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– Inherited Some of the Best Terroir in the World
– Small, Artisanal Production
– His Wines are Always Very Good or Great
– But In 2021 and 2022 He Has Taken “The Leap!”

2022 Remi Poisot Corton Grand Cru Bressandes
– The Most Feminine of the Corton Grand Crus
– Nose: Screams Grand Cru Burgundy
– Amazingly Complex Nose 
– Stunning Fruit, Terrific Complexity
– Palate: Terrific Complexity and 2018 Fruit
– Cherry Flower, Cherry Compote, Spice, Terrific Sap
– Amazing Density
– Stunning Grand Cru Texture
– Huge, Complex Perfumed Internal Aromatics
– Structure to Age but Drinkable Young With Massive 24 Hour Decant
– Will Last 20-30 Years
You Will Want to Drink a Bottle Every Year for the Rest of Your Life (More If You Have the Space to Store it)
– 9.7 Lyle Fass Delectable – CASE PRICING

I’m a huge fan of Beethoven. I love his piano concertos. I love his sonatas. And, of course his symphonies. The first 2 are lovely examples of what they are. The Eroica is where he really started to break the rules. And the 5th is a work of genius, exploring what a master can do with 4 notes in the forst movement. The 6th is gorgeous. But for me, the 9th is just a level above. The last movement seems like it was composed by angels. There is one part (1:12:58 in this recording) where the sopranos have a segment alone that just floats like weightless beauty.

The 2022 Vintage
Remi Poisot is our original golden artisan. He inherited some small plots of the best terroir in the Burgundy. And he tends to it carefully. Everything is between very good and great. And his Corton Bressandes is always an amazing value. But in 2022???? In 2022, his Corton Bressandes the Ode to Joy. This is a wine that will easily last 20-30 years. You will want this in your cellar for the rest of your life. A lot of it. And at this price, you will be challenged to get a better Grand Cru value in Burgundy. I’d say it’s impossible, but I never say never. It is the finest young Grand Cru Corton I have ever had. The depth is unending and the finesse is the best I have ever experienced in this cuvee. The juxtaposition between bracing acids, sweet fruit and Grand Cru structure and grip is astonishing. 9.7 now but maybe 9.9 in 15 years. 

The 2022 Remi Poisot Grand Cru Corton Bressandes from 40-50 year old vines can be had for as little as $101.99 a bottle on a 3-pack and $99.99 on a case. This is such an insane value I had to do case pricing.

Compare other 2021-2022 Corton Bressandes for $160-$365

Deftly mineral nose with insanely sweet fruit. Huge cherries, black cherries, red cherries that have a dynamic and intense energy. Gloriously open nose with superb aromatic depth. Just a gorgeous nose. Red fruits, dark red cherries, spice, earthand so much depth and nuance. This is the type of nose one thinks of when they think why they keep chasing Grand Cru Burgundy. Singing. Huge dark red cherry fruit but only the best cherries in the bowl. The nose has a mineral underpinning with insanely sweet ripe and dark cherry fruit. Such spice and complexity. Big limestone footprint. Huge huge perfume as it gets more detailed with air. All types of flowers, almost a pastille aroma. Amazing. You smell the fresh potting wet soil as well and it is so vivid and distinct.

Crunchy palate with great cut and precise like the finest diamond in the world. Insane energy and it’s so so linear. Man, this is well made and so sleek. The complexity is incredible. Earth, mineral and so much fruit and sap. Gorgeous purity and unending length with loads of cherry flower, cherry compote and wonderful echo of high quality limestone on the finish. The sweetness of the fruit is palpable. The piercing quality of the ridiculously intense sweet fruit combined with the sweetness (yes more sweetness) and freshness is just remarkable. Amazing texture and length. This is Grand Cru in every way shape or form. Remarkable value here. Stunning purity and length. Lovely licorice lines the finish. Incredible balance and so decadent. Big tannins but thoroughly ripe and gives such an uncanny sense of place and is a very fine example of this vaunted Grand Cru. Remi really got astonishing freshness, succulence and sap in his 22’w;s and I am lucky I have these wines. They are just so so pretty like the top 22’s are. Bressandes is the most feminine of the Corton GCs and has such “sweet” fruit. I think the sweetest of any Corton GC in my experience. This is a very wow wine and a reason we drink Burgundy. Below is the 2014 BH Reveiw. 

“This is also quite cool and restrained with a broad aromatic profile that includes notes of red currant, plum, game, spice and freshly turned earth. There is more size, weight and mid-palate concentration to the well-muscled flavors that brim with dry extract that also serves to buffer the moderately firm tannic spine on the balanced and beautifully persistent finish that displays a bit of youthful austerity. Textbook Bressandes that possesses excellent development potential.” – 93 Pts, BH, (2014)

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2022 Remi Poisot Romanee Corton Bressandes Grand Cru – $103.99 ($305.97 3-pack, $1,199.88 12 bottle case {$99.99!}) (VERY LIMITED)

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