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Jürgen Von der Mark
– Fewer Than 500 People Have Passed the Master of Wine Exam
– One of the Top Wine Tasting Palates on Earth
– He Intentionally Under Prices His Wines to Make Sales Easy
– To Create A Thing It Is Necessary to Know the Thing
The Absolute Top Tier of German Pinots
– With Mobitz Retired, Our Most Burgundian German Pinots
– Some of the Most Brilliantly Subtle, Complex Pinot Noirs I’ve Had

2022 Jürgen Von der Mark Merdinger Spätburgunde
– The Wine One of the World’s Top Palates Made to Drink Every Day
– Big Red Cherries, Raspberry, Clear Black Cherry
– Ripe but Restrained and Amazing Blackberry
– Pure, Detailed and Refined
– Forest Scents
– Spice, Clove, Menthol
– Elite Burgundy Nose. Gevrey/Vosne
– Very, Very Juicy Palate
– Sweet Fruit, Textured
– Lovely Freshness and Just Extraordinary Balance
– Fruit Quality Is Decidedly Pure but Also so Singular
– Balanced Perfectly
– Juicy and So Drinkable
– Côte de Nuits Elite Village Style Wine

This is an exceptional value even in our sea of German Pinot values. I strongly reccommend cases at $22.99.

One of my favorite movies of all time is called Primer. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2004 and is the best movie ever made about time travel. It is infinitely complex and was made for only $7,000. Truly an amazing accomplishment. It is so complex that after one finishes it one is searching for “Primer explained” on Google. But the thing that really sticks with you is that it was made for $7,000. How can something this brilliant and complex be made for so little? It is incredibly rewatchable as well as it’s constructed so brilliantly.

Today’s wine is the Primer of German Pinot Noir. It is available to buy on Prime. Here is the link. I recommend watching it, googling to get it explained and then watching it again all in 48 hours. 

One thing about Jürgen Von der Mark is that he has been all over the map when it comes to establishing his hierarchy of wines but as of 2021 and 2022 it is not firmly established and today I am happy to offer what is the most absurd German Pinot value since I offered the classic Basis from Enderle & Moll. This might even be better as we finally have a Jürgen wine one can buy and drink without feeling guilty and my oh my is it a sick wine.

The Wine
Yes this is a Fass freak show. It’s the 2022 Jürgen Von der Mark Merdinger Spätburgunder for $24.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $22.99 on a case. This is the best value Spätburgunder we sell now. It is a wow wine and the 2022 is the second vintage. 

To remind everyone the three levels of Jürgen’s Pinots are 

  1. Village = Merdinger Spätburgunder 
  2. 1er cru = Engelstien Spätburgunder 
  3. Grand Cru – The Song Wines (Aisha, Shivers) 

But today we talk about Merdinger. In a fair world this is a $35-$40 dollar bottle of Pinot Noir but in the Fass Selections freak show world it’s $21.99 on a case. 

The nose is just gorgeous and ebullient. Big red cherries, raspberry, clear black cherry that is ripe but restrained and amazing blackberry. Such a gorgeous perfume. Very intense and red /slightly black fruited nose. Mega red fruited with 25% black fruits. Cherries galore. So pure, detailed and refined. Gorgeous mineral. Sickie interplay here between mineral and just gorgeous fruit. Tobacco, ash, mulch as well. Forest scents. Spice, clove, menthol. Keeps opening until it’s a perfume assault. The first 10 minutes of this wine is 0-60 mph. Holy smokes. Elite Burgundy nose. Gevrey/Vosne. Just a sick elegant perfume with no hard edges. Super dreamy nose. Smells like high end village burg

Sweet fruit, textured and very, very juicy palate and showing tremendous complexity. Terrific balance and purity. Lovely freshness and just extraordinary balance. Wow, sick fruit, so fresh and pure. I mean the fruit quality on Jurgen’s wines is something special. It’s decidedly pure but also so singular. Which makes them so drinkable. What depth and sweetness while remaining elegant, well fruited and restrained. Energetic and straight as an arrow but with luscious engaging cherry fruit. Delicate, nimble and mineral. Amazing fruit quality and delicacy here. Juicy and so drinkable but deep, serious and complex. Red Riesling to the max. So so juicy with incredibly ripe and classy tannnins. Fruit soak is exquisite. Blueberry and cherry so pure. Balanced perfectly and endless finish with a terrific fruit set. This is stunning. Amazing sweetness and density. Has structure for mid term aging. Textured like nothing else. Special. Has elite Burgundy texture. What sweetness of fruit and texture. Awesome. Côte de Nuits elite village style wine. What a wine! This is one of those wines you drink and smell and marvel at the price. It’s so damn impressive for no scratch. 

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2022 Jurgen Von der Mark Spatburgunder “Merdinger” – $26.99 ($99.96 4-Pack, $263.88 12 bottle case {$22.99!}) (LIMITED)

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