Red Wines

1 bottles(s) of Tenuta Grillo 2006 Barbera Igiea (offer # 2) for $27.99 per bottle (SKU1258)
3 bottles(s) of Rattalino 2015 Barbaresco Riserva Sel. 45 for $50.99 per bottle (SKU3343) The 45 should cost $80-$90 through standard 3 tier. Ive had many a bottle of Produttori di Barbaresco, which I like very much. This bottle beats Produttori di Barbaresco mid tier offerings (in this price range).
2 bottles(s) of Cadia 2018 Dolcetto for $21.99 per bottle (SKU3411) Classic Dolcetto from a small, family run estate. Blueberry fruit, simply delicious and perfect with pizza. A wine you want to have in your cellar.
11 bottles(s) of Buccicatino 2012 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Stilla Rubra for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3413) An incredible value elite / very serious Montepulciano dAbruzzo that is direct fromt he estate. Deep blackberry and graphite on the nose. Dense palate with blackberry , minerals, some spice. Cornas-like on open. Terrific structure.
7 bottles(s) of Vinding Montecarrubo 2018 Cuvee Suzanne for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3462) Italian Syrah from Sicily. Yes. Made from tbe same guy who makes high scoring Pataginian wine? Check! Try a bottle. This wine is somehow almost more Cote Rotie than present day Cote Rotie.
11 bottles(s) of Vinding Montecarrubo 2018 Il Piccolo for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3463) The palate is fresh early season wild blackberries. Masterful. Such deliciously sweet fruit. Almost like the best Cru Beaujolais from different grapes made from Syrah by God. Stunningly delicious fresh fruit. And its not just fresh – it has that precision that you only get from supremely talented winemakers.
1 bottles(s) of Josetta Saffirio 2016 Barolo del Commune di Monforte dAlba for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3474) For $43.99 this wine is crazy good. 2016 Barolo is seriously a gift. This wine is just ridiculous.
2 bottles(s) of Josetta Saffirio 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo for $20.99 per bottle (SKU3475) Palate is super elegant and has terrific deep cherry fruit and has top notch precision. Terrific thrust on the palate with big, juicy but significant tannins that leads into terrific juicy fruit.
7 bottles(s) of La Badina 2012 Lessona for $35.99 per bottle (SKU3480) This is the most gorgeously elegant of the La Badina wines weve sold. I ranked it at the same level of the 2013 – but its a bit more towards the aromatic side than even the 2013.
2 bottles(s) of Filippo Barni 2016 Bramaterra for $26.99 per bottle (SKU3530) Theres a sense of refinement one does not get that often in Alto Piemonte. And at the price of $28 a bottle I dont think one gets it anywhere in the world of wine really.
3 bottles(s) of Filippo Barni 2010 Bramaterra for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3531) Terrific after some serious air. More round. Tannins much more velvety. Sweet fruit. So fresh and energetic. Terrific. So serious. Years to go. On Day 2 it was sick. So juicy, dense and energetic today. Still some big tannins. Amazing minerality and freshness. Best 10 from AP since Valloni Boca.
2 bottles(s) of Gillardi 2016 Barolo for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3535) This is a classic, classic old school Barolo. A throwback. And a beautiful throwback.
6 bottles(s) of Cecilia Monte 2015 Barbaresco Serracapelli Dedicato A Paolo for $52.99 per bottle (SKU3550) Decant one in the afternoon to drink with dinner. Galloni gave the 2013 95 points and the basic Serracapelli 94 points. I had the basic Serracapelli this week and gave it a 96. I dont want to say it reminded me of Grand Cru Burgundy but basically it did. I was totally shocked
11 bottles(s) of Cecilia Monte 2017 Barbera dAlba Maria Teresa for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3551) On the nose, you get those classic fresh Barbera elements that you want. That bright, beautiful, joyous cherry fruit. The palate is very Monte. You get that great cherry juice and fruit. Terrific, nice spice. Great acidity but some nice structure from the 2 years of ageing in wood.
2 bottles(s) of Sara Vezza 2016 Barolo Ravera for $64.99 per bottle (SKU3553) The style is that super haunting elegant style of Barolo that calls to Chambolle as much as Bartolo Mascarello does. It has the style of such clear refinement and finesse with just the most intoxicating aromas you can imagine.
9 bottles(s) of Tenute Guardasole 2017 Boca for $38.99 per bottle (SKU3557) I know many of these wines have a reputation as poor mans Barolo, but this drinks like a rich mans Barolo with just a different profile. Its really poetry on the palate. Terrific acid balance and the traditional Fass juiciness. Super juicy. 95 Points Galloni (2016)
6 bottles(s) of Tenute Guardasole 2018 Pio Decimo for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3558) The 2018 Vino Rosso Pio Decimo is a big, powerful wine, yet it retains the sense of transparency that is the single most distinctive attribute of Alto Piemonte wines. Here the flavors are dark and brooding, with plenty of black cherry, menthol, licorice, spice and leather flavors that develop. Readers will find a wine of real gravitas and power. I loved it. 94 Points, Galloni
11 bottles(s) of Gillardi 2015 Barolo for $54.99 per bottle (SKU3565) This wine has the density from the hot year but none of the dark fruit. As I noted its a classic, classic old school Barolo. A throwback. And a beautiful throwback.
3 bottles(s) of Montepepe 2011 Rosso Riserva Speciale for $33.99 per bottle (SKU3568) Im not sure Ive ever sold a wine like this before. This is $50 fruit for sure but $100+ aromatics – quite an unusual asymmetry.
3 bottles(s) of Montioni 2018 Montefalco Rosso for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3580) My note on this wine reads Juicy as Frank except the last word was not Frank. For $20 you will not find a more delicious bottle of wine.
11 bottles(s) of Calcabrina 2015 Foglio 11 IGT Umbria for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3588) This is a dead ringer for Foillardish Fleurie except much even better and more interesting. Its is the perfect Fleurie but its so much more as Sagrantino brings a whole vibe.
7 bottles(s) of Calcabrina 2018 Foglio 11 IGT Umbria for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3589) This is 80% sangiovese and 20% sagrantino. I shouldnt say this but this is very close in quality to the 11 – the 61 is a bit denser and deeper but they are both very clearly children of the same father. For this price, this wine is a miracle. Basically among the best of Cru Beaujolais style wines from 30 years ago (at 30 year old prices).
11 bottles(s) of Giuseppe Negro 2016 Barbaresco PianCavallo for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3606) This wine is drinking now with a brief decant but it has the structure to age for decades. It is simply awesome and will introduce you to the brilliant 2016 vintage through the lens of or new star, Giuseppe Negro.
11 bottles(s) of Montepepe 2015 Rosso for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3607) From ex Gaja vineyard master now winemaking genius Federico Curtaz. Stunningly well balanced delicious wine – competes with Super Tuscans at 5+ times the price. Much more elegant than almost all of them.
1 bottles(s) of La Psigula 2016 Bramaterra for $35.99 per bottle (SKU3608) The 2016 Bramaterra from La Psigula is a wine of haunting beauty. Dark and mysterious, the 2016 offers an intriguing mélange of black cherry, spice, leather, licorice and Amaro herbs. The 2016 is a dense, broad wine, but it is not at all overdone. It spent 24 months in cask. A bit of oak influence remains, but that is a minor quibble at this level. La Psigulas Bramaterra is one of the most distinc
11 bottles(s) of Cecllia Monte 2017 Langhe Nebbiolo Ca di Monti for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3672) The Langhe Nebbiolo is, for some reason, more advanced in its evolution than the Barbaresco and I think gives a future look at what the Barbarescos will be in a few years.
11 bottles(s) of Vinding Montecarrubo 2019 Cuvee Suzanne for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3698) From winemaking legend Peter Vinding-Diers (the winemaker behind Royal Tokaji) – 100% Syrah. Perhaps even more elegant than Cote Rotie – sparkling aromatics. Perfect fruit. So savory. A stunning value – compare with Rhone wines 2x the price. A great wine to bring out in a Rhone blind tasting as a ringer.
11 bottles(s) of Vinding Montecarrubo 2019 Cuvee Rudolf for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3699) From winemaking legend Peter Vinding-Diers (the winemaker behind Royal Tokaji) – 100% Syrah. A delicious wine. Youthful, rich raspberry fruit. Black pepper, licorice, a hint of black olive. Hints of cinnamon.

1 bottles(s) of Caves Jean Bourdy 1967 Cotes de Jura Rouge for $299.99 per bottle (SKU2219)

3 bottles(s) of Chateau Thivin 2018 Cote de Brouilly La Chapelle for $34.99 per bottle (SKU2706)
11 bottles(s) of Chateau Thivin 2019 Cote de Brouilly Clos Bertrand for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3502) Raised in foudre and derived from the historic southwest-facing enclosed vineyards of the Château Thivin, the 2018 Côte de Brouilly Clos Bertrand reveals aromas of plums, cherries and spices, followed by a medium to full-bodied, fleshy and layered wine thats quite muscular and serious in this often open-knitt vintage, with impressive depth and concentration-and good tension too. This will reward s
7 bottles(s) of Domaine des Marrans 2017 Fleurie for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3602) Juicy, classic and very deep Fleurie from the old school masters.
11 bottles(s) of Clos de Mez 2018 Fleurie Mademoiselle M for $23.99 per bottle (SKU3630) Dark ruby. Ripe cherry and dark berries on the smoke-tinged nose, along with a suggestion of pungent flowers. Concentrated bitter cherry and black raspberry flavors slowly spread out and become sweeter with air. Decidedly rich, in the style of the vintage, but energetic as well, finishing very long and smooth, featuring repeating dark fruit character and smooth, harmonious tannins that lend grip.
11 bottles(s) of Clos de Mez 2015 Morgon Chateau Gaillard for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3632) 2015 is a stunning vintage as the typical 15 is a bit too rich and tooti frutti but that is not the case here. The Morgon is stunning and will easily last 20+ years. The whole cluster makes the wines sometimes difficult young without an excessive decant but are the reason the wines age and age so spectacularly

2 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2017 Pommard Clos de la Cure for $56.99 per bottle (SKU3115) This is easily premier Cru in quality but is also so distinctive and the quality of this wine is unbelievable. Between this and the Pommard 1902 La Vache they are the best Pommard village duo Ive ever come across. Both wines are like counterparts to each other. While the 1902 La Vache is muscular, darker fruited, rich and deep with structure to burn the Pommard Clos de la Cure is more playful, red
3 bottles(s) of Chavy-Chouet 2018 Volnay Carelles 1er Cru Sous la Chapelle for $76.99 per bottle (SKU3159) Carelles is right next to Champans and shares some of that giving fruit forward quality that Champans has. Real Burg hunters know there is serious value here as will also label collectors. Les Carelles can age wonderfully as well.
3 bottles(s) of Remi Poisot 2018 Grand Cru Romanee St. Vivant for $349.99 per bottle (SKU3319)
1 bottles(s) of Pierrick Bouley 2018 Volnay 1er Cru Robardelle for $85.99 per bottle (SKU3415) Its south of Clos du Chenes and Caillerets and sits right below Chevret. Ronceret and Champans lie to the east. So its surrounded by greatness. Meursault is to the west. Looking back on my notes, the nose on this familys wines from this vineyard have consistently been off the charts. It always takes one producer to make a wine that makes a vineyard famous.
6 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2018 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru La Combe Aux Moines for $116.99 per bottle (SKU3435) The Brisset version is absolutely on the same level of the Fourrier and is the best example of this exalted premier Cru Ive ever tasted. This is a stunning example. Its at the northern end of Gevrey and is abutted by Cazetiers, and Les Goulots and Champeax.
5 bottles(s) of Laurent Boussey 2017 Volnay AC for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3454) My god this wine is so good and you can drink it now with a decant (an hour when young).
11 bottles(s) of JJ Girard 2018 Savingy Les-Beaune Narbantons 1er Cru for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3482) Here too there are notes of poached plum and spice to the aromas of cassis and violet. I very much like the textured mouthfeel of the slightly bigger and richer medium-bodied flavors that coat the palate with sappy dry extract while exhibit good length on the serious, complex and lingering finale. There is presently a hint of backend dryness, but I would expect it to gradually dissipate with age.
5 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2018 Echezeaux for $224.99 per bottle (SKU3490) A vwry respected palate said this reminds him of Liger-Belair La Romanee (2017 is $5400-$6000)
11 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2018 Pommard Cuvee William for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3513) This s a Pommard in honor of William Whitehead becoming the head winemaker at Rebourgeon and is one of the best lieu-dit Pommards out there and it now quickly becoming my favorite village Pommard. T
3 bottles(s) of Pierrick Bouley 2018 Volnay 1er Cru Champans for $97.99 per bottle (SKU3555) Stupid great nose. Huge cherries and menthol with so many sappy red cherries. Wow. Palate is crazy. Huge, huge sweetness of fruit. Powerful and concentrated with such sappy fruit and so slippery and pure. This is very impressive.
1 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2018 Pommard 1er Cru Rugiens for $83.99 per bottle (SKU3576) This is an insane new entry into the Rugiens sweepstakes and there is not a better value in top class Pommard-Rugiens in the market.
11 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2018 Bourgogne Cote dOr for $25.99 per bottle (SKU3634) This wine is stunning for what it is and thats why it gets its own email. Its brilliant and doesnt transcend the category in that its a Volnay or a Pommard clone, what it is is the best Bourgogne Côte dOr Ive tasted so far and the value proposition is remarkable
1 bottles(s) of Julien Cruchandeau 2019 Hautes Cote de Nuits Rouge Les Cabottes for $26.99 per bottle (SKU3640) This can short term age for 3-5 years as well. Hard to keep hands off. As Julien says, It is more about fruit than tannin. Having said that it is rich and velvety has truly over-performs in a rich vintage like 2019
1 bottles(s) of Laurent Boussey 2018 Monthelie 1er Cru Champs Fulliot for $41.99 per bottle (SKU3652) This vineyard lies on same plane as Volnay Clos du Chenes and has the same small pebbles as soil. This is a wine of power and concentration like a young Clos des Chenes in a way but once it ages it will finesse out like Clos du Chenes does. This is a stunner now but has a chance to become profound in 5-8 years. Do not miss this.
11 bottles(s) of Laurent Boussey 2018 Savigny-Les-Beaune Rouge for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3653) Anotjer thrilling value based 2018 where 2018 super sizes the fruit. Really astonishing stuff.
3 bottles(s) of Remi Poisot 2018 Grand Cru Corton Bressandes for $114.99 per bottle (SKU3666) Every bottle Ive opened up stateside I always think is going to be insanely closed, and it sings and soars like the Grand Cru it is. Gloriously open with superb depth, aromas, deep sweet and sappy fruit and texture for days. The Pinot Noir trifecta.

11 bottles(s) of Enderle & Moll 20189 Basis Pinot Noir for $21.99 per bottle (SKU3182) Pinot Noir this good for $21.99 a bottle? This is a gorgeous wine that speaks of killer Pinot Noir as much as it does a doorway into the Pinot Noir musings of Sven Enderle.
11 bottles(s) of Jurgen Von der Mark 2018 Engerstein Pinot Noir for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3516) The nose is a wow right off the bat. Cooling and blue fruited. Blueberry, light mulch, echoes of Walter but also E and M. Mulberry, red cherries, cranberry, spice and mint round out there aromatic cornucopia. On the palate, just incredible depth and sweetness while remaining elegant, well fruited and restrained. Energetic and straight as an arrow but with luscious engaging and ripe cherry fruit.
9 bottles(s) of Spater-Veit 2012 Pinot Noir #1 for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3639) The top wine from Spaeter Veit. Tremdendous now but needds age. Like a baby Vosne Romanee.
1 bottles(s) of Ziereisen 2017 Tschuppen Blauer Spatburgunder for $22.99 per bottle (SKU3657) There is still a rustic charm but this is the first Ziereisen Spätburgunder to really show some polish and refinement. Its the difference between a Bachelet Bourgogne and the Bachelet Côte de Nuits Villages.
1 bottles(s) of Weingut Josef Walter 2015 Spatburgunder J Hundstruck for $59.99 per bottle (SKU3660) I have been waiting to taste this wine for 4 years and its better than I imagined. Holee F! This is the best young Walter wine Ive ever had. Blind anybody would say Grand Cru Red Burgundy. Easily up there with the top 5 German Pinots Ive ever had.

11 bottles(s) of Luyton 2017 Hermitage Rouge for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3312) Inky ruby. Powerful dark berry and cherry liqueur, fruitcake, candied violet and licorice aromas are complemented by building olive and exotic spice flourishes. Palate-staining, mineral-driven black currant, cherry compote and fruitcake flavors show superb depth, and a juicy core of acidity adds back-end lift and cut. Expands steadily with air and finishes with sharp clarity, steadily building tan
2 bottles(s) of Compagnie de lHermitage 2017 Crozes-Hermitage Rouge VV de Gervans for $49.99 per bottle (SKU3418)
11 bottles(s) of Remy Nodin 2018 Cornas Les Eygats for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3445) I cant believe how cheap this wine is for the quality. The site, Eygats is great and Domaine Courbis made a 100 point Cornas (Jeb Dunnuck) in 2015 from this site.
11 bottles(s) of Remy Nodin 2019 Crozes Hermitage Le Mazel for $25.99 per bottle (SKU3446) The palate has that 2018 richness/freshness/super silky refined juxtaposition in full swing with super molten tannins. My … oh my … is the first impression you get from this wine as it is so juicy and deeply fruited that is initially all you can wrap your palate around. After 30 minutes this becomes a classic and refined 2018 Crozes-Hermitage with insane levels of fruit and freshness.
2 bottles(s) of Domaine Albin Jacumin 2018 CDP Les Begudes des Papes for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3466) And man it is great. And utterly classic. The color is dark. Almost blue/garnet. You pour the wine and it is aromatically closed but wait as the fireworks start in 30 minutes to an hour.
11 bottles(s) of Gauthier Brothers 2017 Crozes-Hermitage Rouge for $26.99 per bottle (SKU3520) This is the Crozes I would grab if someone has never ever had Syrah and wants to completely understand it in one bottle. Its just perfect for what it is.
2 bottles(s) of Christophe Billon 2017 VDP La Batie for $41.99 per bottle (SKU3538) This wine is not some knock back IGP wine. Not at all. I am obsessed with this wine. I think the value cannot be beat as when producers nail this wine it can compete with Côte-Rotie. Its that simple. This is essentially a wine that is from an ancient appellation across the river from Cote Rotie.
2 bottles(s) of Compagnie de lHermitage 2018 Crozes-Hermitage Rouge VV de Gervans for $51.99 per bottle (SKU3545) The vines are very old (100 years plus) from an area called Gervans which is right behind Hermitage. The granite soils of Gervans are parralell to the great Hermitage Les Bessards. Its better than most Hermitage. The area is called petit Hermitage by the locals.
9 bottles(s) of Jean-Francois Jacouton 2018 IGP Syrah Rouge A Deux Pas for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3654) This drinks like a $30 bottle. Its from 28-40 year old vines and spends a year in barrel. Its an incredible bottle of wine given the tariff.
11 bottles(s) of Jean-Francois Jacouton 2018 St. Joseph St. Epine Rouge for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3655) Another beautiful wine from this young yet talented vigneron, the 2018 Saint Joseph Chemin De Sainte Epine is a more structured, mineral-driven wine compared to the Pierres dIserand, offering lots of smoked blue fruits as well as notes of crushed rocks, truffly earth, and violets. This young, unevolved, tannic Saint Joseph has good concentration as well as the balance to evolve for 10-15 years. Do
9 bottles(s) of Jean-Francois Jacouton 2018 St Joseph Pierre d Isserand for $33.99 per bottle (SKU3656) The 2018 Saint Joseph Pierres DIserand is outstanding, offering an exotic bouquet of red and blue fruits, bacon fat, spring flowers, camphor, and violets. Beautiful on the palate as well, this medium to full-bodied Saint Joseph has a wonderful elegance, integrated acidity, and present yet ripe and polished tannins. Drink this classic red over the coming decade or so. 92 Pts Jeb Dunnuck

10 bottles(s) of Domaine des Rutissons 2019 Etraire de la Huy for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3456) It has silky tannins that remind me of high end Chambolle or Volnay. The color is always a deep violet and its full bodied and tannic when young. But with age it gets incredible. The terroir comes through. That Alpine sensibility. When young they are full bodied and tannic (but ripe and juicy tannins that are glorious) but with age comes this insane silkiness as well.
6 bottles(s) of Domaine des Orchis 2018 Quintessence de Mondeuse for $26.99 per bottle (SKU3484) The style of this wine is blackberries growing in a forest amongst all types of mountain rocks and orchids with fresh wintery soil. It has a freshness and a purity to it that is stunning and the style here is not opulent like at Berlioz in Chignin, but precise, with drop dead purity, mineral-driven and more leathery and foresty.

8 bottles(s) of Martin Woods 2018 Gamay Noir for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3505)

1 bottles(s) of Vignoble Paul Barre 2018 Chateau la Grave Fronsac for $42.99 per bottle (SKU3791)

White Wines

1 bottles(s) of Gonon 2018 St. Joseph Blanc Oliviers for $104.99 per bottle (SKU3349) The one and only. The stunning 2018 vintage.

7 bottles(s) of Thorle 2018 Saulheim Probstey Riesling Trocken for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3452) This is a very subtle wine that reminds me of Grand Cru Chablis. Out of the three Thorle 3 Grand Cru sites this can be approached the youngest.
6 bottles(s) of Thorle 2018 Schlossberg Riesling for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3453) I know that youre thinking, oh another great Riesling, but these guys are really really special. You really need to try at least a bottle of this. Youll be annoyed you didnt buy more but, Im warning you so my conscience is clear.
11 bottles(s) of Battenfeld Spanier 2019 Molsheim Riesling Trocken for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3460) Our most popular dry Riesling. Find out why.
7 bottles(s) of Kuhling-Gillot 2019 Nierstein Riesling for $32.99 per bottle (SKU3494) The wine shines bright as a diamond. Its got terrific power balanced with incredible refinement and purity. Its so elegant but not lacking in density. Its a wine you smile as you sniff and sip because you cannot believe how great it is. It is the Battenfeld/Kühling-Gillot 1er Cru wine that tastes the closest to a GG. The value cannot be overstated here.
10 bottles(s) of Weingut Weltner 2018 Kuchenmeister Hoheleite GG Riesling for $54.99 per bottle (SKU3523) This and the Sylvaner GG from Hoheleite are the two wines that inspired me to come up with the wall of flavor descriptor. The 2018 is just a sick wine. It has periodic table levels of minerality and the structure to age 10-15 years and likely longer.
3 bottles(s) of Battenfeld Spanier 23.99 Eisquell Riesling Trocken for $20.99 per bottle (SKU3561) The super estate trocken. So dense, light and ephemeral. Just a wondeful snapshot of 2019.
11 bottles(s) of Enderle & Moll 2019 Muller Thurgau Pur for $23.99 per bottle (SKU3562) This is from low yielding Müller-Thurgau vines and is unfiltered and the minimum amount of sulfur to make the wine stable. The maceration is very long and the subsequent skin contact gives this Müller Thurgau its own touch. But there is more! Only 80% of the grapes are fermented and 20% are left untouched and put back in the tank along with 30-40% of the skins!
1 bottles(s) of Heymann Lowenstein 2015 Riesling Uhlen R VDP Grosse Lage for $59.99 per bottle (SKU3564) 95-97 Points (Wine Advocate). An iconic, reference point wine. About the most dense green apple Ive had in a dry Mosel riesling. As it opens, remarkably balanced and elegant. Gross Lage. A closeout value that was $80 pre tariff – would be $100 now. Buy as much as you can store.
11 bottles(s) of Jakob Schneider 2017 Riesling Trocken Melaphyr for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3572) Lovely, elegant, nimble Nahe Trocken from a wonderful friend estate to Fass Selections.
6 bottles(s) of JJ Christoffel Erben 2017 Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3573) From the Spice garden comes this classic Mosel Kabinett.
6 bottles(s) of Selbach-Oster 2017 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken for $27.99 per bottle (SKU3574) Lovely off-dry Riesling from Selbach-Oster.
11 bottles(s) of Martin Muellen 2018 Trarbacher Huhnerberg Spatese Trocken for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3582) The 2018er Trarbacher Hühnerberg Riesling Spätlese Trocken proves already golden-colored and offers a rather reduced nose still slightly under the impact of sulfur (the wine was bottled recently). After some air, this gives way to pear, grapefruit, mango, starfruit, ginger, and smoke. The wine is beautifully salty and animating on the suave and multi-layered palate, and leaves a not fully bone dry
11 bottles(s) of Spater-Veit 2019 Riesling Trocken for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3645) Shows the greatness if 19 at the Gutswein level and under $20
7 bottles(s) of Spater-Veit 2019 Goldtropfchen Riesling Trocken for $27.99 per bottle (SKU3646) Basically his GG for no scratch. Deep, riveting and complex.
11 bottles(s) of Battenfeld Spanier 2019 Am Schwarzen Herrgott GG for $73.99 per bottle (SKU3667) The 2019 Mölsheim Zellerweg Am Schwarzen Herrgott Riesling GG is intense in color and flavors but still a raw diamond with fine notes of crushed limestones and cool winds. The attack on the palate is pure and fresh, tight and very salty before the wine reveals its complexity and compact structure. This is a very elegant and salty-piquant Riesling with lemon notes and very fine tannins. This is a R

5 bottles(s) of Domaine des Orchis 2019 Quintessence de Altesse for $26.99 per bottle (SKU3485) If Berliozs Altesse is the Batard Montrachet of the Savoie through the lens of Altesse then the brilliant Orchis is more like a Boudignon/Yvonne Chenin style of Altesse. Super Fassy with loads and loads of acid, angles and structure.
1 bottles(s) of Domaine des Rutissons 2019 Verdesse IGP for $30.99 per bottle (SKU3636) Verdesse is a white grape that is an ancient specialty of the area. Only 13 hectares are planted and one of the parents of the grape is Savagnin. As of 2008 there were only 2 hectares planted so it is slowly increasing. It is considered one of the oldest white grape varieties in the world. I adore this grape and I know once you all taste this you all will as well. Its brilliant and so new and so u

11 bottles(s) of JanotBos 2017 Bourgogne Blanc for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3591) This is an unreal Bourgogne Blanc and its really village level quality in Bourgogne Blanc clothing and it comes from absolutely one of the the Fassiest estates we have for White Burgundy, Domaine Janotbos.
11 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2018 Bourgogne Blanc Cuvee Cassaneas for $35.99 per bottle (SKU3617) Oue bewts selling white wine ever. Insne wine at this price is this good.

11 bottles(s) of Giuseppe Negro 2019 Roero Arneis for $21.99 per bottle (SKU3603) Superbly mineral and loads of lanolin and hand cream. Palate is juicy, ripe and clean. Good heft and density. Really great energy, stoniness, minerality and purity. Not much fruit but it makes up for it in mmineral energy. Very good.
2 bottles(s) of Cascina Sot 2019 Nascetta for $27.99 per bottle (SKU3629) While being mineral it also has a great mouthfeel. Super juicy and racy. Love this. Palate has so much energy, depth and chewy concentration.

Sparkling Wines

9 bottles(s) of Caillez-Lemaire NV Eclats Brut for $32.99 per bottle (SKU3515) This is just a eerily beautiful and amazingly delicious wine that grabs your attention. The nose is like Mosel meets Damery with its stony skeletal quality. Airy minerals abound. The blend is 50% Chardonnay (vinified in oak barrels) 25% Pinot Noir (a part in oak barrels, a part in inox vats) and 25% Pinot Meunier in inox vats. It is 50% barrel fermented and 50% barrel maturation, so despite its
11 bottles(s) of Marie Demets NV Cuvee 19m Siecle for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3596) This is a complex bottle of wine and very different from the other Marie Demets wines. Very different. Most, besides the BDB, are all or dominantly Pinot Noir. The fruitiness and elegance of Pinot Noir along with the yeasty minerality of Chardonnay make this a thrilling wine.
11 bottles(s) of Marie Demets NV Tradition for $27.99 per bottle (SKU3598) This is is 100% gorgeous, luscious giving, rich pinot noir fruit. So well balanced and not a hair out of place. I challenge you not to smile when you drink it. Had a bad day? This will cheer you up.
11 bottles(s) of Caillez-Lemaire 2009 Cuvee Jadis for $54.99 per bottle (SKU3611) It is 60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunièr. 100% fermentation in barrel gives it the richness. It is aged on its fine lees, which also contributes to the opulence.
10 bottles(s) of Pierre Callot NV Brut Nature Non Dose for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3620) All the Callot flavors you love and know now without dosage!
11 bottles(s) of Charles Ellner 2007 Brut Seduction for $47.99 per bottle (SKU3621) Delicious blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. Decadent and juicy.
11 bottles(s) of Lamiable NV Graine Detoile Grand Cru for $42.99 per bottle (SKU3622) Super gulpable and compex Grand Cru with awesome tension.
7 bottles(s) of Mousse Fils NV Extra Brut Anecdote Lieu Dit Les Varosses for $49.99 per bottle (SKU3623) Disgorged with five grams per liter dosage in February 2016, Moussés NV Extra Brut Anecdote Lieu Dit Les Varosses offers up a lovely bouquet of buttery pastry, crisp yellow orchard fruit, beeswax and gingerbread. On the palate, its medium to full-bodied, broad and ample, with a frothy mousse, a deep core of ripe but vibrant fruit and a long, nutty finish. Flavorful and complex, this is drinking su

Rose Wines

11 bottles(s) of Giuseppe Negro 2019 Monsu Rose Langhe Rosato for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3604) Rose made from 100% Nebbiolo Barbaresco DOC grapes. The freshness of rose. The complexity of nebbiolo grown in elite terroir – a very special rose at a very fair price