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Laurent & Karen Boussey
– Style Is the Perfect Marriage of Density and Elegance
– Some Richness – But An Element Balanced by Minerality
– A Very, Very Good Producer
– On the Very Early Part of the Recognition Curve
– Direct from the Winery
– Below the Bottom of the Market Prices
– This Is an Unreal Deal for Elite Terroir Burgundy

2022 Laurent & Karen Boussey Meursault 1er Cru “Caillerets”
Through 3 Tiers This is $100-$125 Easy
One of My Favorite High End White Burgs We Sell
– Screams Elegance, Finesse, Length and Grace
– A “Why We Drink Burgundy” Type of Nose
– Cotton Candy, Rocks
– A Hint of Top Notch (Beurre de Baratte) Butter
– Iodine. Green Apple. Ripe Pear
– The Esssence of Meursault
– Palate: Grand Cru Structure and Depth
– Amazing Texture and Density
– So Elegant and Fine
– Super Complex
– Terrific Nuttiness
– Incredible Salty Minerality
– Direct from the Winery Pricing
– Sneaking In On Sunday Night As It Is Very Limited
– Only 72 Bottles! He Makes 300!

The Point
They say in the news business, “when there is a hurricaine, lead with the hurricaine.” So I’ll get straight to the point.
1) This is elite tier White Burgundy Terroir.
2) This is an winery that has not yet made it big in the US or even in France.
3) The wines are spectacularly well made. They are as Fassy as can be.
4) They display that Meursault richness that you want but it is tempered by the stunning minerality and acidic balance.

At my direct from the winery prices, these wines are among the best value white Burgundies available in the US market, particularly for 1er Crus from the top 3 villages (Puligny, Chassagne, Meursault).   

Nuff said

The 2022 White Vintage at Boussey
This is such a strong vintage for Boussey and is like a cross between 2021 and 2019. There is incredible depth of fruit and really profound acidity. Like classic white Burg acidity. There is an unusual amount of spice and florals as well across the whole range and it’s so inviting. Do not miss these wines. Maybe his best vintage ever. The acid is maybe the best I’ve ever had with Boussey. 

The Wine
I am selling the 2022 Laurent & Karen Boussey Meursault 1er Cru “Caillerets” for $69.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. and it is allocated as he only makes a barrel of it. I’ve seen the barrel. It’s a great barrel and this is the wine Laurent is most proud of. Sadly it is “no sample allocated” which means I can only taste a thimbleful at the estate which is not possible now. Oh well. 

Now that I have had 7 vintages of this wine I can say without a doubt it is one of the best high end white Burgs I sell. This wine is giving you a Grand Cru experience at a quarter of the price and it from one of the “A” vineyards in Meursault. Through 3 tiers this is $100-$125 easy. Likely more. It’s a top class wine that screams elegance, finesse, length and grace. There is a hint of 2018 textural opulence but it is overall scary elegant and so so deep and that is the trademark here.

The nose is super intense. Very mineral with the remaining last hints of wood that were completely integrated when I tasted this. Cotton candy, rocks, rocks and more rocks with fresh greens, a hint of butter, but really confectionery and just outrageous once it gets going. Liquid rocks. Pulverized rock smoke. A hint of grilled nuts. Smells like it has so much material. Hint. It does. Just an achingly beautiful nose. A why we drink Burgundy type of nose. An essence of Meursault. With air even more stunning minerality. A mineral stank. Huge florals as well. Iodine. Green apple. Ripe pear.Elite aromas. Ethereal.

The palate is awesome. Grand Cru structure and depth with amazing texture and density. So elegant and fine. Super complex. It’s so intense yet so graceful and man that finesse. Terrific nuttiness on the palate. Incredible salty minerality. It’s why the 1er Crus costs more than the village wines. The finesse is like spider silk. As is the texture. This has become one of my favorite high end Burgs we sell. This is a one sip and you knows it’s awesome wine. One sniff even. Long, long long and like a squeegee on your palate and it just floats, squeezes and sits there. Palate is so, so elegant. Achingly elegant. Amazing minerals. So, so complex. Dense, sappy and structured. Rich and ripe but so elegant. It’s young. Super young. Needs 3-4 years but wow is this dense. Wow is this structured. Wow is this long. As it opens there is a profound textural element that develops on the finish.

Long and explosive finish that pushes to every extreme of your palate and gains in length and volume as it aerates. Laurent tends to make structured wines as well and this is no exception as this will last and last. This is a 20 year wine yet… the oak is perfectly integrated and you can drink it today. Les Caillerets, as many of you know is a tiny 1er Cru, that’s why Laurent only makes 300 bottles or so. The other more famous person who makes wine from this vineyard is Jean-Francois Coche of Coche-Dury.

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2022 Laurent & Karen Boussey Meursault 1er Cru “Caillerets” – $71.99 ($279.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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