Vincent Ledy
– Very, Very Serious Winemaker
– Hovers Over Every Vine
– Makes Very Few Bottlings and Releases Late
– With Age, These Wines Are Top, Top Tier
– Imported by the Same Importer As Domaine Leroy…
The Client X Tasting (Important)
– Big Burgundy Lovers Tasting (Blind)
– 2015 Vincent Ledy Chorey Les Beaune “Les Beaumonts”
– Versus 2 different Corton Grand Crus and a Beaune 1er Cru
Ledy was First Place for 3 People Over the Grand Crus
2020 Vincent Ledy Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru “Les Porets St. Georges – Jeunes Vignes”
– Younger Vines but the Same Insane Pruning Regimen Creates a Wine of Utterly Sick Density
– Nose: Superb Aromatic Spectrum
– Spices, Flowers, Wet Earth
– Deep Berry Fruit, Deep Black Cherries, Stoney Minerals
– So fragrant
– Huge, Huge Minerality
– A Gorgeous Perfume
– Always has a Deep, Deep Fragrance, Like a Bouquet of Flowers
– Palate: Shockingly Complete
– Stunningly Dense and Powerful
– Black Fruits and Red Fruits
– Terrific Balancing Acidity
– Riveting Intensity
– Major Freshness
– Astonishing Purity
The Wine to Drink While You Age the VV
– Only 800 Bottles Made
2020 Vincent Ledy Chorey Les Beaune “Les Beaumonts”
– The Same Kind of Insane Effort Winemaking
– More Affordable Terroir (Les Beaumonts = Best Terroir in Chorey)
– Gorgeous Aromas of Raspberry Cake, Dank, Dark Cherries
– Stunning, Penetrating Violets and Lilacs
– Loads of Complexity
– Complex and Fragrant Nose of Raspberry Coulis
– Smoke, Tin, Leather
– Palate: Ripe and So Juicy
– Bright Mid Season Cherries
– Amazing Balance and Purity
– Concentrated and So, So Sappy
– Amazing Purity
– Terrific Inner Mouth Aromas
– Fantastic Mineral Spine
– Amazing Texture
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The Tale of the Very Serious Vincent Ledy
When we first met Vincent Ledy, he was so serious. He seemed like a guy who was always thinking seriously about some aspect of his wine. The vines. The elevage. The bottles. Something. I thought that he was going to be one of those guys who never left his vineyard his whole life. And in all of his photos, he had this very serious look.
His wines are easily the most underrated of any of our Burgundies.
– He’s an incredibly talented winemaker.
– But he only releases a few bottlings. And his release calendar is his. So now we are on the 2020s while most of Burgundy is on the 2022s.
– And the wines take 5 years minimum to come around.
– When they come around, they are brilliant.
 – His Nuits St. Georges are for me, up there with best in class. Truly miracle wines.
– And today’s wines are classic Burgundies that drink like 3 times their price (when they open up.)
– His life has changed.
– He has a wife
– Two beautiful kids.
– And he can occasionally be seen smiling in photos.
– More importantly, the public has finally figured out that with time, his wines are brilliant.
– And he has a second importer, the importer who importers Lalou Bize-Leroy’s wines.
Please Join “the Ledy Crew”


Ledy does have a small devoted following on the list. These are among our top Burgundy buyers who have been cellaring and drinking the wines for years. If you drink these 2 wines in 2025, you might see a glimpse of the genius. But from 2027 and onward, they will be brilliant. You have to trust me.
If you drink Burgundy, you really need to try these. 
The 2020 Vintage


Ledy’s 2020s are arriving and they will be easy to sell because the 20s at pretty much every other producer are mostly gone and his 20s are amongst the best wines he has ever made. Ledy killed this vintage. Stunning fruit purity and also amazing focus and clarity. The fruit is crisp, deep and succulent. These are some of the best values I’ll sell not only because Vincent slayed 20 but also because of the incredibly strong dollar. You do not want to miss these wines.
The Style


Vincent is a force to be reckoned with now. The wines are deep and powerful and take hours and days to unfurl but most of all need years to truly express themselves. And when they do, watch out as the first wine today can compete with even Burgundy Grand Crus. A client (Client X) emailed some years back that he did a blind tasting with some friends of his and the 2015 Vincent Ledy Chorey Les Beaune “Les Beaumonts” was first place for 3 people over 2 different Corton Grand Crus and a Beaune 1er Cru. He emailed me about it as he could not believe it. He was obviously very happy and it’s nice to have my validations about Vincent Ledy confirmed. One other reason Vincent is not a superstar is because the only critic that has tasted his wine is La Revue de Vin de France which is a like a French Wine Spectator.

…but Jasper Morris, British Burgundy legendary critic has posted in the past about a visit with him in Burgundy and I was thrilled about it. He said he makes “promising powerful reds.” And yes he does.

The Wines
Today, I have the 6th vintage of the great 2020 Vincent Ledy Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru” Les Porets St. Georges – Jeunes Vignes” for as little as $79.99 each on a 3-pack. In 2013, the NSG was one wine and starting in 2014, he been separating it into two wines. I recently had the 2014 for my birthday dinner in November 2018 and it showed mindbogglingly brilliantly. It was the best Ledy wine I have ever had. That is up until some others mature. The wine is flat out awesome and was the best wine of the very cold cellar on the particular day that we were there. It is a glorious bottle of wine and was so accessible and ready to drink popped and poured which was so so unusual. Vincent has very very low yields in 2020 so the yields are very very low for this; Lalou level at 22 hl/ha.
Nose: A superb aromatic spectrum. Spices, flowers, wet earth, deep berry fruit, deep black cherries, stoney minerals and just fragrant.
Stunning nose. Floral, beguiling aromas of dark cherries, fresh wet earth and more. Just amazing aromas and just popped. Huge, huge minerality that eventually turns into a gorgeous perfume. Wines can have nice aromas but this wine always has a deep, deep fragrance. Like if a bouquet of flowers has a fragrance. It’s intoxicatingly awesome.  Mashed black flowers and tons of stoney minerality. So floral. Violets, roses, just beguiling. But all of this is on a bed of stone. Limestone. There is also a confectionary aroma as well that envelops the black cherries and blackberries. Big sappy blackberries and black cherries. But there is also a pungent almost lurid red fruit quality that intermingles as well.
As fragrant as the nose was this was even more fragrant in the mouth when it comes to internal aromatics. Shockingly complete wine with not one particle of liquid not ensconced by the flavor intensity of the whole. Black fruits and red fruits with riveting intensity and backed up by major freshness. Astonishing purity and after 30 minutes this wine starts to get so refined. There are no hard edges and the purity is remarkable. The finish is epic with that fruit core slathered with out of this world minerals and fresh acidity extending it as it dissipates for minutes on end. While obviously young this is a great drop today and can and will improve for up to 25 years easy. This is the wine to drink while you age the VV, which needs it. That’s a 50 year wine in my opinion, and the JV just a 25 year wine. The sheer intensity of the fruit matched with that freshness and the refinement that a terroir like “Les Porrets St. Georges” brings to the table makes this one the great wines Vincent has made. It’s an accomplishment. This is, of course as expected, very limited.
Up next I have by far the best Chorey-Le-Beaune in Burgundy. The Grand Cru beater. The 2020 Vincent Ledy Chorey Les Beaune “Les Beaumonts” for $49.99 a bottle on a 4-pack Terrific vintage for one of the the best Choreys in Burgundy. Most Chorey is forgettable in my opinion. Sorry Tollot-Beaut. Also Les Beaumonts is the best terroir in Chorey. The La Tache of Chorey-Les-Beaune.
Gorgeous aromas of raspberry cake, dank dark cherries, some earth, some animal, spice and loads of complexity. Red fruits, cranberry bog and such complexity. Nose smells so juicy with dark cherry skins and also smells like macerated cherries, 100% destemmed. The floral aromatics are just stunning. Man – the lilacs are so pure and beautiful, you think that you are drinking 1er Cru Volnay. Some violets as well. Complex and fragrant nose of raspberry coulis after 45 minutes with smoke, tin, leather, more smoke and minerals. So complex. Amazing raspberry cake. Stunning aroma. Really, clearly defined mid season cherry fruit with just amazing brightness, depth and clarity. Striking. Earth, spice and citrus round it out once it reaches its aromatic apogee.
Palate is ripe and so juicy with just stunning precision and dazzling purity. The clarity and cleanliness of the fruit compared with the best 20’s. The fruit is so intense, so concentrated but also cooling and crisp. Big bright mid season cherries and amazing balance. Also some black cherries. Finish never ends. This is easily 1er Cru quality. Closed as Vincent’s wines are they are super powerful and need time to unfurl but having said that in ripe vintages such as 20, 19, 17 and 15 his wines shine like no other. Concentrated and so, so sappy with amazing purity. Terrific inner mouth aromas that are floral and fruity with a fantastic mineral spine. Amazing texture and such impressive high quality ripe tannins. Clean as a whistle. This is so so impressive. The purity of the fruit on the finish. Stunning. After an hour of air the palate is ripe and sweet with slippery fruit but firm tannins on the back end. Long finish and great quality tannins but firm tannins. Really long and raspberry hits along the way. Fantastic balance and purity. Age is key for Ledy and I see this improving a lot over the next 10 years. Terrific concentration and power. Also shows great finesse despite being a big bodied wine. Wait 5 years. If you want drink me now wines, Ledy is not your guy but Boussey/Girard fit the bill. But having said that in 2020 Ledy has enough puppy fat/fruit to drink them young on the fruit.


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2020 Vincent Ledy Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru” Les Porets St. Georges – Jeunes Vignes”- $81.99 ($239.97 3-pack)


2020 Vincent Ledy Chorey Les Beaune “Les Beaumonts” – $51.99 ($199.96 4-pack)


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