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2020 Andre Francois IGP “Quinet”
– Best IGPs in The N. Rhone Are In Cote-Rotie
– Right Across from Cote Rotie
Vinified Like Cote Rotie
– Spends 24 Months in Bottle, Just like Cote Rotie
– 2020 is Best Vintage Since 2017
– Nose – Blind I Thought It Was Cote Rotie
– Incredible Aromatic Complexity
– Mulberry, Blueberry
– Gamey Charcuterie, Some Wild Boar
– Forest Scents after a Fresh Rain
– Deep Mineral Imprint
– Palate: Thick, Deep and Vivid Berry Fruit
– Very, Very Intense
– Complex and So, So Stoney
– Terrific Concentration
– Succulent
– Structure To Age 10+ Years
– $19.99 Case Pricing

Furio and the Painting
Most of us are famous with the Sopranos character Furio. The Italian gangster lent to Tony who fell in love with Tony’s wife and skipped back to Italy. He was played by Italian actor Federico Castelluccio. What most people don’t know is that Castelluccio studied art in school and one day attended an auction where a painting by Italian baroque painter Guercino was for sale. The painting was misidentified as an 18th century painting and Castelluccio bought it for $68,000. It’s worth $10 million.

The point here is that sometimes treasures can be bought for a song because of labels. And today, we have one of the great examples of that in France.

Cote Rotie
There is Cote Rotie and there is Cote Rotie. (except this is not Cote Rotie, it’s spitting distance).

It’s a haul to get to Côte Rotie from Hermitage. They vineyards are so dramatic, barren, rocky and steep.

The skies are so blue. You’re just in awe that vines grow and flourish here. And the vineyards of today’s winery, Andre Francois, are in the far North of Cote Rotie.

In all my visits to the Rhone and subsequent tastings I’ve come to the conclusion that the best value wines by far are the IGP wines in or around Côte Rotie. Don’t get me wrong I love IGP near Hermitage/St. Joseph but the Côte Rotie ones are just higher quality on average. The Jasmin Le Chevaliere and the Champagneaux Remise are great examples as well as the terrific Billon Corendies. All little mini cousins of Côte Rotie. But today’s wine, is the best value of them all. $19.99 for a baby Côte Rotie. This is why a $20 wine gets a whole email as the value cannot be beat.

I don’t think I’ve ever done an email solely focused on a wine from the Northern Rhone this inexpensive before. The thing is when I tasted it I had no idea it was this inexpensive. Not even close.

It was given the same elevage treatment as the other wines from a much more prestigious appellation. It comes from an area that resides just outside of Côte Rotie as well. I thought it was a $45-$55 wine. It was clear to me and I had just tasted the other wines that were $45-$55 next to it. When I got the price list and saw how inexpensive this wine was my jaw dropped to the ground. I emailed the driver/translator, Oliane and told her and she could not believe it. She also was shocked the wine was so inexpensive. I’m still slack jawed just thinking about how great the wine is. Okay, so I’ve teased you enough, so here it is.

The Wine
Today’s wine is the 2020 Andre Francois IGP “Quinet” for $21.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and the incredible price of $19.99 on a case. I’m getting a case. Maybe two. The wine is flat out bonkers. Bonkers. The Rhone Red QPR Hill I will die on. The wine is a Côte-Rotie. Except it’s not from Côte Rotie (spitting distance away) and it’s not priced like Côte Rotie. This is the IGP to end all IGPs. 2020 is shaping up to be on of my favorite Cote Rotie vintages since 15/16/17. The fruit is amazing, clear and precise and while it doesn’t have the acidity of 2015 it’s maybe got even more clear, crunchy and precise fruit. The acid is great but not legendary like 15. 

The nose will drop you in your tracks. It did to this very experienced taster. It’s so, so sick. Super feral. Super floral. Just mesmerizing aromas that are so, so fragrant. Mulberry. Gamey charcuterie. Some wild boar. Forest scents after a fresh rain. It has incredible lift but also depth, complexity and nuance. The nose full of bloody, sunshine soaked Syrah goodness. Game, blueberry, granite, floral and has such a deep mineral imprint. This smells like Côte Rotie. This is why I thought it was Côte-Rotie. And also it spends 24 months in bottle. It does everything a Côte Rotie does.

The palate is substantial and very, very intense like the best 20s can be. So, so complex and so intense. Powerful and deep with thick, deep and vivid berry fruit. Black and red. Blue as well. Terrific concentration. Awesome. Just amazing fruit. Juicy and complex with terrific freshness and so, so pure. Concentrated and intense with ripe and sweet tannins and wonderful persistent finish. Complex and so stony. So mineral and so fruity at the same time. Big wine. So succulent and supple. It’s really substantial on the palate and has the palate impact of a really great Côte Rotie. So deep. So long. If I had no morals, I’d sell this for $31.99/$29.99 and no one would ever know. It’s that great. And I’d not change a word of the email. Just the price. But I’m not that guy. Go crazy, list!

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2020 Andre Francois IGP “Quinet” – $23.99 

 ($87.96 4-pack, $239.88 12 bottle case {$19.99}) (VERY LIMITED)

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