Sparkling Wines

2 bottles(s) of Pierre Callot NV Clos Jacquin Grand Cru Avize for $84.99 per bottle (SKU2274) It is all Grand Cru from Avize. It has that “IT” factor. The exquisite precision and refinement of the mousse that it is like liquid caviar. It is so luxurious and elegant with precision and refinement like Selosse or a Grand Marques that it gives you permasmile
1 bottles(s) of Perseval-Farge NV Les Goulats Brut Nature for $87.99 per bottle (SKU3274) Todays wine is a blend of 67% Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Fromenteau with the rest being Chardonnay. The wine is one the greatest Champagnes I have ever had and brings me back to fond memories of a similar Aubry bottling they made many years ago for a special anniversary the winery was celebrating and also the brilliant Lea Jardins etc from Benoit Lahaye that uses all 7 designated Champagne varieta
2 bottles(s) of Paul Drappier 2009 Grand Sendree for $74.99 per bottle (SKU3321) Disgorged in January 2019 with four grams per liter dosage, the 2009 Brut Grande Sendrée is still a little tightly wound after its recent disgorgement, but it already hints of the promise to come. Offering up an incipiently complex bouquet of crisp yellow orchard fruit, honeycomb, quinine, stone fruit pits and freshly baked bread, its full-bodied, deep and layered, with racy acids, a crisp core of

White Wines

10 bottles(s) of Sebastien Dampt 2018 Maison Dampt Chablis Grand Cru Bougros for $57.99 per bottle (SKU2911) This is a great deal for Grand Cru white Burgundy. Bougros, for me and everyone else in Chablis is the early drinking Grand Cru. It is always so generous in its youth and combine that with the tense yet accessible 18s you have a Grand Cru Chablis that is ready to be drunk now. There is never any austerity on these and they always have glorious finesse.
11 bottles(s) of JanotBos 2017 St. Aubin 1er Cru En Criot for $49.99 per bottle (SKU3109) This is a Fass 4-3-1 plan. Buy 4, slug one down young. 2017 is a brilliant vintage at JanotBos to drink young but has the real deep structure to age. I had an 2008 of this that was mind blowing. This is from a south facing vineyard and my note says great stuff and indeed it is.
1 bottles(s) of Jean Dauvissat Pere & Fils 2015 Chablis 1er Cru Cote de Lechet for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3295) The wall of flavor is there but its more like a wave as it comes towards the shore; first a little bump, then a wall and then a giant white foam crash as it hits the beach. The finish is sick. There is almost a mineral spice with lingering citrus fruit that some some of the most pure citrus Ive ever tasted. A good 30 second finish. And the wine is still in its youth.
3 bottles(s) of Laurent Boussey 2018 Puligny-Montrachet for $55.99 per bottle (SKU3346) This is a stunning Puligny and is exactly what Ive been looking for ever since we lost Garaudet. A village Puligny for under $55 that drinks like a 1er Cru. Its been missing but now it is back.
1 bottles(s) of Sebastien Dampt 2018 Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3421) Its an incredible bottle of Vaillons. What a killer Vaillons. This is an insane wine and is the best young Vaillons since the epic 2014 and this comes close.

1 bottles(s) of Domaine Clos de lEcotard 2015 Saumur Blanc Les Pentes des Clos de lEcotard for $64.99 per bottle (SKU2443)

1 bottles(s) of Compagnie de lHermitage 2011 Crozes-Hermitage Blanc Le Taurobole for $24.99 per bottle (SKU2836)
1 bottles(s) of Jean-Francois Jacouton 2017 St. Joseph Blanc Souvenir dAndre for $31.99 per bottle (SKU3084) At once shows terrific opulence but finishes with nice cleansing acids that fan out the unique minerality. Long and structured. Very deep wine.
1 bottles(s) of Mikael Bourg 2018 St. Peray for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3147) Its as serious and classic as a St. Peray as Ive had. I think in 3-5 years it will be singing. This is lighter, fresher and has much more energy than the 2017. It is amazing and remember 2018 for N.Rhone Whites is like 2015 for N. Rhone Reds
8 bottles(s) of Luyton 2018 Hermitage Blanc for $57.99 per bottle (SKU3186) Pure magic. When I emailed Michelle to get the price, she said do you remember tasting it? I said, How could I forget? It is a memorable, magical elixir. Youll be lucky you own some.
1 bottles(s) of Gonon 2018 St. Joseph Blanc Oliviers for $109.99 per bottle (SKU3349) The one and only. The stunning 2018 vintage.

5 bottles(s) of Sven Klundt 2016 Kastanienbusch Riesling for $29.99 per bottle (SKU1695)
1 bottles(s) of Sven Nieger 2016 Riesling Underdog for $31.99 per bottle (SKU2847) Its one of the most incredible values I will ever sell as its a baby GG essentially. Man is this stuff amazing. Also Sven considers himself an underdog as all his wine is declassified, hes making Riesling in Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris land and also hes got no winemaking family history and has really done this all in his own with the help of his family. A David in a wine world of Goliaths.
2 bottles(s) of Sven Nieger 2016 Riesling Ungezahmt for $47.99 per bottle (SKU2848) This wine is bonkers. Sven considers this his best wine and I can see why. It always had a tiny bit of RS which adds a ripeness and textural element. This is not feinehrb but I would say something between dry and feinherb. Whatever it is boy does this wine soar.
3 bottles(s) of Max Getlinger Wein 2017 MAXIMUM for $54.99 per bottle (SKU3104) It is unlike anything Ive ever had and its so profound and so delicious its a total mediation wine. A wine you cannot stop thinking about.
5 bottles(s) of Hermann Ludes 1994 Klusserather Bruderschaft Riesling Auslese for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3188)
2 bottles(s) of Markus Heeb 2018 Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Trocken for $31.99 per bottle (SKU3211) This wine is simply awesome. It takes hours to open up but its wonderful and the 2018 vintage really suits Markus style.
1 bottles(s) of Sven Nieger 2016 Riesling ungeshminkt for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3278) When I tasted it I thought it would be much more money as I had no prices for almost 2 months after tasting the wines. I did find out which was Grand Cru/Premier Cru/Village but still didnt know how insane a value this wine was until I got the prices from Sven.
1 bottles(s) of Weingut Weltner 2018 Kuchenmeister Hoheleite GG Riesling for $50.99 per bottle (SKU3297) This and the Sylvaner GG from Hoheleite are the two wines that inspired me to come up with the wall of flavor descriptor. The 2018 is just a sick wine. It has periodic table levels of minerality and the structure to age 10-15 years and likely longer.
11 bottles(s) of Hermann Ludes NV (2011/2010) Thornicher Ritsch Auslese for $22.99 per bottle (SKU3327) The nose is bonkers. It just jumps out of the gates with herbs and sweet Mosel slate. Oh its the very very good slate on this nose. Oh what herbs. This smells not like your normal tarted up Auslese. Palate is so refined but then there a lemon nuclear blast of acid and then so many rocks and lime. Wow! This is incredible. So precise. But that blast of acid then straight into the acid lemon lime ele
3 bottles(s) of Sven Klundt 2018 Riesling Kastanienbusch for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3337) The 2018 is the best since the legendary 2013. I really really love 2018 and tasted around 30-40 wines recently and the vintage is truly stunning. Dense and mineral with stunning textures and freshness. There is terrific intense acidity but also a wonderful mineral freshness that puts these wines on another level.
2 bottles(s) of Henrick Moebitz 2007 Kapelle Gewurztraminer Auslese for $74.99 per bottle (SKU3366) Citrus yellow, not showing any age. Complex, shape shifting nose: chamomille, floral, peach, honey, smoke, the green tinge of figs. Seamless and silky, sparkles with freshness and energy, ends on a long and vibrant acid.
2 bottles(s) of Henrick Moebitz 2008 Kapelle Gewurztraminer Auslese for $74.99 per bottle (SKU3367) Citrus yellow, not showing any age. Complex, subtle nose: herbal, mint, green apple, bacon, builds with air. Filigree, yet long, the mineral, peppery side makes the sugar disappear, leaves the impression of spring water.
11 bottles(s) of Jakob Schneider 2017 Riesling Trocken Melaphyr for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3572) Lovely, elegant, nimble Nahe Trocken from a wonderful friend estate to Fass Selections.
11 bottles(s) of JJ Christoffel Erben 2017 Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3573) From the Spice garden comes this classic Mosel Kabinett.
11 bottles(s) of Selbach-Oster 2017 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken for $27.99 per bottle (SKU3574) Lovely off-dry Riesling from Selbach-Oster.

2 bottles(s) of Lunarossa 2016 Quartara for $30.99 per bottle (SKU3314) This is 100% Fiano. Only 180 cases were made of a special selection of his best vines. Fermentation is in amphorae. The tops of the amphorae are closed so the wine is not an orange wine (even though the winemaker worked with Gravner). The wine is subsequently aged in oak barrels. Somehow the winemaking gets the most out of the grapes but does not make the wine taste oxidative at all.
11 bottles(s) of Monte Maletto 2019 Carema Rose for $19.99 per bottle (SKU3348) A brilliantly well made bottle of rose from one of the top young stars of Alto Piemonte. Perfect balance and bright acidity. We sell very few roses – this one is with drinking.

Red Wines

2 bottles(s) of Jean Foillard 2015 Morgon Athanor for $95.99 per bottle (SKU3141) This is usually the 3.14 cuvee but because 2015 was so special they needed to make something even more special. Its the exact same parcel at 3.14 and Jean Foillard says this is for long aging. Like 20 years. Its from 85 year old vines in sandstone vineyards
3 bottles(s) of Guy Breton 2018 Morgon PTit Max for $45.99 per bottle (SKU3224) This is an astonishing bottle of Beaujolais and up there with Metras and Foillard 3.14 as one of the very best wines of the appellation. It is from a 2 ha parcel of vines averaging over 90+ years old and is just as compelling as anything out there.
3 bottles(s) of Jean Foillard 2018 Fleurie for $51.99 per bottle (SKU3234) It has that crunch that only the best wines have, and what I mean by that is that the combo of cracking ripe cherry fruit, enraptured in some juicy acids, with all sorts of energy that make the wine go crunch in your mouth.

4 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2017 Volnay 1er Cru Santenots for $77.99 per bottle (SKU3053) This will be better in 5 years but is not inaccessible now. So complex and juicy with a brilliant limestone expression. Also another thing that has to be mentioned is now refined and polished this wine is.
1 bottles(s) of JJ Girard 2017 Pernand Vergelesses 1er Cru Les Fichots for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3079)
1 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2017 Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards for $52.99 per bottle (SKU3114) This wine is brilliant as well and is slightly less expensive despite it being a 1er Cru. This is the ultimate sleeper Volnay 1er Cru. Its between Les Mitans and Fremiets which are both terrific 1er Crus. The famous Pierrick Bouley epic 1er a Cru Les Grands Champs is also nearby.
7 bottles(s) of Michel Rebourgeon 2017 Pommard Clos de la Cure for $56.99 per bottle (SKU3115) This is easily premier Cru in quality but is also so distinctive and the quality of this wine is unbelievable. Between this and the Pommard 1902 La Vache they are the best Pommard village duo Ive ever come across. Both wines are like counterparts to each other. While the 1902 La Vache is muscular, darker fruited, rich and deep with structure to burn the Pommard Clos de la Cure is more playful, red
3 bottles(s) of Chavy-Chouet 2018 Volnay Carelles 1er Cru Sous la Chapelle for $76.99 per bottle (SKU3159) Carelles is right next to Champans and shares some of that giving fruit forward quality that Champans has. Real Burg hunters know there is serious value here as will also label collectors. Les Carelles can age wonderfully as well.
1 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2017 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Noirots for $114.99 per bottle (SKU3226) This wine blew me away. If you are not familiar with the 1er Cru Les Noirots it has neighbors you will be. Les Gruenchers and Les Baudes. Both brilliant 1er Cru sites. Noirots is on the same level. This is a profound wine that has a nose I could only describe as this in my notes – Perfect nose? Too many aromas.
1 bottles(s) of Maison Brisset 2017 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru La Combe Aux Moines for $107.99 per bottle (SKU3270) The Brisset version is absolutely on the same level of the Fourrier and is the best example of this exalted premier Cru Ive ever tasted. This is a stunning example. Its at the northern end of Gevrey and is abutted by Cazetiers, and Les Goulots and Champeax. That is some stupid great company. I think Combe Aux Moines is by far the best of these vineyards.
3 bottles(s) of Remi Poisot 2018 Grand Cru Romanee St. Vivant for $349.99 per bottle (SKU3319)
11 bottles(s) of Pierrick Bouley 2018 Bourgogne Cote dOr for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3322) What makes this wine special is that it is the most accessible young Pierrick Bouley wine ever. The fruit on this wine is so ridiculous. After 24 hours, and yes the 2018 vintage always gets significantly better on Day 2 with air.
1 bottles(s) of Pierrick Bouley 2018 Volnay 1er Cru Robardelle for $85.99 per bottle (SKU3415) Its south of Clos du Chenes and Caillerets and sits right below Chevret. Ronceret and Champans lie to the east. So its surrounded by greatness. Meursault is to the west. Looking back on my notes, the nose on this familys wines from this vineyard have consistently been off the charts. It always takes one producer to make a wine that makes a vineyard famous.

1 bottles(s) of Caves Jean Bourdy 1967 Cotes de Jura Rouge for $299.99 per bottle (SKU2219)

2 bottles(s) of Andre Francois 2015 Cote Rotie Gerine for $47.99 per bottle (SKU3048) This is more of a geeks Côte Rotie while they Peintre is more of a Côte Rotie that even your CA Syrah friends will love. I love how relaxed Nancy is as I asked her what the soil is here. She just said rocks. Lots of them. My kind of winemaker.
1 bottles(s) of Jean-Francois Jacouton 2017 St. Joseph St. Epine Rouge for $41.99 per bottle (SKU3085)
7 bottles(s) of Cave Pinheiro 2018 Cornas for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3157) First of all the wine is so, so fine. My goodness is this refined. I wasnt prepared for the refinement. Its got a gorgeously mineral nose with granite and really shows the mineral side of Cornas which is why it reminds me of a small scale Fauterie.
1 bottles(s) of Guillaume Gilles 2018 Cornas Nouvelle R for $61.99 per bottle (SKU3174) This is a wine that is from the flatlands of Cornas and is from vines only 9 years old from one of the top wineries in all of Cornas.
3 bottles(s) of Guillaume Gilles 2018 Cotes du Rhone Les Peyrouses for $54.99 per bottle (SKU3175) Not just your normal Cotes du Rhone, this is CDR on steroids. This is a hard wine to get as he only makes 900-1200 bottles in a vintage. It is from two sets of vines in the flats of Cornas. One set is over 100+ years old. And one set is 67+ years old.
6 bottles(s) of Luyton 2017 Hermitage Rouge for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3312) Inky ruby. Powerful dark berry and cherry liqueur, fruitcake, candied violet and licorice aromas are complemented by building olive and exotic spice flourishes. Palate-staining, mineral-driven black currant, cherry compote and fruitcake flavors show superb depth, and a juicy core of acidity adds back-end lift and cut. Expands steadily with air and finishes with sharp clarity, steadily building tan
11 bottles(s) of Luyton 2017 Hermitage Rouge Allegresse for $57.99 per bottle (SKU3313) The star of the show, the smoking good 2015 Hermitage Allegresse is also 100% Syrah, yet was brought up all in new oak. This inky beauty offers an incredibly rich, powerful, muscular style as well as tons of currants, liquid rock, graphite and scorched earth aromas and flavors. With huge richness, a rounded, expansive texture, and loads of tannin, its one seriously impressive Hermitage thats going
3 bottles(s) of Domaine des Pierres Seches 2018 Saint Joseph Rouge for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3335) This is such a good deal I cannot even describe it. This is really where my direct to consumer model pays off. Young improving grower, great vintage and direct to consumer prices. This is easily worth $45+ a bottle. It is stunning in 2018.
11 bottles(s) of Andre Francois 2016 Cote Rotie Peintre for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3352) Despite the tariffs and weakening dollar I managed to keep this under $50 as I cut my margin. The price is absurd for a wine this stunning. The wine is as old school as it gets and I have been dying to sell this as it was in barrel when I tasted it in February 2019. It was so memorable as it even outshined the 2015.

1 bottles(s) of Familie Jouffreau Clos de Gamo 1988 Cahors for $109.99 per bottle (SKU2680) One of the top vinyages ever for this estate. Direct from the cellars.
2 bottles(s) of Familie Jouffreau Clos de Gamot 2015 Cahors Vignes Centenaires for $65.99 per bottle (SKU3064) This is from 120+ year old vines planted in 1885, the year after phylloxera. These vines have a very low yields of 10-14 hl/hectare. This is a wine that will give you goosebumps.

9 bottles(s) of K.H. Schneider 2015 Marbach Spatburgunder for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3139) This is an extraordinary Pinot Noir. It reminded me of Liaison from Enderle & Moll but was still so unique. It didnt have that specific E and M character but it does have some of the most delicate Pinot fruit you can imagine. Its so texturally impressive and super nimble. The fruit is just captured perfectly. This wine improves greatly with air.
11 bottles(s) of Enderle & Moll 2017 Liason for $28.99 per bottle (SKU3353) Huge nose. Cherry, bowl of cherries, ripe as anything can ever be ripe without being overripe, palate is dense, intense and juicy with serious velvety, sexy oh so sweet tannins and earth. The level of refinement here is something else. Amazingly delicate all the way through but there is power and depth. Amazing vivid fruit. So intense. This is genius. – Me

3 bottles(s) of Le Macioche 2006 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva for $96.90 per bottle (SKU1068)
1 bottles(s) of Tenuta Grillo 2013 Freisa for $31.99 per bottle (SKU1171) FREAK SHOW! Needs 15 more years! Insane fruit and tannins.
2 bottles(s) of Conti Sertoli Salis 2010 Corte della Meridiana for $30.99 per bottle (SKU2272) This wine has the fruit concentration and soak found in the top AOCs in our Rhone portfolio but is also balanced and aromatic. It needs about 30 minutes to integrate and calm down but there is a beautiful nose of strawberry and spice.
2 bottles(s) of Cian Fagna 2011 Sator Gran Maestro for $47.99 per bottle (SKU2757) Every serious Italian wine geek needs to try this. The nose is gorgeous cherry/raspberry fruit that literally swirls with spice. Its extraordinary and like nothing Ive ever smelled.
2 bottles(s) of Ugo Lequio 2016 Barbaresco Gallina for $39.99 per bottle (SKU2814) The wine was still young in April 2019 and the tannins were grippy even though it was drinkable. Tons, tons tons of structure. This wine has the acidity and structure to age for a couple of decades or more.
2 bottles(s) of Ugo Lequio 2015 Barbera dAlba Superiore Gallina for $25.99 per bottle (SKU2815) Ugo is really one of my favorite Barbera Superiore producers. Barbera Superiore, of course, is aged in wood and when its done poorly, it can be a mess. But when its done right, its very serious – but you need the touch … and Ugo has it.
11 bottles(s) of Lunarossa 2015 Borgomaestro for $32.99 per bottle (SKU2829) This is one of those very rare Muhammad Ali wines: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee. Its made from 100% Aglianico which is generally definitely in the heavyweight class in terms of weight. But for some reason, this wine has the fruit density of great Aglianico and it has really terrific finesse and balance.
11 bottles(s) of Monte Maletto 2017 Carema Sole E Roccia for $42.99 per bottle (SKU2840) 94 Points Galloni (VInous) – the new star in Carema. “Deep and plush in the glass, yet with the translucence that is so typical of Nebbiolo, the 2017 Sole e Roccia will take readers breath away.”
2 bottles(s) of Dosio 2012 Barolo Fossati Riserva for $64.99 per bottle (SKU2877) A vintage befitting the Dosio style which emphasizes elegance and aromatics. Has the structure to age for 15+ Years.
2 bottles(s) of Tenute Guardasole 2018 Virgilio for $23.99 per bottle (SKU3040) Its a blend of Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Dolcetto and the Dolcetto really shines through on the nose. The palate is where this wine really makes its mark. Truly some of the best fresh fruitIve ever tasted in a wine. Super intense.
2 bottles(s) of Dosio 2013 Barolo Fossati for $52.99 per bottle (SKU3138) Its an amazing value for a very well made wine. 2013s are a terrific vintage and when all is said and done I think Its better than 15 but maybe not 16. Legit. Truly legit.
3 bottles(s) of Gillardi 2013 Barolo Vignane for $67.99 per bottle (SKU3166) This wine has the density from the hot year but none of the dark fruit. As I noted its a classic, classic old school Barolo. A throwback. And a beautiful throwback. Vignane is a terrific, small vineyard between Bussia and Cannubi. Thats a nice zip code This is the only cru of this small vineyard that I am aware of.
5 bottles(s) of Guido Mazzucchelli 2012 Lessona for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3192) This wine is old, old, old, old, old, old old school nebbiolo. It is about as far from a glou glou wine as you can find. It is more about the platonic ideal of nebbiolo. Old, old, old, old school. Like 50 years ago Barolo.
2 bottles(s) of Rattalino 2014 Selection 82 Curra for $51.99 per bottle (SKU3198) The top 2014s I think I prefer to the top 2015s and 2013s. When they are at a super elite level like this Barbaresco 2014 is the most classic vintage. Its like 2014 Burgundy. Amazing transparency and insane delineation and energy.
4 bottles(s) of Rattalino 2016 Nebbiolo dAlba #27 for $24.99 per bottle (SKU3204) Great great wine. Brilliant wine. Nose of chestnut, mid season cherry, tar and roses. Juicy and so deep with wonderful cherry fruit and significant but very ripe tannins. Awesome. Long finish. A hint of rustic makes this scream for ossobucco. Long finish. Longer than it should be.
6 bottles(s) of Olivero Mario 2016 Barolo Bricco Ambrogio for $38.99 per bottle (SKU3212) There is richness to this wine that is allied with masterful finesse and the the tannins age super velvety, soft and so so sweet. Remarkable finesse, harmony and detail. This is a bit too easy to drink but has the structure to age and last 10-15 years. For an everyday Barolo from a knockout vintage, this is hard to beat.
2 bottles(s) of Cian Fagna 2011 Sator Gran Maestro for $48.99 per bottle (SKU3215) You have got to smell this wine and your life will be altered forever. Really one of the most intensely araomatic wines Ive ever had at any price. A super unctuous texture with out of hand opulence. Its almost creamy. It has one of the most stunning finishes ever. Like a garden hose pumps the fruit into your mouth where it lingers for at least 30 seconds. Amazing balance in this wine. Its so so pu
11 bottles(s) of Podere ai Valloni 2011 Boca Vigna Cristiana for $34.99 per bottle (SKU3216) Crushed herb, mature dark-skinned berry, star anise and balsamic notes of camphor lead the way. Made with 70% Nebbiolo, 20% Vespolina and 10% Uva Rara, the austere palate offers dried cherry, orange zest, licorice and dried sage. Its linear and austere, with tightly knit tannins and firm acidity. 92 Points Kerin OKeefe WE
8 bottles(s) of Podere ai Valloni 2017 Sass Russ for $17.99 per bottle (SKU3217) Their entry level Colline Novarese is superb in 2017. Its a fresh and juicy wine but it also has the subsequent structure of Nebbiolo from Alto Piemonte.
4 bottles(s) of Cadia 2018 Barbera dAlba for $23.99 per bottle (SKU3218) Stunningly fresh Barbera from a terrific family producer. Terrific with food. Always a great value.
4 bottles(s) of Vigneti Valle Roncati 20313 Fara Riserva Ciada for $35.99 per bottle (SKU3248) It was recognized to D.O C. in 1969. Having said that, todays Fara is an ager for sure. I see it lasting longer then the Sizzano. Its more refined and has deeper structure and even more of a cool climate expression. Oh man. If the Sizzano is the St. Joseph the Fara is the Côte Rotie. Wow.
3 bottles(s) of Vigneti Valle Roncati 2013 Sizzano Riserva San Bartolomeo for $33.99 per bottle (SKU3249) This wine is the wine wine I sniffed it I knew it was special. This wine is awesome. Old school. Cigar, Cuban tobacco, chestnut, tar, dried roses on the nose. So so so Nebbiolo. Palate is just gorgeous. Astonishing purity and freshness and oodles of mid season ripe cherries and wonderful opulence. Superb juiciness. Like 10/10 juiciness.
10 bottles(s) of La Badina 2013 Lessona for $37.99 per bottle (SKU3283) The 2013 Nebbiolo Lessona is powerful and deep in the glass, with superb depth and more approachability than many wines offer in this vintage. There is perhaps a hint of new oak today, but time in bottle should help that note dissipate. This is an especially succulent, inviting 2013. 95 Points, Antonio Galloni
3 bottles(s) of La Badina 2015 Vespolina for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3284) The 2015 Vespolina Coste della Sesia is a stunningly beautiful wine. A rush of floral and spiced notes makes a strong opening statement. Medium in body, translucent and silky, with wonderfully polished tannins, the 2015 is supremely beautiful. Wild dark cherry, mint, white pepper, pine and lavender add aromatic nuance. What a gorgeous wine this is. Drink it over the next decade. 93 Points, Antonio
2 bottles(s) of Cascina DelSignore 2016 Gattinara Il Putto for $31.99 per bottle (SKU3290) After 2 hours this crossed the crucial 9.4/9.5 Delectable barrier for me as the fruit is just unconscious but framed but absolutely sick minerality and tannins have velvetized. Awesome. Really great juiciness that balances the power of the fruit.
1 bottles(s) of Tomaso Gianolo 2016 Barolo for $30.99 per bottle (SKU3301) 2016 Barolo brings the power and more importantly the fruit. The fruit quality is astonishing. These are thrilling young wines. Think 2015/2016 Northern Rhone married for a comparable vintage assessment. It is a vintage that has that bit of extra in every aspect of the wine. Fruit, structure, depth, acids, tannins, aromas and umami. They are sick, sick wines.
3 bottles(s) of Podere Forte 2016 Petrucci Antifeatro for $184.99 per bottle (SKU3325) If the Melo is the more mineral-driven wine then the Anfiteatro is the more fruit-driven wine; more La Tache than Romanee Conti. Thats the best way I can discern the difference between the wines.
3 bottles(s) of Damiano Cavallinni 2017 Colline Novarese Caramino for $36.99 per bottle (SKU3326) The magic that Damiano Cavallinni has created wirh pure Nebbiolo is just awe inspiring. The vineyards are situated in the hills between the towns of Fara, Novarese and Briona. This area crates Nebbiolo of incredible refinement and clarity.
11 bottles(s) of San Lorenzo 2015 Brunello di Montalcino Bramante for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3363) This is an absolutely knockout genius bottle of Brunello that should cost double what I am charging. Every now and then I go out into the world and am blown away how expensive wine is. And dont get me started how cheap it is in Europe.
11 bottles(s) of Rocche Di Barbari 2012 Primanebbia Langhe Nebbiolo for $33.99 per bottle (SKU3387) Its by far, the best Langhe Nebbiolo Ive ever had. Like you will not believe it. Usually these are quaffable Nebbiolo wines that offer a great Nebbiolo experience but are easy to drink, usually arent that complex or deep and are what they are. This wine transcends that and is truly a special wine.
7 bottles(s) of Lunarossa 2012 Borgomaestro for $35.99 per bottle (SKU3401) This is one of those very rare Muhammad Ali wines: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee. Its made from 100% Aglianico which is generally definitely in the heavyweight class in terms of weight. But for some reason, this wine has the fruit density of great Aglianico and it has really terrific finesse and balance.
11 bottles(s) of Buccicatino 2012 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Stilla Rubra for $39.99 per bottle (SKU3413) An incredible value elite / very serious Montepulciano dAbruzzo that is direct fromt he estate. Deep blackberry and graphite on the nose. Dense palate with blackberry , minerals, some spice. Cornas-like on open. Terrific structure.

1 bottles(s) of Martin Woods 2018 Pinot Noir Jessie James Vineyard for $43.99 per bottle (SKU3392) This is the biggest and beastliest of all of Evans single vineyard Pinots. An absolutely epic and prodigious wine.
11 bottles(s) of Martin Woods 2018 Gamay Noir for $29.99 per bottle (SKU3505)