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What I Needed to Sell a Macon Estate
– Verve
– Balance
– Brightness
– Seriousness
– Something That Tastes Like It Could Be from the Cote d’Or

– The Best, Most “Burgundian/ Cote d’Or” Village in the Macon
– Top Bottlings Are Over $100!
– High Altitude (Which Means It’s Colder)
– Lean, Elegant, Great Acidic Balance
– They Can Produce Very Serious Wines

Domaine Marc Jambon
– Micro Estate
– Very Small Production Bottlings
– Crazy Low Yields
– Creme de la Creme Terroir of the Entire Region

2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierreclos “Le Carruge”
 Reminds Me of Puligny

– Nose: Very High Class
– Super Mineral and Super Expressive
– Big Apple and Pear Fruits
– Ripe Vineyard Peach 
– Clean and Pure Minerality
– Palate: So Dense and Concentrated 
– Salty and So Pure
– Incredible Clarity of Fruit and Flavor Authority 
– Sappy Minerals
– Terrific Mouthfeel
– Tactile and Grippy

2023 Marc Jambon Bourgogne Aligote
– Think Really Good Classic Premier Cru Chablis
– Nose: One of the Most Complex Mineral Compositions of Any Wine we Sell
– Matchstick, Iodine, Mineral, Seashells
– Lime Zest
– Citrusy Floral, Spiced Pear and Apple Scents
– Chai
– Palate: Barely There Lemon/Lime Fruit
 – Superb Minerality
– Very Complex
– Terrific Structure
– Great Density
– Interlaced Salinity

Finally, I Found a Winery from the Macon That I Love

I’ve been looking for a Macon estate for a long time. Not actively looking like I am for German Pinot Noir estates but I have always wanted to work with a Macon estate.

This recent trip though I did have an appointment with an estate in the Macon and was excited for it but I also tempered my expectations. Why?

I wanted a Fassy Macon estate.

I wanted to have the estate to have tension, acidity, huge minerality, energy and cut.

Trust me, it’s hard. I’d visited before and one was too natural and one was too flabby and lacked personality. But I have found my Maconnaise white whale. That is the estate of Marc Jambon. I am excited and thrilled to introduce this brilliant estate to the thirsty and picky white burgundy drinkers of Fass Selections. This estate is it. It’s like someone made a Macon estate in a laboratory and designed it for me, my company and most importantly my clients. 

Marc Jambon and Pierreclos
I knew this estate could be special as they are located in the small village of Pierreclos. What is Pierreclos? It’s one of the 43 villages that can add their name to the word Macon on wine bottles that signify where the grapes are sourced from. Some are better than others but for me Pierreclos shines above them all. It’s famous for being the village where the great Jean-Marie Guffens makes his famous and expensive Macons at Guffens-Heynen where they can go for over $100 a bottle. But today’s wines are nowhere near that (under $28) and likely to be preferred by the list and their predilection towards high acid, mineral and energetic wines. 

I’ve got two stunning wines from Jambon today and these are the types of wines I want I grab on Tuesday or Sunday nights with a nice fresh piece of fish and a creamy sauce. These are beautifully made and complex wines but they are not so much that one need to write a dissertation on them. (Looking at myself in the mirror as I write a dissertation.) These wines are crisp, minerally and full of acid. My types of Macon wines. Also I am so exited to be able to offer a rare Macon Aligote that is stunning. All razors and mineral. 

The Wines
First up is the 2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierreclos “Le Carruge” for $31.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and is the La Tache of the estate to the Romanee Conti of the “La Carole.” La Carruge means “Crossroads” and this is from 50+ year old vines on average. Soils are clay sandstone. 

This smells like a high class village wine off the bat and that’s what I said blind as Richard Bos tasted me blind when I was there. Super mineral and super expressive nose with so much limestone character and big apple and pear fruits. Vivid and pure aromas. Loads of wet stones. So airy and mineral with lots of iodine on the nose that reminds me of Puligny. The terroir is so good it cannot be contained. Some florals as well some just ripe vineyard peach and clean and pure minerality. It’s really batting way above its average. It’s like the Brady Anderson 50 home run season minus the steroids. 

Palate is salty and so pure. Huge depth and sweetness but it’s a mineral sweetness. Salty all the way through and so complex. Unreal power me and precision. Incredible clarity of fruit, flavor authority and sappy minerals and tasty present and huge acidity along with terrific purity. Deep, very concentrated with tremendous village level finesse and sap. Terrific cut and acidity and that intensely friendly drinkable yet classical, high acid and high mineral style that sets 2021 apart. Long winding mineral finish that pitter patters down your palate. Really terrific mouthfeel and almost a sweet tart impression the palate. Tactile and grippy. Powerful and persistent this has the guts to age 10 more years.

Next up is the 2023 Marc Jambon Bourgogne Aligote for $21.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. This is the most non fruit Aligote I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and I am here for it. 

The nose has one of the most complex mineral compositions of any wine we sell. Matchstick, iodine, mineral, almost no fruit, maybe some lime zest and lovely salinity. The nose also has the classic Aligote notes of minerals on top of lime skins and some seashell aromas. After major coaxing there are some citrusy floral, spiced pear and apple scents. Also some melted wax and even chai!

On the palate, the combination of the terroir and Jambon’s magic touch gives this wine delicious minerals that goes remarkably well with its acidic backbone.  Think really good 1er Cru Chablis.  Fresh with and wonderful acidity. Yummy. Barely there Lemon/lime fruit and accented with superb minerality. Very complex and a lot of wine for the money. Awesome freshness. Great mouthfeel. Long. Much longer than one thinks it will be. Structured and dense and so so good. The sleek and extremely intense flavors overflow with salinity on the bone-dry and very long finish. There is excellent amplitude and mid-palate concentration one can get lost in. So linear in style and with just incredible tension. The soils are all limestone and sand. 

You should have a bottle or 2 in your cellar.  Trust me, one day you’ll want a white to drink other than Chard, Riesling, Marsanne and Chenin and you’ll be thrilled that you bought this.

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2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierriclos “Le Carruge” – $33.99 ($127.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

2023 Marc Jambon Bourgogne Aligote – $23.99
($87.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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