetry. 

We’re trying something new to help create visual metaphors using Midjourney, a generative artificial intelligence program that is by far the best image gneratour out there. I’ve messed around with a bunch and this is by far the best. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie “Les Haut Brins” – $35.99 ($135.96 4-Pack, $383.88 12 bottle case {$26.99!)
2022 Laurent Boussey Monthelie “Toisieres – $35.99
($135.96 4-Pack, $383.88 12 bottle case {$26.99!)
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