2022 Thörle Holle Riesling “GG”
 – 98 Points – Piggot

– A Level of Complexity Only Found in the Great Dry Wines of the World

– Taste This Blind Against Bockenauer Felseneck, Keller, Dr. Bürklin-Wolf … Bring It.

 – His Most Dense and Complex White Wine
– 20 HL/HA Yields
– Every Sip is Unreal
– Very Few Winemakers Anywhere Can Marry This Level of Density with this Level of Balance and Minerality
– This Is a Very, Very Important Offer…

 – “Welcome to the deep end of the Rheinhessen dry riesling pool!” (SP)

“Jump in and lay back in this world of floating beauty.” (SP)
“The stunning stone fruit aromas expand exponentially as the wine aerates in the glass” (SP)
“slowly edging in the tropical fruit and gardenia direction.” (SP)

“Gigantic concentration and structure” (SP)
“somehow this feels almost weightless at the spectacularly elegant finish.” (SP)

– Nose: Stupendously Complex Perfume
– Yellow Flowers, White Flowers
– Yellow Fruits
 – Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Lime Zest
 – Confectionary, Salty, Insane spice 
– Tree Bark
– Deep Fleshy Minerals 
– So, So Fine
– Palate: The Wall of Flavor
– So Concentrated and Dense  
– Pithy Vineyard Peach, Apricot and Citrus
– Intense Minerality 
– Ridiculous Freshness
– Majestic Power
– The Savoriness You Get in Elite Wines
– Salty
– Elegantly Juicy
– Elite Balance Is Especially Remarkable Given the Density
– Elegant Richness
– The Wine Is Simply a Tour de Force
– It Has Everything You Want in a White Wine

Holle Riesling – from well Made Geek Fest to Tour de Force … Bring it
The first vintage that we sold this wine, it was a phenomenally well made geeky wine.

  • It was mineral.
  • It had great acidity.
  • It was dense but in a not fruity way.
  • There was not a ton of fruit but it was this elegant citrus melange.

I, of course, loved it. The critics did too. But it was not a wine that I would say had broad appeal.

How things have changed.

  • The wine is now denser.
  • It has more fruit and more delicious stone fruit.
  • It has a kiss of the savoriness you only get in elite wines.
  • It’s got this amazing saltiness while retaining the mineral spine.
  • It has a touch of elegant richness.
  • All of this is on a line – yes, it’s a Wall of Flavor wine.

If I were in a room with Tim Frohlich and Klaus Peter Keller, I’d extend my palm and say “bring it.” This wine will stand against any riesling in Germany.

The Vineyard
The wine is glorious and it really is just a brilliant site. It’s very limestoney and cool. It has just the perfect pitch. The acid and mineral expression is just bonkers. The 22 is one of those wines where every sip is unreal. From the first to the last and in that period it is like 40 different wines. Or 30, depending on how fast you drink it.

What separates this wine is that there is an ethereal complex quality. You get this in Schonfels, Scharzhofberger, Pettenthal and Frauenberg – this level of complexity that exceeds what you normally find in the great dry wines of Germany.

What a nose. Lemon, confectionary, salty, complex perfume. Insane spice. Tree bark. Citrus. Pink grapefruit. Deep fleshy minerals. Lime zest. Minerals. Pink grapefruit. Other types of citrus. Nuanced, layered and complex. Always the best wines take the longest to unfurl. Spicy. Citrus. Massive limestone. Amazing purity and depth. The nose of a superstar wine. Herbal and mineral. Wafting. Always changing. It is so clean and airy with lovely minerality. It’s a bit aromatically closed initially but it has a hidden depth just hinted at but it does get there with around an hour of air. It is monstrously deep and clear. It’s so obvious as soon as you crack it open. The nose does get stunning. It has evocative, deep mineral and huge florals to start with and a stunning confectionary layer that swoops in like a SF fog. The minerality from the dense limestone soils in the Holle give the wine a brilliant aromatic lift once it gets going.  Nose gets more complex as it airs. Just more and more. Dizzying. The limestone imprint is palpable. Airy, floral and mineral with driving lemony pithiness and superb airiness. Deep tangerine and tangelo hints as well. A lovely airy saline limestone also emanates from the glass. Hint of barely ripe tropical fruit.

On the palate, it gets even better. Elegant and pure. Electric and so intense. Concentrated. That is something. Elegance. That’s the best Holle ever. Textured and so complex. Lemony and structured. Concentrated and dense with all sorts of pithy vineyard peach, apricot and citrus and then snaps back with intense minerality and ridiculous freshness. Wow. What presence. Juicy, dense and very concentrated with amazing sap and freshness allied with the 2022 ripe acids. Super stoney, juicy and jaw droppingly pure. Wow this is so structured. More than Probstey and Schlossberg and it starts out closed but also has the icing on cake texture of elite Riesling. Takes over your palate and leaves an impression of minerals like nothing else. Super impressive. Sappy and long. Savory. Amazing density and concentration and as usual Holle needs the most time and air. The palate shows the majestic power and minerality of the great Hölle. Really dense and elegant with amazing texture and just electric acid and minerality. Extraordinary purity and freshness. Great mouthfeel, piquant yet lacey, intense and very concentrated and mineral. Terrific energy that could propel rocket fusion. Wow. Incredible balance and this is a dense packed Riesling that can age 15+ years easy. Dense and concentrated and so young. But so awesome. It’s the Wall of Flavor. What else can I say?

Stuart Piggott’s 98 point score is below and this is the highest scoring Holle ever.

“Welcome to the deep end of the Rheinhessen dry riesling pool! Jump in and lay back in this world of floating beauty. The stunning stone fruit aromas expand exponentially as the wine aerates in the glass, slowly edging in the tropical fruit and gardenia direction. Gigantic concentration and structure, but somehow this feels almost weightless at the spectacularly elegant finish. From organically grown grapes. Vegan. Drink or hold.” – 98 Points Stuart Pigott

As you know, we believe that strict recitations of tasting notes is only part of the story of a wine. We’ve always tried to include metaphors to try to give our readers a better understanding of how wines impact us. These metaphors have included architecture, painting, music and poetry.

We’re trying something new to help create visual metaphors using Midjourney, a generative artificial intelligence program that is by far the best image gneratour out there. I’ve messed around with a bunch and this is by far the best. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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2022 Thorle Hölle Riesling “GG” – $49.99 ($191.96 4-Pack)


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