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The Cult of Enderle & Moll
– As Close to Art As Wine Can Get
– Yes, Their Wines Are Delicious…
– But in a Totally Different Way from Anything, Anywhere in Germany or Burgundy
– So Culty, All of Their Single Vinevard Cuvees Have Been Allocated for Years

The 2022 Vintage at Enderle & Moll
– “Mr. X” Has Had More Enderle & Moll Than Any Collector on Earth
He Says That 2022 Is Their Best Vintage Yet
– It Still Has The Magic Wonder of Enderle & Moll
– But It’s Deeper, Darker and More Intense

2022 Enderle & Moll Liaison
– Nose: Cherries As Ripe As Cherries Can Be without Being Overripe,
– Spice, a Hint of Licorice, Lilacs, Porcinis and Gunsmoke
– Powerful & Deep Aromas
– Palate: Dense, Powerful Incredibly Juicy, Deep, Deep Deep
– Savory, Amazing Amount of Material
– Very, Very Deep and Dense 2022 Fruit
– Internal Aromatics Are off the Chain
– On One Level Absurdly Delicious
– On Another Level, Wine Geek Heaven
– Utterly Singular
– E&M Keeps This Affordable Because They Are Good Guys – It Should Cost a Lot More
– There Is the Stuff of Magic Here
– Germany’s Cros Parantoux or Clos St. Jacques. Never Disappoints.

2022 Enderle and Moll Muller Thurgau “Muller”
– Insane E and M Aromas. Green Apple, Tons of Minerals
– What You Get When One of Germany’s Best Winemakers Wants to Make a Gulpable, Affordable Yet Eminently Distinctive Wine
– Super Fresh, Pure, Precise & Detailed in 2022
– The Price Is So Low It’s a Joke. I Could Have Charged Double But E&M Price It Fairly and So Do I.
– Perfectly Ripe Fruit

2022 Vintage
I spoke to Florian and he gave me the details on the 2022 vintage, having recently tasted the wines. Overall, the year was very balanced and rather dry and warm, but there was still enough precipitation here in Münchweier so that the vines were never exposed to too much drought or moisture. From the middle of August, the nights became a little cooler, so that the wines also have a very nice acidic structure. They were not only able to get grapes of high quality and optimal ripeness into the cellar, but also the a decent amount of them.

15/16/17/18/19/20/21 and now 22 are elite wines. In 2022 the color is darker than usual and a client who buys more Enderle & Moll than anyone on the list was just there and said the 2022 reds from Basis to Ida will be the greatest vintage ever for Enderle & Moll. No doubt these will be world class which will give any Burg a run for the money.

The Story
To take the wayback machine back to the first Enderle and Moll offer, we could not give the stuff away. It was a combo of German Pinot’s awful reputation and the fact that also we were a young company. But the intrepid and brave few souls that did order the 2011 Liaison loved it and the emails started coming (even though 2011 was a difficult vintage). They saw the same beauty I did in these wines despite a difficult vintage like 2011. People kept buying it but then the 2015 happened which is like the 1982 Bordeaux of German Pinot Noir. It’s the vintage that put these wines on the map. That Liason was the start of a new level of quality as well.

The Wine
Today is the most important wine we sell. It’s the wine that almost single-handedly built the German pinot noir business at Fass Selections. The wine is the 2022 Enderle & Moll Liaison for $27.99 on a 4-pack and $25.99 on a 12 bottle case. First of all I’m going deep ocean hyperbole here and will say this is the greatest QPR in the history of Pinot Noir. It is our best selling red wine for a reason. It cuts across palate and preferences and it takes a rare wine to do that. Everyone loves it. And 2022 is the best vintage since 18. 

The Wine
2022 will be like 15/18 but more dark and more concentrated but will still have that elevated magic that separates E and M from everyone else.

First, our tasting notes maybe captures a small part of the wine, which is very important of course. Length, fruit, quality of fruit, quality of tannin, freshness which there was an impressive amount of, earthy nuances, refinement and the such.

But it does not capture the emotional impact that these Pinot Noirs have. It’s truly an emotional experience this wine. 

On one level, the aromatics are so distinctive, it’s almost hard to get a handle on them. Of course, you get cherries, cherry flowers and fine minerality on the nose. I’ve smelled porcini, gunsmoke, lilac, spice, licorice and other things I couldn’t even identify. I guess the poetry of it is that every vintage is like smelling something amazing for the first time. Like the first time you smelled a rose or a truffle. It’s almost like creating new childhood memories, except it’s as an adult.

On the palate, the wine delivers in spades. Midseason cherries with terrific density from the vintage. That silky Enderle & Moll minerality. Some cherry pit. Man – is this clean. The texture is like silk. it is almost hard to comprehend how this can be so filigreed, elegant, beautiful, and of such high quality for so little money. The fact that there is something like this that exists in the world is a wonder in itself. I’m not talking just wine.

The 2022 Liason is a take your breath away wine and life experience. I did not expect these wines to impact me like this. These guys are geniuses of the highest degree and their collection of 2022 are his magnum opus and an amazing follow up this his genius 2021s. These will be better than the epic 2015s. I think they are and so does Florian.

This is an utterly unique syrah. I don’t know what more I can say. If you think that you’ve tried it all, you haven’t. This is a must try from our new German genius.

Up next I have just a beautiful white that has quickly become one of my favorites. Today I am thrilled to offer the 2022 Enderle and Moll Muller Thurgau “Muller” for as little as $19.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and the insane price of $17.99 a bottle on a case. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PRICE. This is epic ethereal otherworldly wine. This is Muller-Thurgau from Baden it has a fascinating and distinctive almost Moselian slate vibe that is irresistible. I wish all Muller Thurgau that we all like to make fun of as being innocuous and vapid could transform into the brilliance that is this wine. This is a genius bottle of wine. Forget the price, as at this winery, at every level the wines are brilliant. Just because it’s an inexpensive wine does not mean that Florian doesn’t put just as much blood, sweat and tears into it as the single vineyard Pinot cuvees. This is not a wine of meditation this is a wine of knocking back with some nice gastronomic treats by the wayside. It has those insane E&M aromas. Green apple, tons of minerals, some other fruits I can’t pinpoint and the aromas keep getting more vivid, clear and defined as the wine aerates.

The palate is bracing yet has body and almost an ethereal elegance about it. And it is juicy and so refined. E&M’s continuing evolution as winemakers brings the refinement and it is usual and so, so juicy. What does juicy really mean? It means you have perfectly ripe fruit and the acidity to balance it out so that it becomes an explosion of, not to be tautological, but juiciness. I think this is one of the least expensive wines I sell here at Fass Selections, but please, it is so worth it. You won’t believe how much wine this is for $17.99. Below is a quote from another happy client. It’s the same as one of the ones from the rose. I’ll let you figure out if it’s one or two.

“If you can get a case of this wine, get it. Unbelievably delicious. If I would be in the restaurant business I would buy it all. Wow. This wine truly rocks.”  Happy Client #3

He also gave it a 9.7 which is a big deal on Delectable and he’s kind of a stingy scorer. So it means a lot. Again. This wine is $17.99 on a case. No better white wine value in the world.

Please call Cheryl at 949 378 5251 with your order if you are a first time customer (we prefer not to receive credit card numbers over E-Mail).

I love drinking and selecting wines – but my passion for teaching people about wine is almost as big. I’m happy to announce a block of time each day where people can call me just to chat about wine in general. These blocks are NOT intended to sell wine (I do that all day). This is to talk to me about wine pairings or great producers or how long to age wines or styles of wine making or the latest wine controversy. My goal is to help people learn more about wine and enjoy it more. Call me at 917-912-4355 from 4-7EST Monday – Friday.

2022 Enderle & Moll Liaison – $29.99
($111.96 4-pack, $311.88 12 bottle case {$25.99!})(VERY LIMITED)

2022 Enderle & Moll Muller Thurgau “Muller” – $21.99
($79.96 4-pack, $215.88 12 bottle case {$17.99!})

Mix and Match on 4 or 12 bottles for Deepest Deal

This Offer is Not Available to Retailers, Wholesalers or Restaurants

Shipping will be charged when wine ships.

These will be shipped in the Fall of 2024


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