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NV (2016) Spater-Veit Blanc de Blancs
– 75 months on Lees Aging
– Spater-Veit Underprices All of Their Wines
– Even Generally Underpriced German BdB of This Quality Are $35
– Equivalent Quality Champagne Is Easily $60+

– Nose: Layered Aromatic Complexity
– Striking Aromatic Complexity
– So Clean and Mesmerizing
– Remarkable Elegance
– Beautiful Richness
– So Floral – White Flowers
– Slatey, Mineral
– Buttery, Yeasty
– Palate: A Show Stopper
– Oooh – that Chardonnay Mineral Spine
– Laser-Like Focus and Delineation
– Great Sappiness
– Creamy
– Super Fine Mousse
– So Incredibly Delicious

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What do you Need to Make Great Champagne?
– Cold climate terroir to produce unripe Chardonnay or Pinot Noir grapes? Check. The Germans have far more of that than the French being mostly to the north of France.
– EquipmentCheck. The Germans have that
 Knowledge? Check. The Germans have that.
 Precision? Do we have to ask if the Germans have precision? Check.

There are several reasons that Germany has not been a major player in Champagne
        1.The local market has largely                                consumed cheap, mediocre                              sparkling wine made from Riesling.                  Which outside of a few examples is                  not special.
        2.The German government in its                            ultimate wisdom made it illegal to                      grow Chardonnay grapes for commercial production until about 30 years ago.  

All of that has changed.  

And today, we announce the arrival of a major new player in the sparkling wine game. 

The stunning BDB from Spater Veit in Piesport.
We have been very high on German Chardonnay and have many that we offer but if there is Chardonnay then naturally there can be Blanc de Blancs. And I have been enthralled with German BDB. I adore it as it’s got the yeasty mineral aspects of great French BDB but it also has an intriguing mineral note depending on what soils it is grown in. First we sold the stunning Aufricht BDB from Bodensee in Baden and it remains one of our most popular sparkling wines from anywhere and for good reason. Then we offered one of the two Thorle ones, the Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature and we just delivered it (please open a bottle as it’s a genius wine).

Today’s offer is a BDB I had no idea that it existed from Spater Veit. The NV Spater-Veit Blanc de Blancs for $5.99 a bottle is an absolute stunner and it could be the best value sparkling wine I have ever had. It gets 75 months on lees aging in bottle.

What a nose. Buttery, yeasty, floral, slatey, mineral, ripe and rich. Layered aromatic complexity. The aromatic minerality is striking. As it airs the aromas become so expansive, airy, salty and complex. The most beautiful brioche aromas. Bready, brioche, minerals galore, slight old library wood and so much more. A wine whose aromas keep changing and changing. So clean and mesmerizing. Yet so, so elegant. Some beautiful richness. Integrated minerals from the Chardonnay. Reallv a nose vou can sit with for a while with. The nose is a 9.5 for me. 

Palate is juicy, clean, deep and pure, long, layered and rich with incredible inner mouth aromas and incredible depth, and such a fine mousse. Concentrated, deep, structured and so refined. So so nice There is such a terrific mouthfeel and then nice acid cut on the endless finish. I am so impressed. 2016 fruit but labeled NV. The palate is a show stopper. So creamy and delicious. Lovely yeasty notes. And that Chardonnay mineral spine. The palate is also so sappy and just clings like nothing else. So juicy and elegant. This just slides down your palate and has laser-like focus and delineation. So elegant and a super fine mousse and so dry on the backend but juicy and engaging. The finish never lets on and never gives up. Outrageous complexity. So nimble and fine. The balance here is amazing. Brioche in spades. Gorgeous elegant aciditv. And man this is so creamy. Simplv incredibly delicious. This blows me away. The finish is so long and I cannot stop writing about it. 

Sven Enderle and Spater Veit
I am traveling with Sven Enderle and we got to talking about Spater Veit and how they are absolutely make the best value wines in the Mosel. When people need value wines Sven always points them in the direction of Spater-Veit. If it’s inexpensive Pinot or Pinot blends or everyday Rieslings or Weissburgunder this is the estate in the Mosel that is the indisputable master of this style. Niklas is a freak for quality and his most inexpensive wine is given the same love and attention his more expansive wines are given. I could not believe how brilliant this Blanc des Blancs was. It just was a stunning stunning wine. 

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NV (2016) Spater Veit Blanc de Blancs – $27.99 ($103.96 4-Pack)

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