The Final Leap
– Brisset Was at the Top When I Started Working with Him
– I Didn’t Expect the Wines to Get Even Better
– In 2022 They Did
2022 Pierre Brisset Bourgogne Blanc “Cuvee Cassaneas”
– Tastes Exactly Like a 1er Cru Chassagne (Cassaneas is an Old Word for Chasssagne)
The Roundness that Only Super Elite Wines Have (Coche, Schafer-Frohlich, Leflaive, Boudignon, Keller)
– The Trademark Brisset Touch
– Under $40 On A Case

You Should Buy Oceans of This. Oceans: Multi-Case Purchase

– If You Remotely like White Burgundy You Will Want to Drink One of These every 2 Weeks for the Next 5 Years

– A Massively Complex Nose 
– Wet Stones
– Incisive Minerality 
– Lime Zest and Lemon Drop
– Shockingly Incredibly Deep
– Pure as the Driven Snow
– Saline, Iodine, White Flowers
– Palate: Stunning Concentration
– Lemon Flesh Intensity
– Purity Is Brilliant
– That Amazing Combo of Sweet, Rich, Salty and Mineral
– Just a Miracle of a Wine – Best One Since 19 But Way Better!

2022 at Brisset – I’m Speechless – The Final Leap

I’ve been waiting to talk about the 22 Brisset wines but it’s hard when a set of wines leaves one speechless. Yes, speechless. I was in awe. It is Brisset’s best vintage. And yes all his wines are brilliant every year but this year they are just beyond anything I have ever tasted at this vaunted estate. For me the best white vintage is 2018 at Brisset and the best red vintage was 19 followed by closely by 21.

Brisset, for me has been one of the top winemakers in Burgundy since we started selling them. He made the leap before I started working with him. I did not expect another leap. I wasn’t sure where you could go from the top. In 2022, I think Pierre has taken the leap with his whites and reds as the wines exude even more class than usual and are so elegant, so nimble and so deep one cannot believe. Lithe, liquid ballerinas. They are insane!

The 2022 reds and whites at Brisset are at the top. The reds have this glossy texture and early charm combined with the deep ocean depth that Brisset gets but the whites in 22 are just another level. These wines just ooze class and finesse.

The White Wine Lineup
He only makes 3 whites right now as 21 changed the game for micro negociants in that grape prices tripled or quadrupled and nobody wanted to part with their grapes. So Pierre lost Chenevottes and Grand Montagne for good.

The three he makes now are

  1. Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru “Abbaye de Morgeot.”
  2. St. Aubin 1er Cru “Sur Roche Dumay”
  3. Bourgogne Blanc “Cuvee Cassaneas.”

I cannot think of 3 whites in the world from one estate that are this elite. For the money of course. As 3 tier white Burgundy prices are completely out of control. Both the Abbaye and St. Aubin in 2022 are 9.9 wines and the Cassaneas is a 9.6. It’s the best Cassaneas ever and even surpasses the legendary 18. It tastes exactly like a 1er Cru Chassagne and blind to 10/10 tasters it would as well.

Today is the first 22 Brisset offer and it’s the 2022 Pierre Brisset Bourgogne Blanc “Cuvee Cassaneas” for $41.99 a bottle on a 4-pack and $39.99 on a case.

There are a ton of wealthy collectors drinking $100+ 1er cru Chassagne Montrachet and this wine will blow most of their wines away. This is the opportunity to drink the wines of an absolute genius for below average Bourgogne Blanc prices. You get the full on elite white burgundy experience with this wine.

The 2022 reminds me of the 18 but it’s not as flamboyant and it’s more refined. This is the most complete Cassaneas of the 4 we have sold. It has that roundness that only super elite wine have like Keller, Domaine Leflaive or Coche-Dury. But it also has the trademark Brisset touch. It has a texture and finesse like no other address in Burgundy. Haunting is the best word to describe it. It floats on the palate but also has the things we love about white burgundy. Namely intense minerality, wonderful freshness and incisive acidity. But it also has that roundness. It’s like the best parts of white Burgundy delivered in a perfect golden orb. This wine is just magic. How does he do it?

The 6th vintage now of the greatest Bourgogne Blanc in the world. Just a massively complex nose of wet stones, incisive minerality, dash of oak, lime zest and lemon drop that is pure as the driven snow. Just a shockingly incredibly deep and refined nose that screams 1er cru Chassagne all the way. So layered and so deep a new nuance emerges every time you stick your nose in the glass.

The palate, as usual, overdelivers with just stunning concentration and lemon flesh intensity and drop dead, drool worthy purity. It’s round yet incredibly fresh and deep. What a finish that just lingers and lingers with a sweet lemon-lime intensity on a bed of minerals. Easiest 9.6 I’ve ever given. Wow what purity. Has that amazing combo of sweet, rich, salty and mineral. This is brilliant A1 winemaking. So slippery on the finish. This is wide open and more open than the 18 was at this phase of its evolution. Just a stunning, stunning wine.

As this airs it gets more stunning. Tree bark, saline, iodine, white flowers and more! Superb concentration and density but also round and fresh. Lemony fruit but right now the salty sweet minerals abound. Just a miracle of a wine. 

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2022 Pierre Brisset Bourgogne Blanc “Cuvee Cassaneas” – $43.99 ($167.96 4-pack, $479.88 12 bottle case {$39.99!})

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