2021 Domaine des Pierres Seches St. Joseph Rouge “Revirand”
– A Brand New Wine (3rd Vintage)
– I Gave This a 9.8 on Delectable
Compare Gonon (9.5-9.7), Fauterie (9.6), Gripa (9.6)
– 96 Points (2019, Jeb Dunnuck) – The 2021 Is Much Better

– Nose: So Distinctive

Smells Like An Insane Cote Rotie that Costs $100+
– Incense, Spices, Lavender, So Floral and Pretty
– Whole Cluster Fermentation
– Orange Rind and Orange Zest 
– Flower Shop
– Granite
– True Perfume
 – So Distinctive – It Shocked Me
– Elite Spice and Cloves
– Palate: So Refined and Juicy
– So Intense
– Blackberry and Black Fruits
– Terrific Fruit and Purity
– Well Balanced
– Sultry, Complex and Super Concentrated 
– Supple and Pure
– Unreal Texture and Sweet Fruit

“I don’t have much experience with this domaine, which was created in 2007, but I certainly came away impressed. These are well worth the extra effort to track down.”
Jeb Dunnuck

An Important Brief Note on St. Joseph
Before I I start, I’d like to give a brief summary of St. Joseph. First, it is very large and there are a ton of mediocre wines. There are two very important areas:
Mauves – Chave and Gripa are here. The wines are more dark, brooding, mineral and need much more time to open up but age wonderfully. Think Chambertin. For Whites, think Montrachet.
– St. Epine – Gonon, Trollat and Sylvain Gauthier are here. This style is more red fruited and finesse-driven with a striking granitic mineral expression. Like Chambolle or Volnay but of course with the requisite syrah olives and game and even some black fruits in vintages like ’15 and ’18. For whites think Chevalier-Montrachet.

Sylvain Gauthier
I’ve been working with Sylvain Gauthier since the beginning of Fass Selections. From 2014 on, he is can’t miss. His 2021’a are not just better than his outstanding 20’s but dramatically better. It’s his best vintage. He nailed the reds in this vintage. There is a finesse, transparency and confidence in his wines now starting in 21. Sylvain’s wines have improved so much we started working with him and I can honestly say that they are knocking at the door of the big boys (Gonon/Chave/Gripa) quality-wise at 1/2 to 2/3 the price. Many of my most valuable clients whose palates I respect the most also agree. The reds are so good and such crazy values, I know everyone will stock up. He has a sense of refinement and authenticity to his wines now with thrilling fruit and also a super classic expression of St. Joseph. But there is also an extraordinary density to these. You open one up and you know it will be good but not THAT good. It’s that type of wine. For those not into just labels and you really want quality Sylvain Gauthier is the guy to go to. It has the elegance and classicism of a Gonon, the luxurious texture of an Allemand on a smaller scale and the density and structure of a Gripa. But it’s all Gauthier. And they age as well as anybody. The 2013 St. Joseph is still going strong.

Now I have the 2021 Domaine des Pierres Seches St. Joseph “Revirand” for $51.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. This wine is preposterously genius. What a debut. It’s 50 year old vines from weathered granite vineyards. It’s whole cluster fermentation. Then it’s aged for 18 months in 228 liter oak barrels. Anyway you’re all reading so you can get my impression of the wine. And wow was Impressed. So unique. The aromas are unlike any other St. Joseph. It smells like an insane Cote Rotie that costs $100. This and Blachon Margariat are my top two St. Joseph’s of the vintage. This is so ultra silky and profound and just melts on the palate like nothing else. It really is significantly better than the 20 which I only tasted and did not offer as it sold out. It’s the best mid end that tastes like high end St. Joseph in all of the Northern Rhone.

Sick nose. Incense, spices, lavender, so floral and pretty. Orange rind and orange zest. Flower shop. Granite. So so pretty. Cote Rotie like nose. It’s layered and haunting. So so sick. The citrus and orange zest elements really stand out and make this so distinctive. Wow this nose does not let up with air. Citrus rind dipped in spices. Wow. This nose is up there with the best St. Jo. True perfume and so distinct that I might not even have a reference for this. Elite spice and cloves. This is maybe the most unique aromas on a St Jo I’ve ever smelled.

Palate is so refined and juicy. Wow. What an intense wine. So gamey and meaty. Gravy almost. Blackberry and black fruits. Huge acids. So juicy and terrific fruit and purity. Velvety and sweet tannins and a level of class and refinement not even seen in the Cuvee Aubert. Lovely and fresh. Really well balanced. Saturates the palate with a terrific fruit soak. Wow, the palate is sultry, complex and super concentrated and even a bit closed. Supple and pure. Big structure. Unreal texture and sweet fruit. This is something else. Excellent wine. Needs maybe 5 years! 9.8 on Delectable. Jeb Dunnuck gave the 2019 96 points but the 2021 smokes it.

“The 2019 Saint Joseph Cuvée Revirand is all Syrah that was not destemmed and saw malolactic fermentation in barrel followed by 18 months in French oak. Just a thrilling Saint Joseph that pretty much stopped me in my tracks, it has ample red and black fruits, notes of leather, woodsmoke, iron, and pepper, full-bodied richness, beautiful tannins, and a great finish. I followed this bottle for multiple days, and it showed more structure and depth with air. It can certainly be drunk today, but it will ideally be given 2-3 years in the cellar, and I’d be shocked if it didn’t evolve gracefully for another decade or more.” Jeb Dunnuck, 96 Points (2019)

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2021 Domaine Des Pierres Seches St. Joseph Rouge “Revirand” – $53.99 ($207.96 4-Pack)

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