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– Right Below Rugiens-Bas
 Arguably the Best Vineyard in Pommard
We Used to Sell The Billard-Gonnet Version Before

2022 JJ Girard Pommard 1er Cru “Les Chaponnieres”
92 Points Burghound (2021) – 2022 Is Way Better
– The Best Red Wine I Have Ever Had from JJ Girard
– One of My Favorite Vineyards in Pommard
– An Order of Magnitude Better with Great Terroir
– Nose: Mind Blowing Stuff
– Elite and Intense Aromas
– Layered, Ethereal and Complex
– Stony Pommard Goodness
– Dusty, Confectionary Cherries
– Cherry Flower
– Lipstick like Intensity
– Palate: All the Marks of an Elite Pommard
– Density without Weight
– Unreal Fruit Flavor Intensity and Sap
– Black and Red Cherries
– Black Cherry Flower
– Remarkable Tiny Berry Fruit Intensity
– An Orb of Perfection
– 72 bottles 

2022 JJ Girard Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Peuillets”
90 Points, Burghound (2021)
– Nose: Very Deep and Serious
– Bright Mid Season Rainier Cherries
– Ultra Ripe Morellos
– Mineral and Wet Earth
– Palate: Juicy, Absolutely Beautiful Crunchy Ripe Fruit
– Tiny Berry Fruit Intensity
– Long Finish of Huge Fruit, a Hint of Mineral
– The One to Drink Young of the 1er Crus / 90 Points BH (2021)

Stock Up and Cellar
There are some offers where Burg lovers step back and decide to go deep. We have two wines that fit that category today. Chaponnieres is Chaponnieres. If you know, you know. If you you don’t try and get a bottle to find out. Girard’s SLBs are always great values but are incredible ones in great years like 2022.

JJ Girard
JJ Girard continues to hold the line. He makes wonderful, classic Burgundies that are joys for those who can afford more expensive wines as well as for those who can only afford wines in this price range.  

It saddens me more than you can imagine that Burgundy is becoming a millionaire’s wine. But, at least for today, these are brilliant Burgundies that most of us can afford.

A few customers have given me feedback that has warmed my heart. They have said that they only buy Burgundy from me and Girard in particular because they can get actual, real, complex ageworthy Burgundies for a terrific price. And all of them are 1er cru. It warms my heart because I’m providing people with great red Burgs that they normally would not have been able to buy if I had not opened Fass Selections. 

I’ve drank 120 wines by the great Jean-Jacques Girard estate. By far the most of any Burgundy producer I sell. Why is that?

Well because they are stunningly delicious and affordable. 

From Father to Son
Now that Jean-Jacques Girard is retired and enjoying his time off his son, Vincent is burning the estate to new heights. They have acquired so much new terroir it’s almost impossible to keep track. Puligny Referts, Pommard Chapponieres, Volnay Chevrets and more!

But don’t forget the estate of JJ Girard’s trademark is Burgundy 1er Crus under $50 and many under $40 that are untouchable in the landscape of Burgundy. You cannot find these terroirs executed this well for this price anywhere that is not Fass Selections. Girard wines at their best have lacey, accessible and succulent fruit and an ethereal mouthfeel with structure to ensure medium to long term aging. Girard Burgundies are my go to for when I’ve had long day as I know the wines will be spectacular. They are so consistent and also the the kings of short term aging, even though they can age much longer. 5-8 years for some of the lower end 1er Crus like Savigny Peuillets or Savigny Serpentieres turn these wines into magic.

The 2022s at Girard are another strong performance and is one of the best vintages I have ever tasted. Some wines were more open that others out of barrel but one thing is they all has spectacularly expressive fruit, sapidity, terroir transparency and terrific structure, acidity and freshness. I adored the wines and am very excited to start offering them. 

The Wines
Up first is the 2022 JJ Girard Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Peuillets” for $35.99 a bottle on a 4-pack.. A steal here as the great Burghound gave this 90 points. What a wine this is. Another brilliant Savigny in a long list of brilliant Savignys from Girard. Compare other 2021 Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Peuillets” from $40.00 to $56.00

Dark color for a Girard and a very deep and serious nose. Extremely high toned. Mixed bright mid season rainier cherries with ultra ripe morellos as well. Beautiful deep wet earth notes. Layered and very deep. Really gets deep into the nasal cavity. Just ethereal. Mineral and wet earth. Also big time fresh mint.

The palate is classic Girard. Juicy and absolutely beautiful crunchy ripe fruit. Wow what gorgeous pure and sleek fruit. Elegant and barely there there tannins that are thoroughly ripe and so silky. They are like a powder and very high quality. Tiny berry intensity. Big glycerin. So intense for a Peuillets. Super complex with insane concentration but the fruit is so beautiful you don’t find it at this level that much but we do in 2021 because of the less than perfect growing season to be able to pick not then they wanted but they did as it all fell into place. Long finish of huge fruit and a hint of mineral.

The vineyard is more stones and sand and gives this Pinot the proper amount of fortitude to drink well young. This will still age for many years. 5-10? Who knows!

“This is also decidedly cool with its elegant and pretty aromas of dark currant, ripe plum and lovely floral elements. The vibrant middleweight flavors are not as concentrated but as is usually the case, they are more refined and particularly so on the beautifully delineated finale that also exudes a touch of bitter pit fruit character. This is finer but it’s not more powerful or as complex and should be approachable earlier.e.” – 90 Points, Burghound (2021)

In 2020, Girard acquired land an elite 1er Cru in Pommard. I’ve always wondered what he could do by combining his skills with an elite vineyard and now we know.

Today we are offering the 2022 JJ Girard Pommard 1er Cru “Les Chaponnieres” for $73.99 a bottle on a 3-pack. This is the best red wine I have ever had from JJ Girard. 

Mindblowing stuff on the Nose is red cherry flower and flower pollen. Just stunning and vivid. So much detail. Black cherry compote, red plum and mega spices round it out. Elite and intense aromas. Lovely fresh moss and wet earth. Layered, ethereal and complex. Also has that stony Pommard goodness. Cherry pie elements. A nose one can smell all day. Nose has dusty, confectionary cherries and super stony Pommard minerality. Cherry flower. Cranberry bog. Even cassis. Lipstick like intensity. Wow! 

Palate is terrific albeit young and in need of mega air but this has all the marks of an elite Pommard. Density without weight and unreal fruit flavor intensity and sap. Black and red cherries and black cherry flower. Sappy and so sweet with an almost painful intensity but super crunchy, sweet and pure with remarkable finesse for such a large scaled wine. Remarkable tiny berry fruit intensity and such nimbleness. This is truly amazing wine. So refined and classy after many hours but also firming up. It was even better on Day 2. What a wine! It is so supple, juicy and just so refined. Wow! An orb of perfection. So nimble, compact and pure. Just a stunning bottle of wine. 

Long finish with super fine powdery, sweet and remarkably refined tannins. Best red from Girard I have ever had.

“This is aromatically quite similar to the En Chevret save for the additions of herbal tea and earth nuances. There is good power and drive to the beautifully delineated medium-bodied flavors that flash a taut muscularity on the chiseled, dusty, compact and sneaky long built-to-age finale. This is quite serious and while excellent, a wine that is going to need extended keeping before it’s ready for prime time drinking.” 92 Points, BH (2021)

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2022 JJ Girard Pommard 1er Cru “Les Chaponnieres”
– $75.99 ($221.97 3-pack) (VERY LIMITED)

2022 JJ Girard Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Peuillets” – $37.99 ($143.96 4-pack)

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