What I Needed to Sell a Macon Estate
– Verve
– Balance
– Brightness
– Seriousness
– Something That Tastes Like It Could Be from the Cote d’Or
– The Best, Most “Burgundian/ Cote d’Or” Village in the Macon
– Top Bottlings Are Over $100!
– High Altitude (Which Means It’s Colder)
– Lean, Elegant, Great Acidic Balance
– They Can Produce Very Serious Wines
Domaine Marc Jambon
– Micro Estate
– Very Small Production Bottlings
– Crazy Low Yields
– Creme de la Creme Terroir of the Entire Region
2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierreclos “La Cadole”
– Very Low 22 HL/HA Yields
– Only 1,000 Bottles Made

– Blind, This Is Very Well Made 1er Cru Puligny
– One of the Greatest Chardonnay QPRs of My Career
– Compare with Guffens-Heynen ($100 – $140)

– Nose: Stunningly Expressive 
– Herbs
– Lime Zest, Lemon Pit, Lemon Zest 
– Wet Stones – Gorgeously Mineral
– Some Sweet Granny Smith Apple 
– High Toned White Flowers
– A Hint of Pear
– Gorgeous Spice
– Palate: so Precise and Linear
– Pure and Super Clean
– Insane Inner Mouth Aromas 
– Off the Charts Freshness
– Insane Density from the Low Yields but…
– Dense like Puligny not Flabby / Fruity Density
– Only a Hint of Elegant Opulence

Finally, I Found a Wine from the Macon That I Love

I’ve been looking for a Macon estate for a long time. Not actively looking like I am for German Pinot Noir estates but I have always wanted to work with a Macon estate.

This recent trip though I did have an appointment with an estate in the Macon and was excited for it but I also tempered my expectations. Why?

I wanted a Fassy Macon estate.

I wanted to have the estate to have tension, acidity, huge minerality, energy and cut.

Trust me, it’s hard. I’d visited before and one was too natural and one was too flabby and lacked personality. But I have found my Maconnaise white whale. That is the estate of Marc Jambon. I am excited and thrilled to introduce this brilliant estate to the thirsty and picky white burgundy drinkers of Fass Selections. This estate is it. It’s like someone made a Macon estate in a laboratory and designed it for me, my company and most importantly my clients.

Marc Jambon and Pierreclos
I knew this estate could be special as they are located in the small village of Pierreclos. What is Pierreclos? It’s one of the 43 villages that can add their name to the word Macon on wine bottles that signify where the grapes are sourced from. Some are better than others but for me Pierreclos shines above them all. It’s famous for being the village where the great Jean-Marie Guffens makes his famous and expensive Macons at Guffens-Heynen where they can go for over $100 a bottle. But today’s wines are nowhere near that (under $28) and likely to be preferred by the list and their predilection towards high acid, mineral and energetic wines.

The Wine
Today I’ve got the stunning 2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierreclos “La Cadodde” for $29.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. This is very limited as they only make 1,000 bottles and I have a fraction of that. This wine is my dream Macon. It has it all. Energy, cut, crazy acidity, minerality, linearity, purity and depth. It is so chiseled it is like it is formed out of rock. I fell in love with this wine. This is harvested by hand and the soils are sandstone and clay and what is notable is that this is not limestone.

stunningly expressive nose of herbs, lime zest, wet stones and some sweet granny smith apple fruit. But barely sweet apple fruit. More ripe than sweet. With air this comes alive. A hint of brown sugar. Nose gets super mineral with almost chlorophyll like aromas and just a sense of purity and essence of great single vineyard Macon. Lemon pit, lemon zest as well as high toned white flowers. Also deep nose of apple and some pear sneaks in. Gorgeous spice and minerality.

Palate is revelatory. Very, very pure and super clean. So juicy, so concentrated but also lean and super precise. The precision here is off the charts. This is also maybe the most chiseled Macon I’ve ever had. Like Mic

helangelo cut this from a giant slab of marble into the perfect Fassy Macon. this has insane inner mouth aromas that I typically only associate with much more expensive wines. Very, very pure. The purity streak that runs through the Jambon wines is something else. Amazing depth and length. The purity is just astonishing throughout and the interplay between the acids and pure fruit along with the depth and concentration blew me away. Complex, mineral and very sappy with a mineral wash finish. Freshness is off the charts. Really terrific length. Complex, fresh and concentrated with dazzling purity, a hint of opulence and such amazing persistence and freshness. Wow. Deep. Long and so balanced. Energy for days.

This is one of those wines that I just love to drink and share with people because they aren’t

prepared for how great it is.

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2021 Marc Jambon Macon-Pierreclos “La Cadole- $31.99

($119.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

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