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Remi Poisot
– Inherited Some of the Best Terroir in the World
– Small, Artisanal Production
– His Wines are Always Very Good or Great – But In 2021 and 2022 He Has Taken “The Leap!”

2022 Remi Poisot Romanee St. Vivant
– Artisanal 2022 RSV for $312-$423 Less than The Cheapest 2021 RSV
– Best Value Grand Cru Red Burgundy (A Tier Terroir) on the Market By Far
– Direct from the Estate, Of Course
– From The Upper Tier Vosne-Romanee Grand Crus
– 2015: 92-95 Points Burghound (Alan Meadows)
– 2014 94 Points Burghound
2022 Is a Stunning Vintage for Red Burgundy With Elite Freshness and Fruit. Think 2019!
Grand Cru Density, Incredible Concentration
– Nose: Dense Thrust of Cherries, Spice, Lavender, Moss
– 2-3 Minute Palate Persistence
– Exquisite Sweet Fruit
– Stunning Refinement

2022 Remi Poisot Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru
– My Favorite White Grand Cru
– Top 1% Finesse
– Insane Nose: Complex and So Deep
– Hazelnut
– Ripe Green Apples
– Aged Gouda, Iodine
– Huge Minerals and Grilled Nuts
– Really Intense and Deep on the Palate
– 91-94 BH (Allen Meadows) (2017)
Least Expensive 2022 Corton Charlemagne in the US Market
– Direct from the Estate

Remi Poisot
emi Poisot is our original golden artisan. He inherited some small plots of the best terroir in the Burgundy. And he tends to it carefully. Everything is between very good and great. And his Corton Charlemagne s is always an amazing value. But in 2022? In 2022 his Corton Charlemagne is utter perfection. I gave it a near perfect 9.8! This is a wine that will easily last 20 years and demands 10 for its “Corton Charlemagne” terroir to show itself. You will want this in your cellar for the rest of your life. A lot of it. And at this price, you will be challenged to get a better “A Tier Terroir” White Grand Cru value in Burgundy. I’d say it’s impossible, but I never say never.

2022 at Poisot
This is Remi’s best vintage and
his smile was from ear to ear in his full cellar. He said it was his first complete harvest since 1985! And what a bounty! The wines are supple, silky, sweet and very transparent but have the ridiculous fruit quality of 1999 or 2019 (Choose your fighter) that makes them outrageously profound, delicious and elite. I was blown away by every 2022 at Poisot and you will not believe these wines then they arrive in the Fall. 

The Wines
I’m selling the 2022 Remi Poisot Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru for $179.99 a bottle on a 3-pack. This is year in and year out one of the best wines I import. There is something special about drinking Corton Charlemagne. It’s so regal and distinctive and unlike any Chardonnay in in the world. It also happens to be my favorite white Grand Cru. There are more expensive ones and more regal ones but for me Corton Charlemagne scratches that itch more than a Batard or Chevalier. These are vineyards that Remi’s family gave him, so this is about as good Corton Charlemagne terroir as there is. The 22 continues the streak of brilliant CC’s from Remi and is the best one yet. 9.8 I gave it out of barrel. 

The nose is elegant and ripe with classic aromas of hazelnut, ripe green apples, aged Gouda, iodine, huge minerals and grilled nuts. It is very aromatically complex and expressive. Such a deep nose that keeps changing. It also offers up smoke, incense, sweet wood, baked apple and pear. Wow the aromatic complexity is amazing. The complexity is so good it is off the charts. The level of spice and different aromas is dizzying. One of the best noses of 2022. Stunning. I cannot imagine how great this will smell with 4-5 years in the cellar. Or 10. 

The palate is rocking and already very open for a young Poisot CC. Insane acidity and freshness. So intense and deep. Structured, so pure, so sappy, beautiful ripeness while still showing some amazing tension and never ending length. It has top and I mean TOP 1% finesse. Palate with additional air is so silky and so complex. Mmmmmm. Unreal sweet wood, elegance and long with richness and purity plus wonderful concentration and flavor intensity. So much sap and density and insane harmony. So clean and balanced. Just insane To have this much material and be this elegant is why this wine is Grand Cru. The texture is as sexy as you can imagine and the tension is first class. The wine really delivers an incredible finish that has to be tasted to be believed. This is a masterpiece that is not to be missed. This will be allocated. This needs 3-4 years to show well and then can last 10-15 years. Below is the 2017 91-94 BH score.

“A classic nose features notes of Granny Smith apples, citrus, iodine and mineral reduction. The sleek, intense and muscular larger-scaled flavors possess an almost pungent minerality before concluding in a crisp, bone dry and impressively long finish. This will need to develop more depth to merit the upper end of my projected range but the potential is here for that to occur.”
91-94 BH (Allen Meadows)

We don’t sell much wine in this price range but when we do, the values are crazy. Today, we are selling the 2022 Remi Poisot Romanee St. Vivant Grand Cru for $449.99 a bottle NET. Before I get into the tasting notes you need to understand how remarkable a value this wine is. I went on wine searcher and checked out the prices of 20 RSVs.

– The least expensive 2021 RSV through 3 tier is $717 from JJ Confuron. Then it’s the 2021 l’Arlot t for $950-$1449

Another thing I noticed is because 2021 has low yields and has huge hype behind it that prices of Grand Cru wines are around 40-50% higher in 2021 than in 2020 if you can fid them.In 2022 prices will go up aain. Poisot is $449.99 today which is by far the cheapest 2021/2020/2022RSV. 

Other 2021 RSV:

  • Hudelot-Noelat – $1,029 – $2,000
  • Cathiard – $2,900 – $4,800

Remi’s is as good as it gets and is as good as the $2,000 Hudelot-Noellat and is only $449.99 NET.

In the context of RSV, this is a ridiculous world-beating steal.

I don’t have much but if you splurge on one red Burgundy Grand Cru this year this should be it as the value cannot be overstated. The 15 got 92-95 from BH and the 14 got a 94 as well. Those are elite score from Meadows. Anyway the wine is transcendent. The 2022 is like the 2019 crossed with the 2021. Both legends at Fass Selections. Also as of 2015 Remy ploughs the RSV vineyard by horse. He pulls out all the stops. 

The wine is extraordinary. On the nose you just get that Grand Cru density. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve had it but there is so much there there, it seems impossible because the wine is so elegant. A compact thrust of dense cherries, spice, lavender and a hint of moss. I always just smell this wine for 15 minutes – it’s almost like a small world in every sniff. This is what you pay hundreds of dollars a bottle for – lesser terroir can’t achieve this.

The sweetness of the fruit is just beyond anything. It is so elegant yet so concentrated and exquisite. The length of this wine is just beyond the comprehension of my small brain. It never ends. One sip is all one needs. The wine is persistent on the palate for 2-3 minutes each sip. You cannot believe it. It must be tasted to be believed. It has the finest grained fruit and tannins one can imagine. You can taste why this wine commands this premium price as it is just better than most any Pinot Noir I sell. It is refined like an 800 thread count sheet. It is so pure. The purest. It is so textured and so seamless. It is really a spectacular wine and you really get what you pay for here. It is so balanced and has zero hard edges no matter how hard you swish it. I don’t have much. Ideally this is better in 5-10 yearsk.

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2022 Remi Poisot Romanee Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru – $181.99 ($539.97 3-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

2022 Remi Poisot Romanee Saint Vivant Grand Cru – $449.99 NET (VERY LIMITED)

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