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2023 Gunther Steinmetz Piesporter Treppchen Kabinett
– Made from One of His Top 2 Vineyards
– Utterly Electrifying
– A Top Tier Wine Made Into Kabinettx

– Nose: A Psychotic Mineral and Citrus Explosion
– Very Fine Lemons
– Gorgeous Clarity and Freshness
– A Mineral Blizzard
– Huge Slate
– Palate: Outrageous Complexity
– Terrific Acid Spine
– Great Palate Energy
– Meyer Lemons
– Tangerine Style Citrus
– Echoes

– This Will Age Brilliantly for Many Decades

His Top Tier Vineyards
Stefan Steimmetz has 2 “A+” tier vineyards. They are the Neumagener Rosengartchen and the Piesporter Treppchen. Both have yielded extraordinary wines and have really put Stefan’s wines in the conversation for the best in Germany. In 2021 Stefan made the only Kabinett from these two sites. The 2021 Neumagner Rosengarchen Kabinett is a modern legend and anybody who has some is lucky and it will last 30–50 years. He hasn’t made a Kabinett from the Neumagner Rosengartchen since. But what of the Piesporter Treppchen? 

First of all you have to see this vineyard to believe it. It is like something out of the first dream sequence in Inception. It is so steep first of all and when you are on the ground looking up at it it looks like it’s about to move in time and space and fold in on itself. It’s remarkable and almost seems to defy physics. We all like to think that a German winemaker has some profound reason to make a new wine. But more often than not it’s due to pragmatism.

The Birds
The issue in this vineyard is birds swoop down at the top section where the young vines are (Am Fels) and in order to stop that Stefan harvested the grapes early in 2023 which normally go into the Piesporter Treppchen Am Fels to avoid this issue. As a result he made an absolutely profound Kabinett and a new modern legend. The first ever Kabinett from the Piesporter Treppchen and I cannot wait for you to taste this.

The Wine
That is exactly the case in why Stefan made the 2023 Gunther Steinmetz Piesporter Treppchen Kabinett for $25.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $23.99 on a 12 bottle case. It s a ridiculous wine. A mineral force of nature that has acid like the legendary 2010 vintage. We are talking 10 grams of acid! Electricity! 

Here is a comment by Stefan Steinmetz on the Piesporter Treppchen. 

“The old one was allready planted with wines in the 19th century but west facing. Around 1890 ,the former owner Adolph Huesgen decided to hollow out the rock that it is build on, turned the whole parcel south and filled up the new walls with the rocksoil from behind that rock formation.That’s how he created a only south facing part within the west facing Treppchen.” Stefan Steinmetz

The color is a light yellow with a bit of gold reflection. It’s more yellow than green but has tiny green hints. 

The nose has very fine lemon aromas. There’s green lemon going into more classic citrus. Yellow and green fruits and there is nothing red or opulent. This is a lean mean, green and yellow machine. Gorgeous clarity and freshness. Killer. A mineral blizzard. So refinedHerbs as well. Just so clean and so Mosel. The fruits on the nose are chiseled fruits. Huge slate and one can smell the acidity. Very intense slate aroma and very racy aromas. 

On the palate, this is very mineral-driven. Minty palate with more citrus than melon and it’s tangerine style citrus with a dash of honey that’s buffered by the insane and very ripe acidity. It is exactly same as the auslese version from 2022 but a Kabinett version. So much energy on the palate and has a lot of power, but this is a deep kabinett without being overpowering. Very vibrant. This is lighter than the bigger kabinetts from 22. Maybe more intense than 22s.

Extremely long finish. The acidity and mineral stay together for a long time. The acidity while being high is ripe thus this factor leads to the supernal balance of this wine. This is pure class in a glass. Outrageous complexity. What length. It has all the acidity and other qualities that make it Fassy and a Fass freak show but the roundness is what makes it get to another level. Like Martin Mullen’s high end Huhnerberg bottlings, Keller and Battenfeld Spanier, Roulot, this wine has that extra that that sends it into hyperdrive.

The finish is insanely mineral with lingering flavors of meyer lemon and some barely there apricot. Super juicy and so clear. Saline. Awesome acid and mineral backbone. Still has more to say. Wow. I’ll be back. Such crunchy minerality. Sappy and so pure. Amazing length. 

Below are 2 quotes from Stefan on the 2023 vintage. 

“2023 is Powerful with being overloaded more than 2022 and more than 2021”

“It’s similar to 2015 and maybe kabinetts are more like 2010.” 

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