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Fabien Dauvissat Is Easily a Top 3 Producer in Chablis
– His Wines Are Among the Most Underpriced in Burgundy
– These Are Going to Be Very Expensive Some Day
– His Wines Are Spectacular Candidates for Ageing

2022 Vintage
– A Centennial Vintage in Chablis
– Combination of Classic Chablis Acidity and Minerality
– With Terrific Density and Fruit
– Dauvissat’s High Density Style Is Perfect for This Vintage

You Do NOT Want to Miss Out on These Wines!

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Fourchaume”
– His Top Wine
– Needs the Most Time
– Nose: Gorgeous Roundness
– Seashells, Minerality, Lime Blossom, Hint of Gras
– Palate: Ripe, Rich
– The Integrated Richness Is What Takes This Over the Top
– Lovely Purity and Freshness
– Laser-Like Precision
– Aerated Petrified Lemons
– Breathtaking Complexity in 2020

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains”
– The Most Elegant of the Three
– Nose: Wafting, Delicate and Elegant
– So Much Mineral Intensity
– Palate: Major Core of Mineral Extract
– Ripping Acidity and Freshness
– Green Apples
– So Saline

2022 Jean Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru “Côte de Lechet”
– Nose: Super Fine and Very Mineral
– Compelling and Vivid Herbals
– So Dense
– Palate: Your Reaction is Shock
– Hidden Density
– Wall of Flavor Intensity (Fruit, Minerality, Pure Power)
– Sick Finish
– Mineral Spice
– Lingering Citrus Fruit
– 30 Second Finish

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons”
– Nose: Incredibly Perfumed
– Classic Oyster Shell
– Green Apple Fruit, Meyer Lemon
– Smokey, Saline
– Very Refined and Clean
– Palate: Extraordinary Balance
– Huge Dry Extract
– Kumamoto Oyster
– Huge Inner Mouth Aromas
– Stunning Depth and Length

We have sold Dauvissat since the 2014 vintage and in that 10 years Fabien has become an all star producer and is arguably the 3rd best name in Chablis behind Raveneau and Dauvissat. But we are victims of our own success in that as Fabien’s 1er cru wines are some of the most desirable in all of Chablis. Today I am selling all 4 of his 1er Crus that I only have 24 bottles of and slicing this pie as thing as possible is going to be a Herculean task and sadly some of you will be very disappointed. I apologize in advance. 

These sell out quickly and since Fabien has been anointed by Stephen Tanzer and Vinous, the urgency is intense. The wines now are strictly allocated as he sells every bottle before they are even bottled. You cannot believe how hot he he is over in France.  

These Wines Are Incredibly Ageworthy
The 2014 Cote de Lechet is now absolutely thrilling drinking as is the straight Chablis AC in 2014. Small term aging on these two wines has unreal ROI. They change so much in 3-4 years. Compelling. The textures get even better and the nose gets more detailed and nuanced. Now, the prices. It is hilarious to me how cheap these wines are. 

The Wines
First, I have what is Fabien’s so-called Grand Cru, his 2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Fourchaume” for as little as $45.99 NET. This is one of my favorite Chablis bottlings from any producer in any vineyard – an absolutely insane bottle of wine. It is brilliant and so different than his stunning Montmains. It for me, has a roundness to it that is its trademark but also on a bed of minerality that is intermingled throughout. So clean and pure on the nose. Seashells, minerality, lime blossom, hint of gras abound. Lime rock quarry and so kimmeridgian, lovely purity

Palate is ripe and rich with lovely purity and freshness and such laser-like precision. What a finish. Does not quit and pulverizes your palate with wet stones, lime blossom and limestone. Grilled apple skins. Palate is bright and lively with clean and classic minerality and a chewy texture. Very very clean so linear. Great wine. Stunning and many years to go. And of course what would this wine be without acid. It is absurdly concentrated and juicy that one sip lasts minutes. Wait out each sip and this becomes a peak experience. But you’ll take plenty of sips before those minutes are up. It is just absurdly complex, ripe yet soothingly mineral with terrific, engaging and salty acids. It is compact and so long. That mineral drive is extremely apparent and vivid in this wine in 2022 There is terrific fruit in this with green apple, spice and even a hint of smokiness. The complexity of the Fourchaume from Fabien in 2022 is breathtaking

Wines with this level of concentration and palate and emotional impact can only be made by absolute masters. When I say they are works of art, I don’t mean to hang the bottle on the wall. I mean that Fabien’s approach and style have created a wine that is like nothing I’ve ever tasted. He is up there in terms of pure talent with the great winemakers of Europe. It’s just a shame not to buy these at these prices. They won’t last for long now.

Up next is the 2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains” for $45.99 NET. Montmains has a super stony terroir and Montmains easily can be identified by its typical stoniness. 

This nose has that something extra. Stunning. So special. The deepest nose of all the 22 1er Crus. Wafting, delicate and elegant with so much mineral intensity. Mineral elegance floats in and out on the haunting nose. Barely, if any fruit.  It has that insane gorgeous perfumey density. As it aerates it evolves into some crazy intense profound rich mineral thing with undefined barely there fruit.  

The palate. A major core of mineral extract on the palate is just so intense. The palate is so finesse-driven, so pure, so elegant with ripping acidity and freshness that can only be described as profound. It has the same depth as the other 1er Crus but is the most elegant. That is the Momtmains trademark at Dauvissat. Top notch elegance. Lechet in 22 is more muscular.  Awesome texture. Wow. Sweet rocks on the palate. Deep palate with layers of minerals and complex citrus fruits. Gorgeous. Super saline palate and super mineral. Just a screaming Mimi. It just stays glued to your mouth. What intensity. Long. Long. Again a stunner with exquisite balance. Such sap. Such a core of mineral extract. So juicy and succulent. Again. So so long. Juicy. This is limited. It is MADNESS this is $45.99 This will not last. Beautiful long finish. Like petrified green apples. Top top top top notch.

Next up I have the wonderful and epic 2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Côte de Lechet” for as little as $45.99 a bottle NET. It’s hard to describe how beautiful, complex and powerful this wine is. But I’ll try.

Nose. It has a super fine and very mineral, slatey nose. Really delicate and it also has some compelling and vivid herbal aromasafter some slight coaxing in the glass. The nose is dense and really starts to activate at the 2 hour mark.

On the palate, this wine is like a living being struggling to form itself. You taste it and your first reaction is shock. You can see the balance and traditional Chablis minerality but you know that there is more there. As the wine aerates over 5-10 seconds, the concentration builds and builds. After about 10 seconds the wine almost fills your head with fruit, minerality and just pure power. The fantastic thing is that it stays balanced the entire time. As much density as there is, there is that much minerality and acidic balance. The wall of flavor is there but it’s more like a wave as it comes towards the shore; first a little bump, then a wall and then a giant white foam crash as it hits the beach. 

The finish is sick. There is almost a mineral spice with lingering citrus fruit that some some of the most pure citrus I’ve ever tasted. A good 30 second finish. And the wine is still in its youth.

Really, the beauty of this Lechet is not something one comes across every day. It is special in every way. Long with super complex flavors and finesse with a profile more similar to Grand Cru Chablis. This is one of my favorite wines of the the vintage.

The 2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons” is $45.99 a bottle NET. This is an insane wine and is the best young Vaillons since the epic 2014/2021 and this comes close.

The purity and depth of the nose is what strikes you first. Perfumed, deep nose of classic oyster shell, some nice green apple fruit and Meyer lemon. You can tell this is less of a wild child than the Lechet which has more of a refined air about it. It’s super perfumed and just has more depth but less in your face oyster than the Lechet. More round. Smokey, saline, refined and even some apple butter. Great aromas. So refined and clean. Almost feels like there is so much more, which there is.

Palate is so epic and deep with grace, depth and refinementBalance is extraordinary. So juicy and serene with a sweetness and oyster juice brine quality that is more Kumamoto this time. More of a briney sweetness. More west coast than east coast. So pure, resonant and long. A word about the depth and long elevage. I find as a result of Fabien’s elevage technique these wines have uncommon depth. Dense and so chewy the dry extract is very impressive. The wine is stacked. Huge inner mouth aromas with an insanely long and complex finish. Sappy, dense and so fresh. Electric. I could not believe the depth and length of this wine. Impeccable balanced and impossibly delicate as well. Gorgeous wine. What a great vintage 2022 is. It’s silly how cheap this is.

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2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains” – $45.99 NET (VERY LIMITED/ALLOCATED)

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains” – $45.99 NET (VERY LIMITED/ALLOCATED)

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains” – $45.99 NET (VERY LIMITED/ALLOCATED)

2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Montmains” – $45.99 NET (VERY LIMITED/ALLOCATED)

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