Les Trois Frères
– The Second Wine Made by The Greek’s 3 Sons
 – Made for the Brothers and Their Friends
 – No One Else Is Getting It – Except Us!
 – Sourced from “First Division” Fruit 
 – Read Between the Lines – They Have Relationships with All of the Top Growers…
– A Major Collector’s Item!
 – 590 Bottles. That’s It. I Have a Fraction Of Them
2021 Hector Adrien Charalambos Lelektsoglou Cote Rotie 
– One of the Most Elegant Cote Roties I’ve Ever Had
– Like Cuchet Beliando and Marquis d’Aligre
 – Nose: Terrific, Bright and High Toned
 – Floral and so Complex
 – Amalgam of Berries
– Whiffs of Boysenberries
– So Many Flowers
– Gorgeous Violets
 – Black Raspberry, Red Cherry and Morello Cherry
 – So Clear and So Vivid / Crystalline Purity
 – Palate: Unreal Depth of Fruit
– Terrific Fruit Purity
– Elite Clarity
 – Almost a Floral Extract
– Insane Violet Inner Mouth Aromatics
– Roses – So Distinctive for a Cote Rotie
 – Utterly Classic Like the Best 21s Can Be

First there was the “Trois Filles” St. Joseph and I cannot wait for all of you to taste that but now we have another, even more profound debut. This is easily one of the all time great Greek wines. Father or son. What it also does is establish a price point lower than George’s profound single vineyard Cote Rotie’s the epic Brocarde and Rozier.

This is easily a top 5 Greek wine. In no particular order below are my favorites.

– 2015 Compagnie de l’Hermitage Crozes Hermitage Vieilles Vignes de Gervans
– 2015 George Lelektsoglou Cote Rotie Les Rozier
– 2017 Hector/Adrian/Charalambos Lelektsoglou Cote Rotie
– 2020 Hector/Adrian/Charalambos Lelektsoglou St. Joseph
– 2017 Georges Lelektsoglou Hermitage Le Cerisae.

The Wine
While those are $130+ the 2021 Hector/Adrian/Charalambos Cote Rotie can be had for $69.99 a bottle on a 3-pack.

As you can see one 20, two 17’s and two 15’s on this list

All of these George & Sons cuvees have their own distinctive character but also exude that top 1% Rhone elite quality. They are very secretive about fruit sources, elevage and refuse to evaluate their own wines. I get a bottle. I taste it that’s the end of that. Obviously the sourcing is elite it it’s a secret and I’m fine with that. Because the truth is in the bottle and here we are again with an absolute profound wine that is like a hypothetical blend of Jasmin/Billon and the Greek $130 Rozier/Brocarde blends. This can he drunk young but ideally will blossom in 5 years. For $70 this is an elite value and collector’s item. It’s me or bust.

The nose is just so terrific, bright and high toned like only elite Cote Rotie can be. Mint, leather and an amalgam of berries with so many flowers. My goodness this wine is floral. There is engaging lilac/violet and even dandelion thing going on. It is just insanely floral. It’s intoxicating. Black raspberry and morello cherry all over the nose and unreal floral aromas. Stunning nose and gets more complex with air. Violets, olive, deep red and blackberry fruit that has such vividness. Mint, menthol undertones and a super mineral granite edge . So deep. Light Boysenberry even develops and some really hard to define nuanced spices. It’s very stylish and refined yet so wafting and detailed. So appealing. So many flowers. Smoke and cassis eventually with air. It’s just crazy.  The nose on this wine is absolutely psychotic. Floral and so complex. So smoky (mesquite?), floral and feral. So mineral and full of deep mineralogy like iron and things of that nature. It is so sick, so complex, so nuanced and really is more of a floral/spice thing than a fruit thing but what fruit is there is so clear and so vivid you think it’s a fully expressive fruit expression. But it’s not. In 5 years this will be glorious.

Palate is stunning and this sucker is built to age but 21s seem more open than 20s at this stage but like 20 this is built like brick house for the long haul thing is in effect. Really unreal depth of fruit and such amazing freshness. Sweet, soft blackberries. Licorice. Wow. This is so refined and elegant. Amazing fruit purity. More red than black which is a common thing in 21’s. So so long. This is incredible. To be this massive and so refined/nimble is quite a feat. Cote Rotie at elite levels like this is always elegant. As you swallow, almost a floral extract on the mid that goes to the finish. Wow. So gorgeous. But man does it have crunch. It also has an inner mouth perfume when you swish it around that is blazing with violets galore and elite clarity. Oh swishing this wine in your mouth is something but then the tannins come in something fierce but they are so melty, juicy and velvety. But they are echoed with insane florals. Rose even. Silky. Never had rose flavors in Côte Rotie. Only Barolo. Just unreal florals and a profoundly long finish. There is extraordinary depth here.

The wine is profound in every sense of the word. I get giddy thinking how this will turn out in 5-10-15-20-years. It’s like Cuchet Beliando and Marquis d’Aligre In that you cannot stop smelling, drinking or thinking about what’s in the glass. This will stick In your mind for days after tasting. The length tells me a lot. It is long. Like waiting for that red light to change long. Like an annoying long shot in a foreign film from the 60s long. It does not quit. The structure is there and notable as expected but you only notice it because it is harmonious with the fruit, acid and mineral. Make no mistake this is a long term wine. The finesse though for this wine being such a big boy is really something. Palate is stacked like the best 21’s can be. So juicy and structured. What poise, precision and balance. This is very limited.

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2021 Hector Adrien Charalambos Lelektsoglou Cote Rotie – $71.99 ($227.97 3-Pack) (VERY LIMITED)
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