NV Charalambos Lelektsoglou / Diot Legras Brut Champagne
– Aged in the Cellar of Selosse 
– Made by Benoit Legras Recommended by Selosse
– Only 300 Bottles Made – I Have 48

– 100% Chardonnay
– Nose: Beautiful and Beguiling
– Citrus
– Incredibly Floral
– Brioche/ Pastry Notes
– Overwhelming Minerality
– Palate: Ridiculous
– Amazing Delicacy and Complexity
– So Aristocratic
– Insanely Fresh
– Tastes Expensive
– Stunningly Refined Bubbles
– Long Finish

The Story

Charlie Lelektsoglou is a dear friend of mine and a supplier. He is behind all the Compagnie de l’Hermitage wines plus the Trois Freres stuff. As many of you know these are some of the most incredible wines in all of the Rhone. Charlie also has major connections in Champagne. His store is the best place in the Rhone to get Selosse, Clement Perseval and a host more of the top address in Champagne.

Charlie just turned 40 recently and he made a special cuvee of Champagne that he aged in Selosse’s cellar and is all Chardonnay from Craman from very old vines. The wine is incredible and only 300 bottles were made and Charlie shocked me this morning by letting me know I can have some. I drank a few bottles over the summer and wow it was insane.

The Wine
Today’s wine is NV Charalambos Lelektsoglou / Diot Legras Brut Champagne for $61.99 a bottle on a 3-pack.

The style of this wine, which is 100% Chardonnay, is refinement, insane acidity and richness. That combo of refinement, insane super high intense acids and an equal amount of richness makes this irresistible. It is packed. To have this much material and be this lithe and elegant is something else. It’s just incredible. There are 10 grams per liter of dosage and it’s made by Benoit Legras who has worked at Selosse in the past and Selosse put them in touch when Charlie asked Selosse if he knew someone who could help him.

The nose is just beautiful and beguiling. There’s all different types of citrus, some pastry notes, lots and lots of flowers. I mean this thing is floral like only fine BDB can get. And this is fine. Even with all this citrus and flowers there is an overwhelming palpable sense of minerality. It’s also got a sense of yeasty, pasty, briochey mineral intensity that only BDB can have. I love it. I could smell this nose for weeks. But I didn’t and won’t because…

The palate is just ridiculous. I love how compact and forward it is. It’s truly a great Champagne. It’s one of those Champagnes you taste and you just say “ahhhh.” If there is any wine that can put an instant smile on your face it is top shelf Champagne. It’s almost a guarantee. The palate has that delicacy and complexity that one looks for in fine Champagne. It’s aristocratic as it gets. It is super complex. I usually don’t lead with that but this is just the most complex thing in your mouth. It’s also insanely fresh. Like Uber Uber fresh. One of those wines that tastes expensive. It’s so subtle and delicate yet it also has intense richness but it’s so so refined. I don’t know how else to explain it. Richness, acid and refinement is such an incredible combo in Champagne. Normally I don’t like opulent and rich in my wines but all of that changes for me in Champagne. The bubbles are a huge factor and the ones in this are stunningly refined. There is a trifecta of richness, acidity and such refined delicacy which is something that really when combined with ultra fine bubbles really just steps up the sophistication, refinement of the beverage. The bubbles are magic in this wine and make all the other parts part of a greater whole. The fruit on the palate is young and there are hints of citrus and even some candied citrus elements but right now the mineral drive is the story.

The finish is so long (had to look at the time) and so complex that suggests this will age wonderfully. I actually do think it needs 3-4 more years to develop and realize it’s potential.

This is one of the best values I will ever sell. Sadly only 48 bottles.

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NV Charalambos Lelektsoglou / Diot Legras Brut Champagne Cramant – $63.99 ($185.97 3-pack)
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