What I Wanted to Accomplish
 – First, A Wine that Exemplifies the Fass Style
– Under $30 So Everyone Can Buy It
– Quality in the $50+ Range
– A Definitive Distinctiveness
-2018 Lyle Fass/Charalambos Lelektsoglou VDF “Cuvée Ariane”
– Basically a Baby Old School CDP for Under $30
– Most Vines 80+ Years Old
– The Grapes are the Result of a Lifetime of Work
– Aged 4 years in Cement
– Nose: Gorgeous
– Mostly 80+ Years Old Vines
– Extremely Perfumed and Expansive
– Gamey and Stoney
– Dash of Cassis, and Kirsch
– Smells Like a Scene in Nature
– Firm Mineral Spine
– Remarkable Aromatic Finesse 
– Stoniness, Inkiness, Dark Berries
– Palate: Stunning Clarity
– Great old Vine Concentration
– Lush and Fruity
– Firm Mineral Spine
– So Meaty, So Stoney
– Juicy and Clean
– Major Serious Structure and Sap

Today Ia My Birthday – What Betteer Day to Debut A Wine?

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was blend my own wine and have my name on the label, and to cut to the chase that day is here! I guess, as I write this, the first question you all might have is why? After all, we work with dozens of brilliant winemakers and sell hundreds of spectacular wines. Why create another one under my own name?

The answer is that I wanted something that really was the ultimate embodiment of what Fass Selections is all about.
– Freshness
– Balance
– Juiciness
– Complexity
– Great value for the money.

I also wanted something distinctive. Something that no one else is making.

Why the Rhone?
I’ve always loved the wines of the Rhone. At their heights, they are as great as great Burgundy. But the main reason that I picked the Rhone is that I knew that, working with my good friend Charlie Lelektsoglou, (the son of Georges, the “Greek”), I could get terrific grapes for the money.

In any wine region, there are good vineyards and there are average or poor vineyards. To be honest, a lot of the pricing depends on the region itself. So even so so grapes in Cornas are going to cost a fair bit. I knew that there were terrific vineyards in the Cotes-du-Rhone that were unheralded. To be honest, I did know where they were. But I knew that Charlie and his family knew them. And, oh my, did they source some ridiculous grapes that we used for this wine.

This wine is a officially a Cotes-du-Rhone. But these are some of the greatest vineyards in the region. And they were hand selected by the most knowledgeable family in the Rhone. George has been visited near every vineyard int he Rhone from stem to stern. While the blending is me and Charlie, the grapes are the result of a lifetime of work.

Thank you, George.

The Wine
The 2018 Lyle Fass/Charalambos Lelektsoglou VDF “Cuvée Ariane” can be had today for $29.99 a bottle and $28.99 a bottle on a case. This is the current release as it was aged 4 years in cement. It is 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah from one parcel and the vines are mostly 80+ years old and there are a few younger vines sprinkled in.

What a gorgeous nose that is extremely perfumed and expansive. The nose is feral, gamey and stoney. Also herbal with a dash of cassis, and kirsch. This is like a baby CDP baby CDP. Lots of herbs de Provence and flowers. Superb spice and that 18 warm sunshine vibe. The nose smells like a scene in nature. The nose can be at once lush and fruity but also with a background of a firm mineral spine, and the aromatic finesse is something. It’s also after air got herbs de provence and flowers with huge mineral, and you can really smell the galets. So many interesting herbs. Just really great aromas with a feeling of stoniness, inkiness, dark berries and has a feeling of unlimited depth.

The palate is lush and fruity but with a background of a firm mineral spine and the finesse is something else. Like one will not believe how elegant this wine is which I attribute to the old vines and extra aging in cement. So meaty, so stoney and I mean great stoniness and as long as the day in Iceland in late June. Very very perfumed in the mouth now with exceptional purity and finishes so stony. The palate after air is juicy and clean, plus has great clarity, great structure that is way beyond côtes du rhône. Wow this is a stoney palate with velvety tannins and sweet grip. The finish is amazing and so long, so sappy. This is very very good. Also gamey, juicy and gets to every nook and cranny and the tannins are so elegant and refined. What a finish. This will age wonderfully. Really linear and with air this wine gets major serious structure and sap. Concentrated and very very sappy. Long. Very very high quality.

As you know, we believe that strict recitations of tasting notes is only part of the story of a wine. We’ve always tried to include metaphors to try to give our readers a better understanding of how wines impact us. These metaphors have included architecture, painting, music and poetry.

We’re trying something new to help create visual metaphors using Midjourney, a generative artificial intelligence program that is by far the best image gneratour out there. I’ve messed around with a bunch and this is by far the best. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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2018 Lyle Fass/Charalambos Lelektsoglou VDF “Cuvée Ariane” – $31.99 ($119.96 4-pack, $347.88 12 bottle case {$28.99!})

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