– Hidden in Plain Sight
– The Grand Crus Are Well Regarded
– The 1er Crus Are Mostly Ignored by Critics
– (Mallard’s 2020 Got 93-95 from William Kelley)
– A “High Quality Value Play”
2021 Remi Poisot Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru
 – Nose: Screams Old School Burgundy
 – Sappy and Deep
 – Vibrant Aromatics 
 – Dark Berry Fruit 
 – Stony Minerals
 – As Mineral As It Gets
 – Palate: Wonderful Sap and Intensity
 – The Most Incredible Refined Charm of any Red Burgundy I’ve Sold in a Long Time
 – Such “Sweet” Fruit
 – So Fresh
 – Stunning Harmony 
 – Tangy Red Fruits

2021 at Poisot
2021 was a devastating vintage for Remi Poisot. He made almost no wine and was just ravaged by rain/frost and hail. Remi added another wine and what an amazing wine it is and it will now be a regular part of the rotation. It’s the 2021 Remi Poisot Aloxe Corton 1er Cru.

But first…..

Interlude: A Rant on Aloxe-Corton
If there is one very fine red wine appellation in Burgundy that is as underrated as Aloxe-Corton please let me know. This is not in the Chalonnaise nor in the more expensive Côte de Nuits but in white wine country. It’s in the Côte de Beaune. Côte de Beaune of course has the elegant stylings of Volnay, the massiveness yet finesse of a great Pommard and the power, finesse and depth of a great Grand Cru Corton. That’s the big 3 and if you’re not in that club you’re out of luck. Appellation bias is real and in Burgundy is where the problem remains the worst. People can’t really even explain Aloxe-Corton like I just pithily did with Corton, Volnay and Pommard. That’s a shame as a great Aloxe can mimic any of the Big 3. Yes, even Corton. For me, if I was to condense Aloxe-Corton into a soundbite, it would be, that some are highly structured wines and need age and others can be drunk within a few years of release. There are various 1er Crus of differing quality but the top ones in the right hands make for some thrilling Burgundy drinking. I love the stuff, and there is a fruit quality that is quite impressive is top Aloxe. Sweet and dense. The structure reminds me more of Pommard. The village wines also have a knack for a long slow evolution in the bottle and can develop into complex, gamey and well-fruited wines. If there is any village where you almost have to wait 5-10 years for the wines not to be austere, it is Aloxe-Corton. But this is not a bad thing at all. As the reward is so great as mature Aloxe-Corton can be a stunning Burgundy of great complexity, meatiness and depth. But in vintages like 2021 some of that austerity goes bye bye and is converted to luscious and succulent fruit. Waves of it.

The Wine
I was swooning over the 2021 Remi Poisot Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru for $55.99 on a 3-pack. What a nose. It’s so earthy and complex with rich cherries that are mid season and tons of spice and dusty earth. Red cherry, sour cherry, bright nose. Big explosive cherry aromas after air. So much spice. Earthy, damp. Sappy. Deep, vibrant aromatics of dark berry fruit and stony minerals. It is as mineral as it gets with amazing spice after a few hours. But also large and deep red/barely (5%) black cherry. The sweet fruit is exuberant on the nose but make no mistake there are super intense minerals as well. It screams old school Burgundy on the nose. This really reminds me of any great 2010.

Big fruit on the palate and such wonderful sap and intensity. Elite and gorgeous cherry fruit and so sapid. Lovely big red cherries and such wonderful fruit intensity. Wow this is juicy and deep and has such a stunning harmony with tangy red fruits and is so pure and next level elegant. Treacly and wonderful tannins that have cut and verve. Great wine. So Fruity and red fruited and just so gorgeous and brilliant. Amazing clarity. Awesome purity and length with that classic 21 freshness, terrific acidity and an amalgam of red fruits. Very balanced and it has the most incredible refined charm of any Red Burgundy I’ve sold in a long time. Refined wines and vintages like 21 work well together. This might explain the unreal sweetness of the fruit and how intensely it saturates one’s palate yet is light as a feather. It brings so much sweetness AND freshness that it makes the impact that much more. I love this wine. Spice echoes on the finish and there is some big time old school Burgundy structure here.

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2021 Remi Poisot Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru – $57.99 ($167.97 3-pack)

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