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2023 Gunther Steinmetz Neumagener Rosengartchen Riesling Von den Terrasen “GG”
 100 Points Stuart Pigott (2022 and 2019)

– One of the Top Micro Vineyards in Germany
– Crazy Old Vines
– Crazy Low Yields
– One of His Most Burgundian Whites
– 2019 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen “GG” – 100 Points, Stuart Pigott
– 2021 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen “GG” – 98 Points, Stuart Pigott
– 2020 Neumagener Rosengartchen Auslese GK – 99 points, Stuart Pigott
– 2022 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen “GG” – 100 Points, Stuart Pigott

– And Now the 2023 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen “GG” Which I Gave a 9.9 – Piggot Gave it 100 Points
– Just Barely Behind Brisset’s 2021 and 2022 Abbaye de Morgeout Which I Gave a 10
– Nose: Complex, Balanced, Wafting … Pure Heaven
– Yellow Flowers, White Flowers
– Hints of White Nectarine
– Hints of Tangelo, Red Grapefruit, Kumquat
– Direct Mineral Essence
– Green and White Melon
– Intense and Expansive
– A Serene, Gentle Wine That Has not one Hair Out of Place
– Palate: So Silky and Elegant
– The Wall of Flavor – But an Understated One
– Mouth Caressing Minerals
– Juicy and Compact
– Just Perfect Balance
– Elegantly Dense – You Sense the Density
– Salty Finish

The Ziereisen Treatment
Many of you remember that back in the day, we used to offer Ziereisen’s top wines before anyone else in the world and get big allocations. Eventually, they changed the policy and now we get much less.

We are moving to the same model with Stefan’s Neumagener Rosengartchen. Wines from this vineyard have gotten 98-100 points every year since 2019 so we need to

The Journey of GG Terroirs – Keeping It Simple
– Neumagener Rosengartchen: This is Stefan’s Romanee Conti – The Spherical Mouthfeel of RC Is In This Wine

– Dhroner Hofberg: This is Stefan’ La Tache – This has The Intense Fruit, Spice and Energy

– And Yes, There is a Richebourg, RSV, Montrachet (Dhroner Hengelberg) and Grands Echezeaux, etc. But That’s For Another Day.

Is Stefan Steinmetz’s Neumagener Rosengartchen VDT the best dry Riesling being made in the Mosel?

I think it is and I will lay out my case. I’ve now had the 2018/2019/2021/2022 and each one has been the best dry Riesling of the vintage and 19/21/22 being maybe the best dry Riesling in Germany, dollar for dollar. It is a wine that has blown me away every time I’ve had a bottle. Like left me speechless. There’s no “Oh this is too young, this needs air, etc” It’s more like “Whoah” and speaking in hushed tones. It has the balance that so few wines have and endless endless depth. I mean every sip is like a 2+ minute experience. Just so so insane. It has a zen-like beauty in that all the parts represent the whole. Each part, the acid, the fruit, the aromas, the energy, the minerality are all perfect but if one is dropped into a separate wine for example that separate wine might also be 99-100 points. All the parts represent the whole. This wine is the one. But each part is also the one. But they all come together to make this wine what it is. Which is art. We are beyond beverage here. We are fully in the world of wine as art with this. 

I can’t think of any other Mosel dry Rieslings that perform like this. Email or text me as I don’t want to name names but I went through the list in my head and couldn’t thing of any.  

Oh, and apogeal is a real word. It’s the adjective form of apogee (the highest point). Apogean is also an adjectejtival form of apogee but it just sounded wierd.

Neumagener Rosengartchen
While Romanee Conti” or “Scharzhofberger” are very famous IT vineyards, Stefan’s is the obscure Neumagener Rosengartchen. He makes dry and sweet wine from it (depending on the vintage).

Stefan acquired this from an estate that goes back to the 1700s. The guy proposed to him that he needed a vineyard in Neumagen, which is farther away from Brauneberg, where Stefan resides but also very close to Dhron where Stefan has many holdings. The site is very steep and has an old cave in the middle of it which was a slate mine. The vines are 50 years old and the main reason Stefan bought this vineyard is because of the slate mine. The vineyard yields super, super mineral wines because of all the slate dust that has blown all over the vineyard for centuries. Stefan had a feeling it would be a top vineyard and in former times it was super famous. Not as famous as Juffer but right below. 

The wine is a revelation.

Let’s take a look at the recent scoring history of wines from this vineyard.
His first vintage was 2016 (91 WA) and as one can see he started to figure it out in 2017 (93 WA) but he really fully realized the brilliance of this site with the 100 pointer in 2019. What did he follow that up with? The absurdly profound 2020 GK Auslese (99 points) version. Then a 21 dry version that for me is better than 2019. Just an incredible run Stefan has with this amazing site. But now we enter the 22. 

2022 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen – 100 Points, Stuart Pigott

2021 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen – 98 Points, Stuart Pigott

2020 Neumagener Rosengartchen Auslese GK – 99 points, Stuart Pigott

2019 Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen – 100 Points, Stuart Pigott

The Wine
And now we have the 2023 Gunther Steinmetz Neumagener Rosengartchen Von Den Terrasen for $49.99 a bottle NET. And like holy moly it’s insane. It doesn’t quite have the acidity of 21 and it’s a “quieter wine” but it’s a stunning version of the greatest white wine in the Mosel. 

Gorgeously poignant mineral nose. Lemon, lemon flower. Closed initially but it’s all there. Direct mineral essence that goes straight up your nose. Yellow flowers, white flowers, wild mint, melon, green melon possibly orange melon. Wow the mint is so vivid and so pure you feel someone is crushing it constantly next to the glass. Really intense and expansive. The nose is such a round, mineral bomb. As this opens the nose becomes crazy confectionary. The nose is such a round, mineral bomb. Omg the fruit is coming out. Tangelo, red grapefruit, kumquat. Not a loud wine but a serene, gentle wine that has not one hair out of place.

Palate is so silky and my goodness what a mineral explosion. Round and yet so mineral. That’s the hallmark of elite wines. Wow. This is mindblowing. So juicy and compact. Amazing. The wine of the 23 collection and a mouthfeel and a finish that just keeps pumping the most intense and mouth caressing minerals you’ve ever tasted. Wow what a silky texture and just perfect balance. Let’s see what air does. Sensational. The palate is silky, textured, dense and superbly balanced and pure but seems to be closing. Then it opened up after 3 hours and my goodness this is the purest essence of Riesling. It is so vivid and then it finishes with a mass of salty minerals that just assault your palate but wrapped in satin. It’s minutes. The fruit is citrus, green melon and canteloupe but that will become more apparent with age.

This is becoming the signature wine of the estate. 19/21/22/23 all perfect or near perfect wines.

Below is the 22 score for the 2022 and review from Stuart Pigott. 

The greatest wines in the world are sometimes imposing and dramatic, but sometimes they are like this filigree beauty that has staggering concentration, but no less amazing refinement. What a breathtakingly perfect balance right through the titanically slatey finish, extending out to infinity. With a little aeration in glass the nose of spring blossoms, dried flowers and stone fruits expand enormously, leaving you blissfully overwhelmed. Limited production. Drink or hold..”
100 Points, Stuart Pigott

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2023 Gunther Steinmetz Neumagener Rosengartchen Riesling Von den Terrasen “GG” – $49.99 NET

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