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Le Petit Chateau
– In the French Region of Switzerland
– Just Over the Border from the Jura
– Think Jura Elegance with Swiss Precision
– The Swiss Allow No Funk
– Family Owned for 200 Years
 Fabrice Simonet Took Over 5 Years Ago – Rising Star

2021 Le Petit Chateau Pinot Noir Selection
– Maybe Our Best Pinot Noir Value in This Price Range
– A Wine This Good Should Not Be This Inexpensive
– Stylistically – Think Traditional Volnay

– Nose: Classic Burgundian Elegance
 Traditional Pinot Noir Elegance
– Cherry Flowers
– Hints of Bitter Almond
– Raspberry Essence and Dusty Earth
– Minerals
– Palate: Mid Season Cherries
– So Precise
– Fruit Skin Essence of Blackberry, Black Cherry Skin and Morello Cherries
– Very Good Elegant Density
– A Waft of Chocolate
– Balancing Hint of Bitter Almond
– Gorgeous Internal Aromatics
– Licorice Flower, Cherry Flower
– Almost a Guilty Pleasure to Drink Such a Delicious and Complex Wine at This Price

Red Wine Of The Year
It had to be Swiss. We picked up 8+ new Swiss estates the past year as it is the most exciting up and coming Pinot Noir region in the world. Germany is a very close 2nd. As I selected and tasted through these wineries the past year, I was looking for a pinot noir that batted way way above even the wines on our portfolio and also one that I could sell under $40 to get it into as many hands as possible.

This is one of the greatest Pinot Noir values I have ever encountered. What’s so special about the wines of Le Petit Chateau is the exquisite quality of the fruit which tastes and smells like it came from a Burgundy appellation that doesn’t quite exist yet. 

The Vully AOC in Switzerland – A Region of Huge Promise
So one of the things that you learn when you travel in Switzerland is that the official name “The Swiss Confederation” is no joke. A confederation is a government which is a union of individual states. And Switzerland is really 3 groups of states with different languages and cultures. The groups are the French states, the Italian states and the German states. The Swiss themselves refer to the other states as almost foreign countries.

Vully is a valley between 3 lakes and between the Jura and the Alps. So you get
– Perfect mountain terroir for elegant wines.
 French winemaking culture with a particular expertise in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Le Petit Chateau
Le Petit Chateau has been in the Simonet family for 200 years. Fabrice took over winemaking 5 years ago. His brother runs the vineyards. Fabrice, like most Swiss winemakers, spent 1 year in formal training at winemaking school and then 3 years interning. He has taken the family winery ahead a leap in only a few vintages and has great upside given his intelligence, training and hard work.

These wines are fantastically well made but quite far from the “ski region” of Grissons and as such really dramatically underpriced. 

The Wine
The Red wine of the year is the 2022 Le Petit Chateau Pinot Noir Selection for $36.99 a bottle on a 4 pack purchase and $34.99 on a 12 bottle case. I’m really sort of confused as to why this wine costs so little given that it’s a selection of their top pinot noir grapes and it’s really good.  

The nose is just classic Burgundian elegance. Again you get that scene in nature effect. Sweet wood, dark cherry, lilacs and even some dark roses. Licorice as well. Gorgeous penetrating aromas. Raspberry essence and dusty earth. Knockout nose. Think traditional Volnay except instead of lilacs, you get cherry flower and hints of bitter almond. A wine to sit with and enjoy just on the nose. Some mid season cherries with some nice elegant density. Wow! Wow. So elegant. So deep and layered. 

The palate is really remarkable. Yes, this is delicious and well made but, of course, you get a slightly different instantiation of pinot noir because of the terroir. Palate is super elegant and juicy with extraordinary fruit. Juicy and concentrated with killer inner mouth aromas and the fruit skin essence of blackberry, black cherry skin and morello cherries melt into your cheeks and are buffered by excellent acidity Of course, you get the classic, elegant Pinot Noir cherry fruit. Some lovely elegant density – not bang you over the head density but a density that you feel that the fruit is there and with some impact. So clean and precise. And then you get a panoply of secondary and tertiary flavors. Some barely there but so fascinating bitter almonds. Some cherry licorice. Great grip, concentration and structure. Dynamite. As this airs it gets so silky and so focused. Easy 9.5. Beautiful licorice flower and cherry flowers. A mere hint of chocolate. They all exist on the palate but swirl on the internal aromatics.

This is a wine that should cost closer to $100 through 3 tier than what I am charging today. It’s exceptionally well made and for Pinot geeks, very distinctive. Really a case purchase consideration – no reason not to drink this at least once a month at this price.

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2021 Le Petit Chateau Pinot Noir Selection – $38.99 ($147.96 4-Pack, $419.88 12 bottle case {$34.99}) (VERY LIMITED)

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