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Some of the Best Fruit in Burgundy
– A Magician in the Vineyards
– Stunningly Sensual Levels of Fruit
– Paired withTerrific Elegance
– Perfect Balance
– Incredible Palate Presence, Intensity and Thrust
– Among the Most Delicious Wines We Sell

William Whitehead
– Raised in the Vineyards
– His First Vintage at 18
– Amazing Wines at 18 Years of Age. Today’s Wines Made at 20!
– The French Have Bought Almost All of His Wines
– Polished Traditional: Less Rustic, Very Elegant, Amazing Fruit
His Upside Is One of the Top Producers in Burgundy. Full Stop.
– 23 Years Old, Top 10%, Under $60 1er Cru – Hugely Underpriced

You Will Want to Pop One of These at a Tasting in 10 Years when Whitehead is Famous … And He Will Be
– These Wines Already Place Whitehead as a Top 10% Producer

Oh My God! What Was I Thinking?!?
– Wines You Will Look Back and Cry for Not Buying More

2022 at Rebourgeon
– The Accessibility of 2021
– 80% Red Fruits, 20% Black Fruits
– Velvety Tanins – Well Integrated
– Will Drink Well Young but Will Age Well

The Style (Important)
– Style Is Polished Traditional
– Terrific Elegance
– Stunningly Sensual Levels of Fruit
– Perfect Balance
– Incredible Palate Presence, Intensity and Thrust
– Among the Most Delicious Wines We Sell / 2021’s Are All 12.5%

2022 Domaine Michel Rebourgeon Pommard “Cuvee William”
– A Stunning Bottle of Pommard
– From a Rising Star
– At the Lowest Price for a 2022 Pommard on Winesearcher
– A Wine That Can be Drunk Now or Cellared
– Superb Nose
– Soil Tones, Game,
– Big Ripe Mid Season Cherry Fruit, Perfume
– Just Superb Precision and Intensity
– Mineral Finish
Delicious Factor on This is Off the Charts
– Gorgeous Confectionary Inner Mouth Aromas
– Exquisite Balance and So, So Juicy
– So Silky
One of the Best Burg Values I’ve Sold at Under $45
– Great Finesse
In a Classic Year Like 2021 Wines Like This Drink Like 1er Cru and Wise Burg Lovers Stock Up Like Crazy

Some of the Best Fruit in Burgundy, Bar None
William Whitehead is the child of a British wine broker and a Burgundian winemaker.
– He grew up in the vineyards.
– He grew up in the cellars.
– He grew up watching the rise of Burgundy.
He knows every one of his vineyards and plots as well as any one of us knows their favorite shirt or favorite chair. And from his first vintage, he has gotten some of the most spectacular fruit quality in all of Burgundy.

Now, as he has matured, the wines are becoming more elegant. More nuanced. Simply put, better and more sophisticated. But that brilliant fruit, the product of knowledge, effort and skill, remains.

These are wines that anyone who loves wine should have in their cellar. Yes, you can contemplate them. Especially the more recent vintages. But they are wines that are simply joyous to drink any time, anwhere and with anyone.

2022 at Rebourgeon
When William Whitehead made the leap to an elite winemaker in 2019, I was thrilled but the true test is if he can do it for four years in a row. And yes, yes he can. His 2020s and 2021s are smokeshows. And now his 2022 continue the streak. William absolutely nailed the vintage.

– He captured the fruit beautifully.
– The terroir transparency is remarkable and
– he kept the stunning purity that he captured in 2019.

This kid is such a star and his 2022’s are incredible. Buy all you can of any of the Rebourgeon 2022s. This kid is a superstar. 

The Wine
Now we all can’t drink William’s Pommard 1er Cru Rugiens every day and likely no one reading this has a cellar full of mature Charmots or Arvelets. So that is one of the reasons I am offering these exquisite Pommards.

The 2022 Domaine Michel Rebourgeon Pommard “Cuvee William” is $48.99 a bottle on a 4-pack is a stunning 2022 Pommard and a wine that can be drunk now with aplomb or cellared. This wine blew my mind. I was shocked how good it was. By far the best of the 5 vintages of this wine that i’ve sold. A stunning wine that has so much depth, so much sexy velvety red 2022 fruit and hidden structure that suggests 15+ years of development. I was not prepared also for how precise and elegant this wine was. 

Superb nose of soil tones, game, big ripe early season cherry fruit and just superb precision and intensity. Herbs and minerals as well. Beautiful haunting cherry. Lipstick-like intensity. So much stone and minerals. So Pommard. Floral as well. So vibrant and lifted. Super stones, dark red cherries, lovely earth character, some tweed jacket and all of this is presented like refined silk or velvet. Man what strides William has taken. This is deep, energetic and loaded with such pure fruit. Almost a cherry/raspberry pastille-like aroma after air. After 3 hours nose has major dark and lighter florals. The floral tones in 2022 are not to be believed. 

Wow that is just the sexiest, velvet, sweetly red fruited Pommard one can imagine! This is so fresh, yet also lush and succulent. Wow. What texture and refinement. William’s tannin quality has improved so much from 19 to 21. They are so silky, sweet and finely knit. After more air, big time early season cherries and gorgeous confectionary inner mouth aromas assault your taste buds in waves. It’s just beautiful as it airs it gains greater and great finesse. Incredible depth here. Easily 1er Cru in quality. Velvety tannins. So energetic and juicy. Just so good. As it airs I’ll be back. Such freshness with air and it gets tangy. Terrific, invigorating Pommard. Exquisite balance and so ,so juicy. The delicious factor on this is off the charts. But it also has terrific grace. What minerality and energy.

The finish is just incredible. It begins when you think it ends. Terrific clarity and lift with a small hit of opulence and then finishes so stoney. Beautiful balance and freshness. Wow, did William nail this vintage. Awesome fruit and length. After 3 hours the palate is now elegant and has such deep echoing fruit. So rich yet so ethereal. Masterful. Amazing stuff. This is a very elegant and stunningly pure Pommard and in this price range this is one of best Burg values I’ve sold. You can drink this now through 2040.

It’s something many will be reaching for often as Pinot Noir at this price with this quality is not around much. You will not find any Pommard on the market like this for this price. Only at Fass Selections. 

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2022 Domaine Michel Rebourgeon Pommard “Cuvee William” – $50.99 ($195.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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