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2022 Compagnie de L’Hermitage (Lelektsoglou) Crozes-Hermitage “Vieilles Vignes Gervans”
– Right Behind Hermitage
– Grapes from a “Very Famous Winemaker”
– 100+ Year Old Vines

– Insane Concentration, Complexity and Balance
– 160 Cases Made

– 2022 Vintage of the Century but Cool Climate Vibe
– Competes Quality-Wise with Hermitage at Twice the Price
– USA Exclusive
– Dense Yet Delicate
– Huge Structure But Yet Again So Delicate
– From Gervans Which Is Locally Known as “petit Hermitage”
– 92-94 Points Jeb Dunnuck

– Nose: Insane
– Huge and Generous
– Deep Berry / Black Cherry Fruit
– Crushed Deep Granite
– Gamey, Spicey, So Comforting
– Gravy, Pepper
– White and Black Spice
– Transcends Crozes
– So Dark, Serious and Meaty
– Palate: More Like Hermitage
– Deep Yet So Harmonious
– Blackberry, Black Cherry
– Juicy and Sensual
– Opulent and Rich
– Amazing Freshness

I know I blow up all your inboxes with with tons of Rhone wines but the wines made by the Greek under his wine shop’s label are some of the most special and also you’re not getting these from anywhere else. All of them drink higher than what they are supposed to and I have a special place in my heart for today’s wine as there is no Crozes like it. I could nail it blind in a lineup of 20 Crozes. The distinctive dark fruit character combined with the deep granitic character is just unmistakable. This is simply put a wine that drinks like $80 and costs $45. But it’s more than that. It’s unique in that it leverages a historical wine shop and a person that is so ingrained into the history of the region and development of the region that this wine is almost a cheat code. Do not miss this.

Today I am privileged to sell the 2022 Compagnie l’Hermitage Crozes-Hermitage (Lelektsoglou) Vielles Vignes de Gervans for $44.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. The vines are very old (100 years plus) from an area called Gervans which is right behind Hermitage. The granite soils of Gervans are parallel to the great Hermitage Les Bessards. It’s better than most Hermitage. It’s a top 3 Crozes since its debut in 15. There is no other Crozes like it. I’d rather have one bottle of this than 10 cases of Alain Graillot which seems to be the only Crozes available in most markets and I find it very mediocre. The area is called “petit Hermitage” by the locals. It’s 5-10 minute drive from Hermitage central. There is no oak on the wine (steel vats) and Georges selects and vinifies the wine his way. The vines and terroir are from a very famous winemaker which is all I can say. There are only 2,000 bottles produced. Then it’s gone. This is from very old vinesand from arguably the top sector of Crozes-Hermitage. There is not one vintage like this of the Gervans we have sold so far as 21 is a classic and honest vintage reminiscent of 14 or 96. Utterly classic. A type of vintage that put the Rhone on the map. 

The nose is just insane. Huge and generous with deep berry/black cherry fruit and crushed deep graniteGamey, spicey, so comforting, gravy, pepper. White and black spice. So so complex. Olive. Huge granite. This is so deep, nuanced and very layered. Almost lurid. Dark flowers and mint. It’s an amazing nose and transcends Crozes for how dark, serious and meaty it is. So complete. There is no way in hell anybody would ever guess Crozes blind. No way. It’s too noble and has too much breeding. Really inky color only adds the allure.

The palate is so deep yet so harmonious. Blackberry, black cherry fruit on a bed of granite. Stunning inner mouth aromas and one of those finishes that begins when you think it’s going to end. Juicy and sensual with a musky inner mouth perfume. Big black and blue fruits. Opulent and rich but also fresh and energetic. . Palate is a wonder. Super juicy and decadent but allied with terrific freshness and a smoking granitic finish also with notes of game, herbs and olive. So sappy and juicy with incredible density and sweetness. Awesome texture as well. Huge mineral spine. Stunningly well made wine that is absolutely delicious. Just lingers on the palate. This is top, top class Crozes. More like a Hermitage. So long. Amazing freshness and a granite expression like no other. The balance is extraordinary as well as the level of concentrated dense fruit. This is what Crozes can and will be. Crozes is the new St. Joseph. With the right terroir, old vines and sparing no expense (that’s why only 2,000 bottles made as only the best for this wine) you can make world class and age-worthy wine (15+ years) from Crozes-Hermitage. This is as expected very limited.

“All harvested by hand (and not irrigated), the 2022 Crozes-Hermitage has a deep ruby/purple hue to go with a gorgeous perfume of red and blue fruits, spring flowers, violets, and a peppery, mineral sensation that keeps you coming back to the glass. Medium to full-bodied and balanced, with a solid spine of acidity and ripe tannins, it will benefit from 2-3 years of bottle age and, I suspect, have a solid two decades of prime drinking. – 92 -94 Jeb Dunnuck

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2022 Compagnie l’Hermitage Crozes-Hermitage(Lelektsoglou) Vielles Vignes de Gervans – $46.99 ($179.96 4-pack)

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