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Sven Enderle
– The Founder of Germany’s Top Cult Pinot Noir Producer Enderle & Moll
– From One Brilliant Estate, Now We have Two
– His Debut Wine in His Debut Vintag
– The First Offer in the World 

2022 Sven Enderle Pinot Noir Vom Keuper
– The First Offer in the World
– At the “REM Murmur” Level of Insane Debuts
– One of the Most Delicate, Lacey and Ephemeral Pinot Noirs I Have Ever Had from Germany
– An Emotional Experience to Taste Sven’s First Solo Grand Cru

– Super Nose: Pure Sven Enderle Magic
– Gorgeous Sweet Dark Cherry Fruit
– Pure
– Complex
– Like Flowers Made from Spice
– Stunning Aromatic Depth
– Violets, roses
– Palate: So Supple
– Superb Elegance
– Sweet, Earthy
– That Unreal, Magic Sven Enderle Cherry Fruit
– Amazing Silken Ethereal Texture
– So Pure
A Serenity About It
– Long Finish

The Pinot Noir Magician Is Back!
There are many brilliant winemakers in Germany. But the wines of one man have always stood out as being somewhere close to magic and those are the wines of Sven Enderle. His winemaking philosophy is extreme. No pumps. No additives. No nothing. He just sources the prefect grapes, presses and waits. I normally roll my eyes a bit when people talk about avoiding things like pumps but when I taste Sven’s wines, I become a believer. There are no pinot noirs like them. And I’m thrilled to be the first retailer to sellt hem.

The Wine
Today, we are proud to present the first Grand Cru offer in the world from Sven Enderle’s new estate. The 2022 Sven Enderle Pinot Noir “Vom Keuper” can be had for $49.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. Sven’s top wines will all be named after the soils where the grapes were grown. Keuper is a clay and limestone soil.

A brilliant wine. A profound wine and it was completely not what I was expecting. It has the most beautiful translucent true Pinot ruby color I’ve ever seen. You can see right through this wine.

Super nose with gorgeous sweet dark cherry fruit that is at once pure and at once ethereal and complex. Elegant spice, like flowers made from spice. Nose is all red cherries and spices. Dizzying array. Stunning aromatic depth and purity. So much mineral. Just huge. Smells like elite 1er Cru red Burgundy. Say Vosne-Romanee “Les Chaumes.” Blown away. Woodsy, incense and infinite complexity. Limestoney as well. This is a knockout nose. Just gorgeous. Keeps opening and opening and getting more expansive and aromatic. Deep rich red fruit and pungent stoniness that makes it insanely distinct. So aromatic. So floral. Violets, roses, just beguiling. But all of this is on a bed of stone. Limestone. There is also a confectionary aroma as well that envelops the black cherries and blackberries. Old wood, insane spice with gorgeous dark and lighter black cherry and mulberry fruits. This is super complex and deep. Still seems like it has more to give. Spiced mulberry cake. So subtle, yet strong and nuanced at the same time. After some time the florals come and they are wow wow wow. That Sven magic abounds. Sickness. The spice is next level here. So is the sweet wood spice. This is genius. I expected nothing less. 

Palate is so sweet, yet earthy and supple. Wowsers. Beautiful wine that is exceptionally pure and deep. There is a perfect combination of power and grace. Silky and ethereal. It is so explosive and has that unreal magic Sven Enderle cherry fruit that is so precise and so delicate. Amazing energy and sweetness. It is lush and energetic but superbly elegant. There are lithe and elegant tannins that are so ripe. The sweetness and succulence allied with the silken ethereal texture is not to be believed. This is rocking red Riesling. Nimble like nothing else. So gentle and serene. Unreal purity. Dissipates like nothing else. Balance and purity are off the charts. Sappy and lovely fruit skin type fruits. So supple. This is possibly the greatest debut Grand Cru Pinot I’ve ever had. Silky and juicy with elite finesse and wonderful freshness and minerality. Gorgeous wine. With air the palate is super juicy, tangy and concentrated. Super pure and wonderful, ripe and cutting tannins.

Long finish, structure to burn and this has a decade ahead of it. Amazing concentration. Amazing clarity. So so pure. Tiny berry fruit intensity. Complex and lithe. Dense, concentrated and so balanced but this is so elegant and never heavy. I was blown away.

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2022 Sven Enderle Pinot Noir “Vom Keuper” – $51.99

($199.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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