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2021 Ziereisen Talrain Blauer Spätburgunder
– Wine Advocate’s Stephan Rheinhardt Gave The 2019 92 Points
– But the Review Is Simply Over the Top
– 2021 is A CLONE of the 2014 combined with 19 (But Even Better)
– One of the Sickest Value Pinot Noirs We Sell
– From One of Germany’s Top Pinot Producers
– At $29.99, This Is Obviously an Incredible Value ($27.99 On A Case)
– He Suggests Buying “As Much As You Can Get”

– Nose: Stunning Aromatics
– Gorgeous Cherry Flowers
– Finely Powdered Minerals
– Elegantly Sensual
– A Gorgeous Kiss of Spice
– Palate: Remarkable Elegance
– Brilliantly Beautifully Elegant Cherries
– So Silky
– Fine – That’s the Word that Goes Through Your Head
– The Fineness of a Premier Cru
– Powdery Tannins
– Lovely Juiciness

This is a highly is unusual offer as I’m going to let someone else do the speaking. 

The wine is the 2021 Ziereisen Talrain Blauer Spätburgunder for $27.99 each on a 4-pack are something I could never top and would not want to. I only have 120 bottles and that is it and this is by far the best value pinot value play at Ziereisen and I wish I had more. 

2019 Talrain review 
“This is the sixth vintage of this Pinot Noir, and it is one of the finest so far. Sourced from a basin 500 meters above sea level where the vines root in Jurassic limestone soils with iron-rich loam and are surrounded by forest, the 2018 Talrain exhibits a dark cherry color followed by a corresponding, fascinatingly deep, intense and juicy yet pure and stimulatingly fresh bouquet of dark berries, cherries, crushed rocks, meat, smoke and iron. Aged for 20 months in small oak barrels, this is a full-bodied, lush and round yet refined, fresh, elegant and pure Pinot Noir that has climbed onto the premier cru ladder. This wine is intense and fleshy and has so much character, soul and finesse and is structured, so vital and sustainable that it would be a sin not to buy it. A fabulous terroir wine that is clearly aiming for a grand cru status one day. If the quality keeps on proceeding that quickly, I fear we soon won’t be able to buy this terrific Pinot for less than 20 euros ex-cellars. 13.5% alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in September 2021. – 92 points Stephan Rheinhardt, Wine Advocate (2019)

2015 Talrain Review 
“A few years ago, Hanspeter and Edeltraud Ziereisen introduced a new Pinot Noir from Feuerbach: Talrain. I tasted the 2014 from the barrel in summer 2016 and I liked it. It was very different from the other Ziereisen Pinots but doubtlessly impressive: warm, ripe, generous and fiery. I had the 2014 from the bottle today, and I liked it again. Then came the 2015, and guess what? I loved it! Don’t get nervous about the price, which is ridiculously low and doesn’t indicate the quality at all. I had to order a case immediately. Twenty-three U.S. dollars might have been okay for the rather weak first release (vintage 2013), but it’s already more than fair for the excellent 2014, whereas the 2015 is more of a present than a purchase. There are no excuses for not buying the 2015 Talrain. Take as much as you can get, and you’ll have great divertisement for more than a decade. Like Bernhard Huber’s best plots, the red soil of the Talrain is full of iron-rich limestone, which gives this contradictory spot (500 meters above sea level and surrounded by forest but very well protected and thus having a warm microclimate) its vibrant-nervous, if not racy and ferrous-edged soul. The finish is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. So long, so vital, so pure, fresh and tensioned! Since this vineyard had been farmed by a co-op member who added lots of nutrients to the soil for many years until 2012, the soil is now getting better and better with every single year. The growth of the plants has become less vigorous and the crop less generous, as Hanspeter Ziereisen reports. I cannot really imagine where this wine is going to be in five or more years, just approximately. In any case, I remain prepared to one day name Ziereisen’s Talrain among the greatest Pinot Noirs from outside Burgundy. Hanspeter and his wife Edel were just doubling their holdings in Feuerbach when I discussed the talents of this obviously great Pinot terroir with them. The Ziereisens now own 1.5 hectares here, and they just can’t get enough. For many years, Rhini had been my favorite among the single-plot Pinot Noirs, but the Talrain is even challenging the two Jaspis selections. The wine has enormous vitality, length and tension and is not built on power or density, even though it’s concentrated in a more subtle, vertical way.” – Stephan Rheinhardt, Wine Advocate

I’ll add a brief tasting note on the 2021 to give you a sense of the vintage. The nose is really gorgeous. Just the most beautiful cherry flowers. Like a field of them. Like spring in Japan. Such an elegant waft. Some early season cherries. The minerals are finely powdered. They just flit in and out of the cherries. A stunningly beautiful nose for a wine at this price point.

The palate is terrific this year. Really perfect cherry fruit. Very tiny berry – you get that amazing precision. The texture on this wine is just gorgeous. So silky. The amazing thing about this wine is just how fine it is. For the price you think it’s going to be a simple everyday drinking wine but it’s not. This has the fineness of a premier cru.

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2010 Ziereisen Pinot Noir “Talrain” – $31.99 ($119.96 4-pack, $335.88 12 bottle Case {$27.99}) (VERY LIMITED)

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