Hanspeter Ziereisen
– Is He the Most Talented Winemaker in Europe?
– Elite Level Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Gutedel, Pinot Blanc – That’s 6 Grapes
– More Grand Cru Grapes than any Winemaker in Europe
– He Can Make Grand Cru Wines from Anything
– Today’s Wines Are the Work of an Absolute Master
– It’s Like Buying Roulot or Ente Bourgogne Blanc – the Winemaker Makes the Terroir Almost Secondary

These Wines Are Now Allocated … 
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2021 Ziereisen Jaspis Chardonnay Nagelin – 36 Bottles!
– 94+ Reinhardt, WA (2020)
– Reminds me of Batard Montrachet or Corton Charlemagne
– 600 Bottles Made
– Thunderous Depth
– Epic, Epic Density of the Great Grand Crus of Burgundy
– Incredible Structure
– Incredible Mineral Detail, Mineral Sap Ridiculous Complexity 
– The Wall of Flavor – Made from Titanium
– No New Wood

2021 Ziereisen Grauburgunder “Würmlin – Jaspis” – 30 Bottles!
– 95 Points, Reinhardt, WA
– This Is The Alte Reben – New Name!
– The BEST Pinot Grigio In The World
– Grand Cru Quality Fruit with the Grace of Puligny
– One of the Most Explosive German Whites I’ve Ever Had
– The 2013 Blew Away a 1er Cru Raveneau at Dinner
– 100% Allocated Globally

Sadly Ziereisen is allocated. We had a good run. This offer is only going to previous buyers of Ziereisen and sorry in advance but some of you will be left carrying an empty bag as I don’t have enough.

Wine #1: A Burgundian in Baden
How many world truly Burgundian style Chardonnays exist outside of Burgundy? Until now? I’d say zero. Italy dabbles in it. And some American ones are ok. But I’m talking about wines that truly achieve all that Chardonnay can achieve? The peak of the Burgundian Mt. Everest of Chardonnay? I’m staying with zero.

Germany has never been even adequate at Chardonnay.

– They have the terroir for it.
– They obviously have the winemaking skill.

But I think that like their former general ineptitude with Pinot Noir, they tried to ape the worst habits of Burgundy (too much oak).

It was a matter of time until a German figured it out. And, not surprisingly, that German is the bounding and resounding mad genius, Hanspseter Ziereisen.

These are the first world class Chardonnay that can compete with the titans in Burgundy. And the prices, even with the weak dollar, are incredible for the quality.

Burgundy is officially on notice – there’s a new player in the game.

This is a call for all of the listers who appreciate German winemaking skill (and understand that German prices are quite low for the quality) but don’t like riesling. The game is on.

The 2021 Ziereisen Nagelin Jaspis Chardonnay can be had for $67.99 a bottle on a 3-pack. This has become my personal favorite white in the Jaspis lineup. This is as close as one can get to Coche Dury without taking out a 2nd mortgage on your house or selling your prized Mickey Mantle Bowman/Topps rookie card. It has so much energy and purity and has the precision of elite Grand Cru Burgundy. It has sap and density and one of the most amazing palate staining finishes ever. It is for my palate the best Chardonnay in Germany.

Oh by the way there are only on average 400-600 Jaspis bottles made each year for each cuvée. I sell every one every year as they are some of the most exciting wines in the whole book. First of all there is no wood, which was amazing as there is some (15% new) in the Hard (the 1er cru). The material here is incredible. This reminds me of Batard-Montrachet or Corton Charlemagne. Rich, yet tense and noble the whole way through. Regal. Kingly. A king of a wine made by a prince of a man.

The nose is delicately mineral, wonderful white flower, iodine, nuts and a hint of butter. Just amazing. Also tons of limestone minerality harkening back to the Côte de Beaune. Stunning regal aromas. Subtle spices, elegant apples, brown sugar, glorious mineralic spices, pear flesh and green apple skins, even jellied apples, so complex and haunting. Smells so harmonious and complete. Orb like which is what 21 is so good at This is as aristocratic as Chardonnay gets. Every taste bud is assaulted by the inner mouth aromas. This is like Switzerland’s famed Gantenbein but cheaper and way better.

The palate is incredible. Crazy creamy, buttery, textured with unreal concentration and richness. So much acidity and juiciness yet ultra refined. Explosive like few other wines with thunderous Thor-like depth. Amazing spice and complexity on the palate and big acidity. Highest acidity of any Ziereisen 21 so far. Incredible inner mouth salinity, like the most gorgeous salt placement on one’s palate ever then straight into just absolutely crazy complexity and freshness. What energy and straight as an arrow. The purity is top notch.

The finish just dissipates and the harmony is so gorgeous. What a finish. Minutes at least. Amazing amount of material on the palate and subtle concentration. So saline and juicy. Incredible. Incredible mineral detail and so much sap and complexity already but this is built to age. The wall of flavor if the wall were made of titanium. This has the depth and density to compete with anything that Burgundy has to offer. A stunning wine that has a finish that does not quit. Simply magical. Very, very limited. Below is the 94+ Stephan Reinhardt score for the 2020.

“The unfiltered, intensely yellow-colored 2020 Jaspis Chardonnay Nägelin is very dense, intense and elegant on the deep nose and provided with mineral notes intertwined with yeasty and sweet oak aromas. Rich and intense but also elegant and pure on the palate, this is a full-bodied, tense and multilayered Chardonnay from the oldest vines, planted in 1996. The finish is tight yet pure, fresh and very saline. 12.5% stated alcohol. Premium natural cork stopper. Tasted in November 2022..” 94+ Stephan Reinhardt, Wine Advocate (2020)

Up Next is the 2021 Ziereisen Jaspis Grauburgunder “Würmlin” for $53.99 a 3-pack. The 2020 got 95 Points from Stephan Reinhardt. It’s made from the best vineyards from one of the best winemakers in Europe and from 60 year old vines. This is a Grand Cru/Grosses Gewachs quality wine. But it’s even more. It is a wine that will change the way you think about Pinot Gris. It is also one of the greatest food wines in the world. Every time I open a bottle it is the best white wine that I’ve had in however many years. It is uncanny how world class this bottle is.

The nose is just stunningly elegant. It has fruit complexity with the best of them. Stunning nuanced stone fruits all over this nose. Citrus. Bergamot. Nose is so stunning. Pink grapefruit. Stone fruits. Sinewy earth. Really something you can get lost in with mineral and light citrus overtones combined with it opening and opening. It has that 21 power and detail.

The palate is where the fireworks really happen. A rare wine where the palate over delivers what the nose promises. This is one of the most explosive wines I’ve ever had from Germany. It is like a suitcase nuke in 2021. Ridiculously intense but contained. Huge, and I mean huge freshness from acid and so much limestone combined with delicious juicy stone fruits. A massive fruit soak and such insane fruit complexity again. I know I don’t talk often about fruit complexity but this is exhibit A. When you recover from that, there are incredible internal aromatics floating above with a firm mineral core. This is as graceful as 1er Cru White Burgundy from one of the big three (Chassagne / Meursault / Puligny). The wine is completely delicious (my tasting note says, “WOW, YUM”) but this wine also has some serious eye-popping complexity. It is as serious a white wine as I sell. I’d open and follow over the course of an evening – this is a special, special wine from a remarkable producer.

Below is Stephan Reinhardt’s 95 Point Review.

“From 50+-year-old vines, the dark golden-orange 2020 Jaspis Grauer Burgunder Würmelin shows a deep, clear, refined, very elegant and balanced nose of ripe fruits and finely milled chalk. Rich and round yet also dry, fresh and saline on the palate, this is a full-bodied, powerful yet pure and refreshing mineral Pinot Gris with lingering salinity and fine, chalky tannins. The finish is clear and fresh and reveals stimulating lime-zest grip. It’s a fascinating wine that is probably Ziereisen’s finest wine in years. 13% stated alcohol. Premium natural cork stopper. Tasted in November 2022.”” – 95 Points. Stephan Reinhardt, Wine Advocate

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2021 Ziereisen Nagelin Jaspis Chardonnay – $69.99
($203.97 3-pack) (VERY LIMITED)
2021 Ziereisen Jaspis Grauburgunder “Würmlin” – $55.99
($161.97 3-pack) (VERY LIMITED)
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