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The Manifesto of a Rebel Wine Retailer
Why do we pay two and a half to three times as much money for the same bottle of wine as consumers do in Europe? Have you ever wondered why fine wine is so expensive in the United States? I have.

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Rocks and Fruit Blog
Fass has long had one of the most controversial and informative wine blogs. Check out our blog for Lyle's thoughts on wine and the wine business.

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Fass Selections Tasting Notes Blog
At Fass Selections, our goal is not just to sell you wine. We want you to enjoy it. This blog has Lyle’s notes on when to drink our wines and how long to decant them.

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World Class Artisanal Wines Direct from the Estate at 40% Below Retail

Wines From Burgundy, Champagne, the Rhone, Italy and Germany Delivered straight to your Door

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    Fine and Rare wines from
    trusted third party suppliers

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