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Sven Enderle
– The Founder of Germany’s Top Cult Pinot Noir Producer Enderle & Moll
– From One Brilliant Estate, Now We have Two
– His Debut Wine in His Debut Vintage
– The First Offer in the World

2022 Sven Enderle Pinot Noir
– The First Offer in the World
– At the “REM Murmur” Level of Insane Debuts
– One of the Most Delicate, Lacey and Ephemeral Pinot Noirs I Have Ever Had from Germany
– An Emotional Experience

– Nose: Ethereal Cherries and Cherry Flower
– Stunning Minerality and Depth
– Incredible Purity and Gorgeous Florals
– Gossamer-like Strawberry and Cranberry
– Earthy Scents
– Porcini, Gunsmoke, Lilac, Spice, Licorice
– Like the First Morning Scent in a Meadow
– Glorious Spice and Herbals
– Palate: Intense and Juicy
– Lovely Sweet Cherry Fruit
– Hints of Sour Cherry
– Elite Level of Refinement
– Delicate Lacey Texture and Lovely Sweet Fruit
– Nimble Yet Intensely Fruited
– The Texture of this Wine is one of the Best I’ve Had from Germany
– Just a Hint of Opulence

The Day Has Finally Arrived – Sven Enderle’s New Estate
I’ve been anticipating writing this email for so long as it is about a winemaker and close friend who we have worked with from the beginning, when he was the founder of our best selling German Pinot winery, Enderle & Moll. And the person, winemaker and close friend of mine is Sven Enderle. 

This is the offer that we teasted with the slideshow that featured Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra.

From One Great Estate Spring Two
One Direction was perhaps the biggest boy band in history next to N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Maybe even bigger. Likely bigger. They were a cultural phenomenon after being discovered on X-Factor and being embraced by Simon Cowell. When they were on top of the world, first Zayn Malik left the band, but the bigger departure by far was that of Harry Styles. He wanted to start a solo career and boy did he. He is arguably the top male pop act in the world and has done the impossible, which is made people forget he was in One Direction. 

Today that moment is upon us in the wine world as Sven Enderle left Enderle & Moll in 2019 and has struck out on his own. And let me tell you he will be the Harry Styles of the German Pinot Noir scene.

Sven and Florian started Enderle & Moll over a decade ago. One cannot argue that it has been one of the most successful partnerships in the history of German wine. The wines of Enderle & Moll are among the most sought after in Germany. They are on the top wine lists in Germany and have achieved international recognition. Jancis Robinson called them a “cult wine” and selected them for a famous tasting against top Burgundies.

Sven and Florian are both brilliant winemakers but, like all geniuses, they differ in ways that might seem insignificant to non winemakers. But at the end of the day, after over a decade, it just made sense for each to run their own estate and pursue their own unique and independent visions.

Florian will continue to run Enderle and Moll. He’s made several vintages that generally follow the ideas of the original partnership but incorporate some of his ideas as well. We’ve all loved them.

As for us? We now have 2 brilliant German estates where before there was one.

The Pinot Noir Magician Is Back
As many of you know, Sven travels with me on my wine tasting trips (Germany 2022 and France 2023) and we have spoken about wine a ridiculous amount and he has tasted the entire French and German portfolio. This has no question influenced him at his new winery. He is making the best wines he he’s ever made and he will only get better as he is always tasting other people’s wines and learning. We talk wine philosophy constantly. I’ve learned more about winemaking from him than anybody else in my life. He is a genius and I am lucky to have that access. 

The Wine
Today, we are proud to present the first offer in the world from Sven Enderle’s new estate. The 2022 Sven Enderle Pinot Noir can be had for $31.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $29.99 on a case. This is a debut that is earth shattering and it reminds me of when I tasted the 2010 Enderle & Moll wines at Stefan Steinmetz’s house in summer of 2012 when I was deciding who I wanted to work with at Fass Selections. The wines that Sven makes now in 2022 and 2023 are at the “REM Murmur” level of insane debuts. This is his 1er Cru level wine and it’s just magic. But before I wax poetic about the tasting note, a bit of context and history to how we got here. 

Note: The name of the wine may ultimately be slightly different from the name I am using as Sven is still contemplating a couple of options. We are selling it now because we want to get our hands on as much as we can before the rest of the world finds out.

Now onto the tasting note. This is as good a debut as anything and it has that Sven Enderle extra magic. 

This is one of the most delicate, lacey and ephemeral Pinot Noirs I have ever had from Germany. Super elite and a wine that takes one’s breath away. It is magic. Again, I’ve had nothing like it. The wizardry that Sven Enderle conducted to make a wine this good is unbeknownst to me.

Nose is ethereal cherries and cherry flower with stunning minerality and depth. The florals and the purity of the aromas are just incredible. So ethereal and pretty with gossamer-like strawberry and cranberry. Huge nose that gets more expansive with air. Cherry, bowl of ethereal cherries and ripe as anything can ever be ripe without being overripe. What. A. Nose. Now. Floral like crazy. So clean. Early to mid season cherries. Ripe. Huge earthy scents. Like the first morning scent in a meadow. You can smell it but it is so restrained, subtle and nuanced and my goodness the detail! The clarity! Glorious spice and herbals. Spice gets deep and more penetrating with air and it becomes a potpourri. Just wow!! 

The palate is intense and juicy with serious velvety, sexy oh so sweet tannins and earth. The level of refinement here is something else. Amazingly delicate all the way through but there is power and depth. Amazing vivid fruit. So intense. This is genius. Palate also has a delicate lacey texture and lovely sweet cherry fruit and elegant, beautiful tannins. Rocking bottle. So ethereal and just like a red Riesling. like sour cherry, ripe and velvety tannins. So so juicy and clean with tremendous palate presence and depth. Insane inner mouth aromas and a structure that remains structured but is also eminently drinkable if that make sense. Nimble yet intensely fruited with extraordinary balance and purity. Big structure. Lovely tannins and freshness. Ideally needs an hour to breathe and the fruit to really shine. The fruit is stunning here and so lip-smacking and pure. Super long finish. Superb. The texture of this wine is one of the best I’ve had from Germany. It’s 5-D. Better than 4D. A tiny of hint of opulence and unreal sapidity. 

That note maybe captures a small part of the wine, which is very important of course. Length, fruit, quality of fruit, quality of tannin, freshness which there was an impressive amount of, earthy nuances, refinement and the such. But it does not capture the emotional impact that these Pinot Noirs have. It’s truly an emotional experience this wine. On one level, the aromatics are so distinctive, it’s almost hard to get a handle on them. I’ve smelled porcini, gunsmoke, lilac, spice, licorice and other things I couldn’t even identify. I guess the poetry of it is that every vintage is like smelling something amazing for the first time. Like the first time you smelled a rose or a truffle. It’s almost like creating new childhood memories, except it’s as an adult.

It is almost hard to comprehend how this can be so filigreed, elegant, beautiful, and of such high quality for so little money. The fact that there is something like this that exists in the world is a wonder in itself. I’m not talking just wine. The 2022 Sven Enderle “Village” is a take your breath away wine and life experience. I did not expect these wines to impact me like this. Sven is a genius of the highest degree and his collection of 2022’s are his magnum opus and an amazing follow up to his work at E and M.

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