The “Burgundification” of Chablis
– Raveneau Basic Chablis – $250
– Vincent Dauvissat Basic Chablis – $100
– Top Producer Prices Are Now in Line with Top Cote d’Or Bourgogne Blancs
Fabien Dauvissat Is Easily a Top 3 Producer in Chablis
 – His Wines Are Among the Most Underpriced in Burgundy
 – These Are Going to Be Very Expensive Some Day
 – His Wines Are Spectacular Candidates for Ageing
2022 Jean Dauvissat & Fils Chablis “Heritage”
 – Like Drinking the Ocean if it Were Made of Chardonnay
 – One of the Great Values in Burgundy
 – Easily Premier Cru Quality for Under $30
 – Nose: So Floral
 – Salty Minerals
– Seashells
 – Sweet Lime Pith
 – White Flowers
 – Apple Skins
 – Intense Depth on the Palate
 – Tremendous Energy
 – Just a Hint of Richness Expertly Folded in 
– Balancing Green Apple Fruit
 – Great Length

The “Burgundification” of Chablis
So, obviously, Chablis is in Burgundy but prices for the entry level wines were always in the more affordable range.
– Raveneau Basic Chablis is now $250
– Vincent Dauvissat Basic Chablis is now $100

Prices for the top producers are now in line with Bourgogne Blancs from the top producers in the Cote d’Or.

I’ve always said that our young Fabien Dauvissat was nipping at the heels of the top 2 producers. After 2021, he’s now in the thick of it as one of the top 3.

Today, I’m selling basically a lieu dit (a level up from entry level Chablis) for under $30. This is one third of the price of Vincent Davuvissat.

The Fame
Fabien Dauvissat of the Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils estate is now officially on the map as one of the top producers in Chablis. He is increasingly popular in his native France and he has been discovered by 3 tier here in the states. Prices will go up to reflect the quality that we’ve all come to enjoy. Our little secret is out.

They sell out quickly and since he has been anointed by Stephen Tanzer and Vinous, the urgency is intense. The wines now are strictly allocated as he sells every bottle before they are even bottled. You cannot believe how hot he he is over in France.

The Style
As I learn about my producers I am starting to think Fabien Dauvissat’s wines are like Martin Muellen in the Mosel. How? Stay with me here. Martin’s wines have an intensity to them no matter what vintage you have. They also have huge amounts of dry extract. These are chewy white wines but still because they come from great vineyards are attended to by great winemakers the wines have a sense of zen and refinement only the best whites in the world have. Also both of them use longer than normal aging regimens for the elevage which results in wines that can last an extraordinary amount of time open. Also they both are incredibly inexpensive for what they are and represent some of the more startling values in the portfolio.

They are rich, textured, and unabashedly Chablis with razor sharp ripping classic Fass Selections’ acids and mineral/Kimmeridgian expression that is unparalleled. There is length, structure and most of all, these wines are Mariana Trench DEEP. The AC and the lieu dit AC have the depth of a 1er Cru and certain 1er Cru’s, like today’s have the depth of a Grand Cru. Fabien is incredibly talented and definitely has the special sauce.

These Wines Are Incredibly Ageworthy
The 2014 Cote de Lechet is now absolutely thrilling drinking as is the straight Chablis AC in 2014. Small term aging on these two wines has unreal ROI. They change so much in 7-9 years. Compelling. The textures get even better and the nose gets more detailed and nuanced. Now, the prices. It is hilarious to me how cheap these wines are.

The Wine
Today I can offer the 2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis “Heritage” for as little as $29.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. This is a RIDICULOUS deal. This has the power and depth of a very good premier cru Chablis. Easy. This has the same elevage as the wonderful 1er Crus and is a selection of vines planted in the 40s and 50s. Simply put, the wine is amazing. In the psycho value category.

Very, very floral nose with intense minerality and big step up over the regular Chablis AC. Seashells, seashore and even some salty mineral but also sweet lime pith. White flowers as well. Lime, apple skins, minerals, seashell complexity. Smoking.

Palate has loads of acidity but also very clean fruit and salinity for days. Palate is like drinking the ocean if it were made of Chardonnay. Seashells, good tannic grip, textured and deep. Sensational This has tremendous sap and energy that showcases how beautiful this vintage is. I know you will adore 2022 like I do. It’s an incredible vintage and the style here at Dauvissat really suits it. And remember in a vintage like 22 Fabien has pitch perfect acids. I think this will age for 5-10 years but is so appealing in its precocious youth. This has splendid density and length. So pure. Serious vigor and minerality to burn. There is great fruit and so much depth. Shows how juicy 2022 can be.

Long and super refined on the finish.
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2022 Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils Chablis “Heritage” – $31.99
($119.96 4-pack) (VERY LIMITED)
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