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Chablis You Want to Stock up on
– Classic Chablis Character
– But Densely Fruited
Everybody Loves Sebastien Dampt
– Direct from the Winery Pricing

2023 Vintage
– Crackling Acidity and Freshness

2023 Sebastien Dampt Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons”
– More Refined than the Lechet
– Perfumed, Deep Nose of Classic Oyster Shell
– Green Apple Skin
– Palate: Round. Smokey, Saline, Refined
– Terrific Saltiness
– Rich, But “Rocky Rich” – Well Integrated Density
– A Hint of Deep Apricots
– Extraordinary Balance
– Very Good Amplitude and Length
– A Coiled Density – this Will Improve with Age
– 91 Points Burghound for $32.99/ That’s a Fire Deal! (2022)

Everybody Loves Sebastien Dampt
Sebastien Dampt was the first Chablis that we sold and it’s always been a list favorite. Year in, year out, he makes consistently great wines. Quantities have been short the past few years (especially 2021) and, at least in my case, stocks are running low.

This is a perfect vintage to replenish stocks. Sebastien’s wines age well for at least 5 years and 2022 should be no different.

The 2023 Vintage according to Sebastien Dampt
Concerning the year 2023, we started the harvest September 11, so it’s a return to a classic year for the harvest date.

The year was more rainy compare to 2022, so the wine are perhaps less concentrate in dry extract but more balance.

We had very warm temperature the week before the harvest, so it’s was impossible to started the harvest early. Finally the level of alcohol was good, due to the warm temperature we don’t have to make chaptalization. And concerning the level of acidity, it’s very similar to 2022.

I think the wines of 2023 will be more light compare to 2022, more light in the good way, with a bit more freshness, and less powerful than the 2022. The volume of the harvest was good, and we had more juice compare to 2022, it’s a good thing to have the quantity and the quality in the same time; harvest was not so big as 2018 but just enough to have a good volume after the small 2021 in quantity.

We didn’t have frost spring in 2023, the big problem was the mildew and oidium pressure due to the rain in spring and some storm during the summer. Second thing was the pressure of grass in the vineyard, because the rainy weather permit to the grass to grow a lot and make some concurrence to the vineyard. In my estate, we didn’t use herbicide, so we had to do more work of the soil in the vineyard to control the grass. 

I like a lot the 2023 vintage, for me it will be a classic vintage inside the range of warm vintage. Not the warmest summer, perhaps the more rainy compare to 2018-19-20 and 22; for me 2023 could be a bit similar as 2012 or 2009. We will see after some months of aging, if that is the case !.

The Wine
Today I have a wine in what many critics think of as Sebastian’s best wine. While I have a soft spot for the Lechet I do have to say the Vaillons might be a better wine just because of pure geography location, location, location). It’s everything in Chablis and this is Vaillons which is a better site than Lechet at the end of the day. The 2023 Sebastien Dampt Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons” is $34.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $32.99 on a 12 bottle case. It’s an incredible bottle of Vaillons. What a killer Vaillons. This is an insane wine and is the best young Vaillons since the epic duo of 2014 and 2017 and this comes close. 

Perfumed, deep nose of classic oyster shell, some nice green apple fruit and Meyer lemon. You can tell this is less the wild child of Lechet wine has more of a refined air about it. It also smells deeper and richer as Vaillons always is. It’s super perfumed and just has more depth but less in your face oyster than the Lechet. More round. Smokey, saline, refined and even some apple butter. It is rich and mineral with lime blossom, some vulcanized rubber, candied limes, lemon zest, green apple skins and the faintest hint of honeysuckle and I mean the faintest hint. Like .01%. Great aromas. So refined and clean. Almost feels like there is so much more, which there is. 

Palate is so epic and deep with grace, depth and refinement. Balance is extraordinary. So juicy and serene with a sweetness and oyster juice brine quality that is more Kumamoto this time. More of a briney sweetness. More west coast oyster than east coast. Chewy and dense with brilliant energy and freshness. Great cut and energy and super clean. Big concentration and slathers your palate with minerals. Finishes with terrific persistence and length. This is just so classic and has almost no fruit and wonderful mineral and persistence. Great structure for aging. So pure, resonant and long. What a great vintage 2023 is. 

“Fresh and ripe aromas reflect liqueur-like notes of pear, ocean breeze and a whiff of smoky mineral reduction. Here too I very much like the texture of the vibrant and nicely detailed flavors that flash a refreshing stoniness on the more structured and moderately compact finale. This is worth a look.” – 91 Points, Burghound (2022)

“A noticeably white pepper-inflected nose speaks of tidal pool, iodine and, like the Beugnons, plenty of mineral reduction. The old vines are in evidence as there is excellent density to the intensely mineral-driven and beautifully detailed flavors that culminate in a linear, youthfully austere and bone-dry finale. I like the balance here and this should age effortlessly. One to consider.” 92 Points, Burghound (2021)

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2023 Sebastien Dampt Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons” – $38.99 ($147.96 4-pack, $395.88 12 bottle case {$32.99!})

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